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At Home With Ailsa - August

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Friday, Aug. 6th, 2004. Hi, Baby-Cakes! Honey Pie ... my little Blueberry Tart...oh, no -- wait. That's what just made! ha,ha! I got up this morning still thinking about making that Blueberry Tart, and we had a ton of Blueberries left in the fridge, so I went ahead and made it. I just ran upstairs to take it out the oven, and it looks delicious! Yum. I love blueberries, and they are very high in Anti-Oxidents, so I'm sure it will be a very, very healthy Treat! Actually, I decided to substitute the Regular Flour with my new favorite Barley Flour, so we'll see how that turned out. Should be fine. And I had to go into my own Website to find my Pie Crust Recipe -- it was easier than having to rummage through the Drawer in the Kitchen for my old beat-up recipe! Funny! My Site is even useful for ME! ha,ha,ha!

Dwight came through for his breakfast while I was making the Blueberry Tart, so of course I said to him, "Let's just see if your next wife bakes nice pies like this...!" We have a running joke about this -- what Dwight's next wife will do, and what my next husband might do...I'm pretty sure that's really healthy, too! And then those jokes are always followed by someone pretending to roll some dice and saying, "Lucky Number Three", or "Lucky Number Four!" -- and only occasionally, "Lucky Number Ten!" in reference to how many marriages we might have! This is the sort of thing we find very amusing! ha,ha!

Dwight and I were talking about how many great Childhood Memories we have of our Mums baking Pies -- my Mum used to make the most delicious Apple Pie (we lived in Ontario, Canada where there are a ton of Apple Orchards), and Dwight remembers his Mom making lots of delicious Saskatoon Berry Pies. But you know what is a real shame? I'll bet there's a whole Generation of Kids out there who don't have any memories of their Mums baking Pies for them. Pie-Making is becoming a Lost Art, so I'm here to bring it on back, in a much easier way so that everyone can give it a shot. And you don't have to be a Mum to try it, neither! ha,ha!

The Big Secret that makes my Pies easy and fast to make, but still delicious is you make the Pie Crust in the Pie Dish, and it's a Low-Cholesterol Recipe, so it really is Heart-Healthy. I'll let you know how the Barley Flour works out in the Crust, then you can make your pies even healthier... see, it's easy to eat well and enjoy your life while you are still watching your Weight or Cholesterol. We have a Family History of High Cholesterol, so that's one of the reasons that's important to me. The other big secret is to skip the standard Pie Shell Top, and either make a Tart like I did, today (No Top at All...), or top the Pie with a Crumble Crust, and you can use a Variation of the Apple Crumble Mix for that, if you just add a little more butter to the Recipe to make it a little more 'Crumbly'.

Oh, and I took my sweet little Tia to her new Groomers, yesterday, (Corrine at Country Pets & Grooming in Okotoks) and what a good girl she was -- two days in a row! (I just need to get Dwight to be good for two days in a row, and we're all set! ha,ha,ha! But I'll settle for the Dog, for now...!) She looks sooo cute and all nicely trimmed. Her coat feels like velvet, she's so soft, so everyone wants to give her extra cuddles, which Tia is very happy about! And here's something funny -- in Scotland, when you are going to Pet the Dog (or Cat), you say, "Gie the wee dog a clap", but whenever I say to Aidan, "Give Tia a wee clap", he stands back and claps his hands for her -- it's funny every time! Man, I realize that we are very, very easily amused! ha,ha! Ah, well, at least we're happy, right? And Corrine, Tia's new Groomer, was so nice and gentle with Tia -- it looked like she'd had a day at the Spa! The Doggy Spa! ha,ha,ha!

Tip of the Day: Try Making a Pie for yourself and your Friends and /or Family (sometimes they ain't the same -- ha,ha,ha!). Why not? It's incredibly easy, and you'll be all pleased with yourself when it comes out the oven, all baked 'n all... and the looks you will get from your family -- that's worth it! And then you can pretty much hold that over their heads for quite a while, later, too -- "Remember when I made that Pie from scratch for you?" Then you can continue on with whatever you might want from them... who knows, maybe it'll work! ha,ha!

Okay, I gotta go see if my Blueberry Tart is cool enough to handle the Whip Cream (I don't want to it to just melt away, after all -- I hope that's what they mean by, "Be careful about what you eat..." I'm positive that's a reference to not letting the Whip Cream melt into the Pie! ha,ha!).

I've got some yummy pictures for you, so I'll go get them into the computer to show you.

