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Make Poverty History this year by supporting the White Band Campaign, and working in your own area to help solve this terrible problem. Hunger doesn't just exist in the Third World -- it's alive and well, sadly enough, right in our own back yards, so it's just as important to help those near to you as it is to help those further away.

Every year at Christmas Time, we have a giant Holiday Party. We have about 150 people, and everyone brings Food Items and a Gift for a Child (or Adult, since Adults need a wee something special, too...), and we put all the stuff in great big baskets under the Christmas Tree. Our Guests love to do this, and after the Party, I take all the Food and Gifts into our Local Charitable Program so the items are distributed to folks who need them right here.

It's easy to throw a Party -- any Party -- and ask your Guests to bring along a wee something to Donate to Charity. This is one Idea I'm hoping will catch on, big-time, since we can get a better response for helping people when you just ask for a little. When Charities only ask for a lot, they get very little, since most people can afford to give a bit, but not a whole lot. And often, no one knows where to take the stuff that they want to donate... we just make it easy and fun. Plus, I serve a lot of great food and delicious drinks! Everybody Wins! ha,ha!

It's not too late to take a quick trip into www.live8live.com to show your Support to End World Hunger. You can add your Name to the List of 26 million and counting... all people who sent their message to the G8 Summit Leaders who are met in Edinburgh, Scotland to make the choice to Make Poverty History. (Did you see the Concert?? It was Great! Thanks to Sir Bob Geldof for organizing such an incredible event... this is the most effective political event I've ever seen. Power to the People, Baby!!) Yahoo! The G8 Summit Leaders decided to DOUBLE their current Support for Africa -- our Names must have mad a difference! I'm sure they will still be seeking support, so pop in to see what you can do to help.

<>http://www.makepovertyhistory.org I've been trying to find easy places to Buy a White Band for you to Buy Online, and they're tricky wee things to get a hold of. If you're in the U.K., try this link support.actionaid.org.uk/store .

I've written to a Company I do Business with to suggest that they could make the White 'End Poverty' Bands, but you can order them for yourself and your friends, then Donate the Money to your Local Food Bank. Hunger and Poverty can happen anywhere... Get a Wristband -- reminderband.com.

Cara and I actually did find a Company to buy our Wristbands -- so we got the White - End Poverty Bracelets, the Pink - Breast Cancer Awareness & Research Bracelets, and the Yellow - Lance Armstrong Livestrong Cancer Research Wristbands. They are very comfortable to wear, they raise awareness, and the profits go to support the Causes. I love that sort of thing!

CardOrder.com is a great Source for the Rubber Wristbands, too -- they have them for all the Causes (like the Lance Armstrong LiveStrong Bracelets...), and almost anything else you can imagine. Don't let the Pokemon stuff throw you off, although I did find this Company because my 6 year old son, Aidan, loooves all things Pokemon!

< Pokemon Trading Cards>(Yes, this is the company for the Wristbands!) <Click Here for Pokemon, Dragonball Z, and Harry Potter trading card games.> CardOrder.com carries packs, cards, merchandise for Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Duel Masters, Harry Potter, Magic and more...

This is a letter I got from the Make Poverty History site -- this is for the Canadian Site, but just type in 'Make Poverty History', and the site for your Country will come up. They can send you email updates with letters that you don't have to write, yourself, but that you can have sent with your name on them to your Political Representative. It's really amazing to me that Poverty doesn't seem to be very much on the radar screen for a great many politicians. Maybe if they all knew how strongly we, the constituents, felt about Ending Poverty, we'd see more effective change.

I became part of an unprecedented global call to action to end poverty: Make Poverty History

Right now, there is active campaigning in over 50 countries around the three core demands: More and Better Aid, Make Trade Fair, and Cancel the Debt. In Canada, we're also campaigning to End Child Poverty in Canada.

You've just got to be a part of this campaign.

Go to http://www.makepovertyhistory.ca and sign on to the campaign yourself.

There is no time to lose. It doesn't matter who or where you are, your voice is critical to the success of this campaign. This is a rare chance to join me and thousands of others across the planet to once and for all make poverty history.

What are you waiting for? Join me and click in!

Ailsa Forshaw

What you can do right now:

* Sign on to the campaign

* Wear your White Wristband -- it raises Funds and Awareness
* Tell Paul Martin to commit to a timeline for 0.7%
* Click others into action - forward this message to your networks

"If everyone who wants to see an end to poverty, hunger and suffering speaks out, then the noise will be deafening. Politicians will have to listen."
- Archbishop Desmond Tutu

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