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Clean Painted Walls & Laminate Countertops


Carpet Cleaning

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Do you have annoying marks on your Painted Walls -- scuff Marks from shoes tossed off at the door, finger prints from people who can't seem to keep their paws off the walls (!), God knows what on your bedroom wall (okay, that's me -- and I really don't know what's on the wall, but I do know I better go scrub it off!)...anyway, you can make your walls look like new if you scrub them very lightly with a Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Sponge. It's the Green and Yellow one, and I buy them in Bulk (of course!) at Costco.

Get the Scotch-Brite Sponge (do not confuse this with a large bottle of Scotch, but if you've already made that mistake, I think I might know what's on your walls... plus, a few more drinks and you probably won't be so terribly worried about anything, let alone the walls...!) and dip it into some hot, soapy water. Wring it out well.

VERY GENTLY rub the Rough Green side over the mark on the wall. I always use a circular motion, but that's probably because I really liked that part of The Karate Kid...

Be extra careful not to rub too hard, lest you'll take the paint right off, which will probably not be an improvement...

Turn the Sponge over and give the whole area one last wipe. You'll be amazed at what a nice job this does.

Also, in our last house we had Laminate Countertops, and the only thing that would easily remove Coffee or Tea Stains (and anything else...) was the Scotch-Brite Pads and hot, soapy water.

To keep these clean and fresh, I pop them in the Dishwasher whenever I run it.

I use this technique for Trimwork before I paint it, too.

Tip # 2. Spot Remover (for your Carpets)

Do you have a wee dog? Boy? Husband?? Chances are high that someone will spill something on your carpets, or you might have a really old stain you just can't get rid of...
this is the best Cleaner I've come across, to date, and the least expensive, too! It's Oxi-Clean. We'll see if we can find a banner so you can check it out from our site.

Read all the directions on the container, then mix about a Tablespoon of Oxi-Clean in a 16 oz. spray bottle. I start with enough hot water to dissolve the crystals, then fill the bottle with cold water and Shake Well. Try an inconspicuous area, first, to make sure it'll be okay for your rug. If everything is fine, go ahead and spray any spots on the carpets with the Oxi-Clean Substance, then wipe it off with a clean cloth, preferably white. (In case the colour from another towel runs...)

This Oxi-Clean Mixture even worked on a mustard stain. I foolishly gave our wee dog, Tia -- a Cockapoo, and very cute -- a piece of a corndog with mustard on it...she immediately took it to her 'dining area' on the Living Room Carpet, and I thought we might have to replace the whole carpet. The stain disappeared immediately! Amazingly enough, when you spray on the Oxi-Clean, you can literally watch the stain 'disappear'. Very cool!

Now I put in a Measure (it comes with a small measuring cup) of Oxi-Clean right in with the Hot Water in my Carpet Shampooer. Works perfectly! I don't even bother with any other Cleaning Product for the Carpets, now, because this is so effective.

You can use it in the laundry, too, and for a whole lot of other things, but that's my favourite!

Quick Cleaning Tip: If you have Glass Panels or a Glass Door on your Shower, use a small Squeegee (like they use to clean the Car Windows at a Gas Station, only they came in a small size for the house..) to clean the Glass after every Shower. Saves time and a bother, and keeps the glass all lovely and shiney!

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