Okay, so there's the Easy Schmeasy Pie Shell with the Barley Flour that I used today instead of the Regular Flour. And it tastes great, so the substitution was no bother at all.

** **

Can you see Dwight over at the Dining Room Table having his breakfast? It's a very nice view from the Kitchen Island -- lots of Green, and then you can see the Mountains, too. It's good for me to be entertained while I'm Baking! I have a very good view of the TV, too, so that also helps... I pretty much 'overload' everything, since I have that little problem with 'excess'! ha,ha! But when it comes to something healthy like Fruit, who cares if you use a whole lot of Berries, eh? Or a whole lot of Whip Cream?? I don't think Whip Cream is too bad for you at all -- as long as it's kind of in moderation... and one day I plan to be moderate, just not today! ha,ha,ha!

Thanks for swinging by for a wee visit! I'll see you on the Weekend! Ailsa!!

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Thursday, August 5th, 2004. Hi, Honey! You're Home! And I'm happy to see you, so come on in... I'm thinking about making a Blueberry Tart, today, so if you can stick around for a while, you can try a wee bit! Doesn't that sound good?? I've been dreaming about this possible Blueberry Tart-thing, which is probably not a good sign that I'm dreaming about food, but whatevah'! It's not the first time... and I was busy thinking that I don't have to have a 'Top' on the Pie -- that's why I'm gonna call it a 'Tart'. I can't call you a Tart -- that would just be wrong...(although, it doesn't really bother me if, say, you were to refer to me that way, but mostly because I can't really hear you through the computer -- that just pretend. Or as Aidan calls it, 'atending' instead of 'pretending', and we can't convince him to change the pronunciation! ha,ha!).

Dwight's been going on and on about his upcoming Family Reunion, and how it will be this 'fantastic opportunity for us to get away and really enjoy ourselves..." Hmmmm. Here's the teensiest little problem with that -- it's his family, not my family, and not only do I hardly know any of them, but we're not all that sure whether we can find a good hotel (hopefully they won't all be booked), and we have no idea of what's happening, outside of meeting in this Park for what appears to be about 24 hours straight, give or take a few hours. Sounds fabulous... and during that time, Dwight will completely forget about us (especially Aidan), so I will spend all of that time watching Aidan like a hawk to make sure he doesn't wander off and stays out of the water... fun, fun, fun. I'm sure it will be very refreshing. I look forward to getting back home...

We took Tia in to see her new Vet, yesterday, and what a good girl she was -- I was a proud, proud Mummy! She didn't widdle on the floor, once, and she didn't bark at all, so that was a very good day for Tia... and her new Vet, Troy Bourque at Shacklady Veterinary Services (in case you happen to live in Okotoks and are looking for a good Vet, too!), was very kind and gentle with Tia, so she didn't even notice when she got her needles. What was really hilarious was when the Vet was checking her throat, Tia thought she was getting her chin tickled, so she stretched her little neck right up in a "Oooooh, that's niiice" kind of way! ha,ha,ha! Oh, dogs -- they're endlessly cute, ain't they?? Now she just needs to make a stop at the Groomers and she's all set -- neat, clean and healthy!

Oh, Aidan just woke up, so gota go get him his breakfast -- he likes a very specific breakfast, these days -- Cereal, Milk in a Tiny Jug, Apple Juice in a Brandy Glass (go figure!), a Water Chaser, Grapes and a Banana. I don't mind, since he's making some healthy choices, so why not let him enjoy this level of catering while I still have the time to do that -- but that wee boy's in for a bit of a shock when it's time to go to School in the Fall! I don't know that he's ever really been rushed out the door, so he has been exceptionally lucky, to date! ha,ha!

Be right back!

Okay, I'm back! And Aidan is all happy with his wee breakfast! Cara's up, finally, and she's watching MTV's Cribs, which is a great ome Show, if you haven't seen it, yet. I watched an Episode of Cribs, last night, and they had these two Rappers on (Dwight hates Rap more than you can imagine, but I hapen to love it, so we're not in agreement about the whole 'Music' thang...!). Anyway, I think it was the funniest Episode of Cribs I have seen, since these two guys had this beautiful home in the Suburbs, and they were sayin', "We don't need no women to decorate our Crib...", and the whole place was so plain, it was just sad. Bare Walls everywhere, very sparse furniture, a whole lot of Fur on the Bed... ha,ha,ha! And no women in sight! Hilarious! They did seem to have a penchant for Ships, though, since there were replicas of ships and pictures of ships all over the place. And they had a great big Walk-In Pantry (may favorite kind of Pantry!), and it was almost completely empty except for a fair bit of Toilet Roll and a whole lot of Drinks. ha,ha,ha! Ah, Bachelor Life. At the very least, it's entertaining!

