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How to Deal with Lice

For Teachers and Parents

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You know how I mentioned about going ahead and coloring your hair if you have been thinking you'd like a change? Well, here's another little tip from my Teaching Years. I used to Teach Grades 5/6, and one of the things we had to do was a Lice Check, which totally freaked me out. (I was very young and naive at the time - my early 20's - and that's when I decided to start working with Older Students - no more lice checks! -, the smaller kids didn't always get my jokes...Teaching is often quite a bit like Stand-Up Comedy, only you have to squish a Lesson in there amongst the laughs!)

Quick Tip: Soak your child's hair with Olive Oil. Leave on for a good hour -- just put them in front of the TV, and the time will pass before they know it. Rinse well and wash with normal Shampoo, followed by a regular Conditioner.

There is a great website with very useful, non-toxic information and 'solutions', so-to-speak, to get rid of this very annoying (and surprisingly common...) problem. Click on for more info, or refer the info to a friend. If you are a Teacher, please pass this info to all your teacher friends and your Students' Parents. (Now it's like a little Public Service Ad!!)

And that old myth that you have to immediately run out and cut the kid's hair all off is simply not true -- just do the treatment, pop bedding into the Dryer for 40 minutes on high (and other soft toys the child has come into contact with -- and don't forget to pop the pillow in the dryer, too...). Wash the rest of the regular bedding and clothes.

Most importantly, stay calm and make sure your child knows this is something easy to deal with and a common part of childhood for many, many children.

And then maybe go have a Drink! (Gin or Whiskey is good, I'm thinking!)




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