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Archived Real Estate Pictures

Hey, why not? We all love looking at houses! This page can be for the ones that are Sold, but still fun to look at!

Real Estate

Here are some amazing photos of a house in our neighbourhood that is up For Sale. It's a Stunning Home on a 3.5 Acre Beautifully Treed and Landscaped Property backing onto the Highwood River just South of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

This Bannister is gorgeous, and the views are incredible. This looks like a Park, but it's the Patio Area right outside the Main Living Room. And, yes, that is a Pond in the background! Cool, eh??

Can you believe this Kitchen?? The Island is fantastic -- Granite Countertops and they have Double Dishwashers,too. No need to worry about water --this house is on Town Water -- an Acreage with Town Water -- it's almost unheard of!

This Kitchen/Dining Area is sooo big there's even room for a Sitting Area at the other end -- the views are so beautiful! Check out the Ceiling -- it's a Sculptured Alberta Rose -- the Architectural Details in this house are stunning.


Contact Isabel Foster at or Visit . There are still a few Lots out here for building -- and then you'd be my neighbour!!

If you can't get through to Isabel, Contact Me and I'll put you through.

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