Tip of the Day: When you move into a new place, or if you've been somewhere for a long time and it never really felt 'warm and inviting', there are some fairly easy things you can do to quickly Decorate your home. If you aren't Renting, Paiting the Walls a nice Warm Color can make a huge difference, but if you don't have that kind of time (and Painting is much more work than it might appear to be on TV, so it's a good job to hire out... just find someone local -- not loco -- it's important not to get those two words mixed up! ha,ha,ha!), changing or just buying Drapes can make an immediate change for the better.

Blinds are good, too, but Drapes tend to warm up a room, whereas Blinds give a 'cooler' look. Blinds are very good for Blocking Out Light, though, if you need that. You can always put some fancy Valence at the Top of the Blinds to soften the look, if you like. Also, they make Fabric Blinds, and they are very nice, too. Most of them are fairly easy to install, but you can hire someone to do almost anything, so if you're not sure, ask the store if they have an Installer they can Recommend.

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Plants and some Nice Artwork can make a world of difference in your home, and they don't have to cost an arm and a leg. Eventually, you'd miss that arm and leg, so that's never a good idea! ha,ha! Anyway, you can get a lot of that stuff (or all of it) online, these days, and usually you'll get better prices that way, too. Even for Silk Plants, too. You just have to 'shake it out' when the Silk Plant arrives, and before you know it, your house will feel and look like a Home!



The first picture is in the Master Bedroom on the way through to the Adjoining Sunroom. I just put these three matching pictures on that wall, and I think they look really nice, there.

** **

You can see the Interior Colors better in the next two shots of the Kitchen, Dining Room and Living Room. See all the Plants along the 'Stair' Wall? When those plants pegged out, I just went out to WalMart and bought a bunch of Silk Plants to replace them, and they look great, too! Fresh Flowers are always lovely, and I like to put them on the Dining Room Table.

Thanks for popping in for a wee visit! See you tomorrow! Ailsa!!

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Wednesday, August 4th, 2004. Hi, there, Baby-Cakes! Sugar, Sugar...! That's a weird word to spell, ain't it? Maybe it should have been 'Shuggar' -- now who comes up with this stuff, eh? I love the Spelling Movement that has sprung up over the years to change the spelling of 'Through' to 'Thru', and those crazy Signs that always say 'Nite' instead of 'night'. Just not enough time and letters to spell the whole word, I guess! ha,ha! Ah, well. With the Computer Age, all the old spelling has gone right out the window, and good riddance to some of it, but it's a sad thing to know that so many of our kids can't put together a decent sentence with reasonably good penmanship. Gone are the days of getting kids to write the same letter over and over again until it perfectly matched the Teacher's letters on the Board!

Have you ever done any study of Handwriting Analysis? It's fun, and a very useful talent at, say, a Bar! ha,ha! Of course, by the end of the night, no one has particularly legible handwriting, and even fewer people even care, so maybe pull this trick out of the bag earlier in the evening... but it is fun to see how Handwriting is a fairly accurate reflection of a person's personality. And sometimes brainpower... so you might want to check out any new 'dating prospects' before you sign on the dotted line! For some reason, the vast majority of the Men I have been involved with over the years (now that sounds like a lot, doesn't it?? ha,ha! But I mean friends and 'others'...!) have sort of 'square writing' -- usually capital letters and a lot of straight lines -- very common in the Engineering Types or folks who like to get their point across very quickly and clearly.

And whenever you find some one who has very ornate, fancy schmancy writing, there's someone (usually a girl, but not always...) who needs a whole lot of attention, and is overly ornate in the rest of their lives. My writing is very fast and unless I am writing something for someone else to read (free hand, I mean), it's mostly a series of lines and the occasional letter that a passerby would be able to make out. That style comes from years and years of taking Notes and writing copious amounts of everything. I once came across some old University Notes from a Philosophy Class that I really enjoyed, but there was one Period right after lunch where hardly any of the students could stay awake. I remember one day when all six students in the Front Row (including me) had fallen asleep, and the Professor was really mad. He had a tendency to drone, and we had all just had lunch... anyway, my notes from that class were really funny, because apparently I kept writing while I was sleeping... now that's efficiency! It was all lines and squiggles... hilarious. And he was such a nice man, too -- I feel badly about that!

So did you see that new Show, Trading Spouses? Man, I love that Show -- that would be a riot to be on, wouldn't it? I wrote down the Info for you to click on to see if you would qualify -- it's Trading Spouses at FOX.COM. I would imagine it's only open to Residents of the U.S., but it would definitely be worth a shot to put your name or your spouse's name in for that, right? $50 Grand -- that ain't bad for a weeks work! Can you imagine getting completely sloshed in front of children -- some one else's children, in particular? Then not having a clue why no one particularly wanted to cater to you the next day? It's all about Actions and Consequences -- can you believe that? ha,ha,ha! It's always interesting how many people really don't see the connection between the two. Interesting and annoying, if you happen to know one of these folks, yourself! ha,ha!

You know what hasn't really happened, yet, but I am realy looking forward to seeing? If the 'New Wife' and 'The Old Husband' happen to be attracted to one another. Now that I'd like to see! ha,ha! I'm guessing that if that did happen, they'll save those episodes for Sweeps Week, since we'd all tune in for that! The Show raises so many issues, though, about How People Live and Eat, Manners (or the lack thereof...), Acceptable Practices, How Children and Husbands are Raised (yes, that's right -- I said it -- sometimes the wife is raising the husband, too, and we all know which couples fit into this category -- I'll bet you have a couple of names in yo' head right now...!)... and How Money is Handled in a Household. Lots of Families have very different ideas of how money should be used, so it's a very interesting task for the 'Opposite Mom' to get to spend that new Families' money.

Tip of the Day: Having someone else decide where your money will be spent reminds me of Financial Advisors. Here's my bottom line on that -- I would only choose someone else to manage my money for me if they are much better off than I am, show that in the way they live (though not through over-spending, which is generally not a sign of wealth but of someone in some serious debt...), in how they think, and how they manage and invest their own money. And if they don't believe that Real Estate is a fantastic Investment, and make sure folks Own Their Own Home, first, before Investing in all sorts of other things, fo'getaboutit. (You gotta make your lips go down when you say that, Sopranos-Style! ha,ha!). People have very different attitudes and abilities when it comes to managing money, so if you are looking for a Financial Advisor, make sure it's someone who at least owns their own home and isn't living in their Grandpa's Basement, since that ain't a good sign! ha,ha,ha!

Well, thank you for coming in to see me, today! Have you been waxing your knuckles?? That's a good look for you -- I know doing my own has really improved my Social Standing...! har, har!

See you later with some nice new pictures!

Oh, I love the Water -- pretty much any Water... it's so calming, even when it's crashing down, like in the last shot. And I adore tiny Waterfalls -- they always remind me of this Fairy Stream in Scotland, where the Folklore is all about wee Fairies flying about!

** **

Hey, you know what I just remembered? I was going to build a WaterWall for the Sunroom or the Front Entry in this House, but Dwight wouldn't 'let me' build that until absolutely everything in the house was done. Now why would he think a thing like that? Crazy, since there's always something else to do in the house. And it would be like a Piece of Art -- and the only reason I went along with that was because I need Dwight to use the Power Saws (I'm afraid of them -- I'm happy to help, but I can't bring myself to actually operate them...), and I need him to 'mix the mud' for Tiling (I wanted to Tile the WaterWall), and then I would need him to do the Lighting and Plumbing, so you can see it wasn't exactly a job just for me! ha,ha! Ah, well. Maybe my next husband will be handy with Power Tools! ha,ha,ha,ha! (Yes, that is for my own amusement! ha,ha!)

Later, Baby! Shuggah Baby! Ailsa!!

You know how I've been on the look-out for a new vehicle, lately? I think I'll get a 'new-to-me' Vehicle when we sell this house. So far, I think I'm leaning toward a Dodge Van or this new SUV that I thought was really pretty and practical. In Gold. We'll see how close I come to finding what I want! I'll ask Cara what the SUV I like is called -- I can never remember the Model Name, but Cara is very good at that sort of thing...!

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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004. Hey, Baby! What's happenin'? If you had yesterday off, did you have a great day? We went out to Sheep River Falls, a new place we just found out about a while ago, so we thought we'd head out to the mountains to check it out. It was absolutely beautiful, so I took a million pictures -- I'll get them into the computer and show you them -- maybe I'll make a whole page just for Pictures of Alberta. Sometimes it's fun to follow a lead about somethign new, even if you're not completely sure what will be at the other end. We were driving along this little old road for a fair portion of the drive, out in Kananaskis Country (it's really called that!), and just when we were ready to give up looking for the Falls, there they were!

And it turned out we weren't all that far from the last town we went through, it's just that when you aren't sure where the destination point is, it feels like you're driving forever before you get there. It's like that with everything, I think. When you're working toward a Goal, it can sometimes feel like you'll never get there, and then along comes the day when you complete what you were working on, or finish that Degree or Land that Great Job (or experience Success on the Internet, which I am still waiting for!!), and you'll look back and think, "Man, that was easier than I thought and a whole lot faster, too...". It's all in your perspective, me thinks!

I'm glad that three-day weekend is over, though. I can never get any of my own work done when everyone is at home. So today I have a massive amount of exciting laundry to do, plus some catch-up work on my site. I wonder why Dwight hates when I'm on the Computer so much? Makes no sense to me. I never mind when he has work to do at home, and where else would I do my work? It all boils down to the amount of money I amke on the Site, and Dwight doesn't see it as legitimate work, so that's a little frustrating. Ah, well, he's back at work, today, so I'm free to work away! Yippee!

Oh, and the Shutters look soooo great -- I'll need to get outside to take some pictures of the new Shutters, too. We moved some things around on the Dining Room Deck, too, (not a lot of things -- the Patio Set and the Barbeque!), but now it looks like a nice little Retreat out there. Very pretty. I was surprised at how easy the Shutters were to install -- I wasn't sure if they would have had some sort of Bracket to hold them up, but in fact you just screw them onto the Wall, and they already have the holes pre-drilled, so that was very handy. I think it took us about 4 hours to put them up, but we also did a bunch of Gardening at the same time, so you might be quite a bit faster if you're not easily distracted by weeds like we are! ha,ha!

If you are thinking about adding Shutters to your house, just measure the window from the Top to the Bottom. The Shutters generally come in standard widths (12" - 16"), and you just tell the Store or wherever you can Order them from, your Window Measurements. Typically, they are ordered in Inches, so round it off to the nearest inch, and then just center the Shutters when you put them up. And you don't need any fancy Tools to put up the Shutters, either -- just a Hammer, this little 'tapping thing' (I'll have to ask Dwight what it's called), a Screwdriver and a Ladder, depending on how high your Windows are -- I'm assuming far enough from the Ground to require a Ladder... Shutters will really dress up your house, too! They come in all sorts of colors, so you can match them to any Color Scheme.

Tip of the Day: Don't do something intensely stupid just because someone else does it. Here's why I'm thinking about that -- when we were out at the Falls, yesterday, there were some teenagers diving off the Cliffs into this pool of water at the bottom of the Waterfall. I know, that sounds like a lot of fun -- but it was an intensely dangerous area, with the rocks jutting out all over the place, and a relatively narrow gorge, so if you overshot the run (a run and jump kind of thing...), you could go too far over and smack into the rocks on the other side, or not land in the middle of the 'pool' where it was really deep water.

So these girls were there, too, and they were 'going along with the boys' to appear cool and belong to the group. Now, boys have been doing crazy stunts forever, and that seems to be a part of their general nature, but to see girls do stoopid things just to please these boys -- that was a sad thing to see. When did the big cross-over happen when it was required by the boys that the girls join them in their crazy things? I'm not sure what kind of a path that could lead the girls down, but it ain't good. It's not good for the boys, either, but they seemed to have a better handle on how to jump in, and they jumped from a standing position, rather than taking a flying leap at it. Those girls should have told their boyfriends to go take a flying leap...! Of course, they would interpret that as, "Hey, how's about you leap off those cliffs one more time...".

What's truly crazy is that these girls won't even remember the names of those boys in years to come -- those relationships generally last about, oh, two to three weeks, tops, and here they are, risking their lives to be accepted by the boys. If you ever feel like you have to do some insane thing in order to be accepted by anyone (and this is good to keep in mind as School goes back in and all the hazing starts, again...), turn and walk (or run) away -- who needs that? Let them accept you for who you are or move on. You're better off on your own, and you'll meet up with the right people before you know it!

The really disturbing thing about the Cliff Jumping was that the guys were drinking, and that's a frightening Combo. And we were in the middle of nowhere, so if God Forbid there had been an accident, the 'Jumpers' would have been in some serious trouble. And I've known quite a few people over the years who are now in Wheel Chairs because of some crazy diving stunt when they were very young, then you pay for that for the rest of your life. Not to mention the Folks I've worked with from the Brain Injury Programs who had sustained some serious Head Injuries from that sort of thing. The vast majority of that group are young men in their late Teens, Early Twenties. So, the bottom line is 'Try not to do anything toooo stupid, and stay safe." It's worth it -- maybe just go for a normal swim and take a few pictures, then call it a day..

Okay, let me go get you some great pictures from the Sheep River Falls. Be right back!

Isn't this beautiful? It's Sheep River Falls (take HWY 546 West from Black Diamond, Alberta...), about an hour drive from our house.

** **

It's great to get out into Nature for a wee break every now and then. We were just checking it out, yesterday, but the next time we go out, we'll bring enough stuff for a Weenie Roast, since they were all set up for Picnics -- with Fire Pits, 'n everything! Can you see the Diver on the Cliff Edge? You can kind of see how craggily the rock edge is, so it wouldn't have taken much to miscalculate the distance you had to reach away from the Cliff on the jump down, but this particular fellow was a bit older and seemed to know what he was doing. And that's one of the pools at the bottom of the Waterfall that they were jumping into.

Thanks for popping in for a wee visit! Did I tell you how nice and 'refreshed' you look, today? That's not from Cliff-Diving, I hope! Maybe you washed yo' face, this morning, and that's what made the difference! ha,ha,ha!

See you tomorrow, Baby! Ailsa!!

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Monday, August 2nd, 2004. Good Morning, Sunshine! Do you have today off work? It's Heritage Day, here in Alberta -- I just found that out -- I thought we all had the 1st Monday off in each Month of the Summer... maybe that is the case, so they just decided to give the Holiday a fancier name than 'The First Monday Off', since that's not-so-catchy! ha,ha! Anyway, it's nice to have that extra day since our whole weekend was taken up with the big Open House we had, yesterday. I had Advertised it in a Local 'Big' Paper (as opposed to our tiny Community Paper...), since it's quite likely that someone from the City might be looking to buy a house in the Country -- more Land and a much Larger Home -- and still be close to Town. It's a great way to live!

We had a good turn-out to the Open House, though, so that was good. And the house is perfectly clean and tidy, so that part is great for me! And I didn't have to do it all by myself, so you know I liked that! So I was going to use my 'extra time' (ha,ha!) to figure out how to make a new Landing Page for this At Home With Ailsa page, but that's still too tricky for me -- I have some ideas, but I need to be at home by myself (with Aidan -- I mean 'without Dwight standing in the doorway of my Office asking when I'll be done on the computer...'. Funny how that shuts down my creativity! ha,ha!

Oh, and I'm coloring my hair, this morning while I write this -- it's always good to do more than one thing at a time. I can't imagine paying someone else to do this for me -- and I don't have time to go out to a Salon -- plus,whenever I do go, all they want to do is cut my hair, and I love long hair, so No Thank-You. I'm always surprised that folks don't catch on to the whole Hair-Dressing thing where they chop your hair all off, you go home in tears after paying some outrageous bill, then go back again in another 6 weeks so they can 'fix it'. No, that doesn't work for me. Dwight's home, today, so I'm just going to get him to trim my hair at the back, and that's good enough. He loves Long Hair, too, so there's no fear that he'll trim too much off!

Tip of the Day: When you have an Open House, and you're Selling Your Own House, make sure you have a plan for 'containing' your Dog(s) and children so people who come over to see your house aren't bothered by either of them. Sometimes this is a little trickier than you might think, so it's good to consider what you'll do in advance of the Open House. Tia, our cute little dog, gets very excited when people come over, so whenever we know for sure that people are coming over, or we're having an Open House, Dwight parks his Truck in the Garage, and rolls the window down part-way, then we pop Tia into the Truck while the people are here. She loves going in the Truck, since she thinks she's going for a Ride, and it's nice and comfy in there, so she just has a little snooze while she's waiting. It's really funny when she comes back in the house, though, since it's like she wasn't sure she'd BE back in the house, so she immediately heads into our Bedroom to stretch out on the Bed to 'reclaim her place'! ha,ha,ha!

Okay, gotta go get this Hair Color out of my hair!

Here's the View from the Front of the House, facing East. The Trees are spectacular -- and it's lovely to sit in the Sunroom and gaze out at the Trees -- I can't tell you how much time we spend in there, just looking out the windows at the Views! Very relaxing and tranquil.

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I love this Ad for Spongebob Squarepants Screensavers because on of my very favorite Spongebob scenes is where Spongebob is secretly watching a Show of Jellyfish like it's a porn movie, when Gary the Snail comes in the room and Spongebob yelps at getting caught watching 'something bad' and quickly changes the channel so Gary can't see it ... Hilarious!

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