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How to Write a Romance Novel

Harlequin Romances

Romance Novels are huuuge, and a great area to try your hand at Writing a Novel, if that is part of your 'Life Plan' -- "Must remember to write an excellent novel..." I wrote a Romance Novel years ago, and submitted it to Harlequin when lived not too far from Toronto, Canada. I was a Newbie to the Writing Market, so I really didn't pursue it as much as I should have (meaning: my fancy schmancy Romance Novel in in a Safe upstairs in my Bedroom ...). Anyway, they have some pretty steamy stuff at old Harlequin, so I thought it would be a good match for my work... the stuff on this Building Site is all cleaned up and made pretty for the zillions of 'Spiders' out looking for 'bad stuff' on sites, and mine can't fall under the 'bad category', now can it?? ha,ha!

So if you are a Big Fan of Harlequin Novels, you can pop in here and get some really great deals, and if you're thinking about writing a Romance Novel, the eHarlequin website has information to help you on your way. The most important thing to do when you are preparing to writie a Romance Novel, though, is (if you haven't already read a ton of them) to read as many books as you can in the Genre you want to write in -- that way, you'll see if you can write in the same vein, and to see if your story is all sparkly and new, just like the Publishers like! Good Luck!!

Writing Tip: This is especially good when you are writing an entire Novel -- try to write 20 pages a day. I used chocolate as my incentive (sad, but true...) where I would set a piece of chocolate at the top of my desk, and I didn't get it until I was finished the 20 pages. Oh, I remember the days when I had will-power like that... I wonder what I was like to talk to?? ha,ha,ha,ha! (I'm just thinking I must've been a special treat!) The important thing is to set a Personal Goal for yourself that you think you can manage. I used to mull over what I was going to write (is napping still considered 'mulling'? Well, anyway, that was just my own technique -- you might be a bit of a drinker, and I know that's worked for many a Writer...). That, plus I actually used to have a Social Life that translated well to a Romance Novel ... now I'se married, so not so much! har, har!

Maybe I'll go look out that Novel -- wonder if Harlequin would be interested??

The Writer's Market is a great source for where to send your Writing, plus, tons of practical information to get you on the road to being a Published Author.

There's a Songwriter's Market and a Romance Writer's Market, too, so there's info out there for whatever you write! Years ago I wrote a Romance Novel, but never really did anything with it -- maybe I'll get back to that, since the story is just as true now as it was then...

<Romance Writer's Handbook: How to Write Romantic Fiction and Get It Published
Romance Writer's Handbook: How to Write Romantic Fiction and Get It Published


The Best Magazine I've read for Writers is The Writer's Digest, which is wonderful for providing all sorts of info in every Genre. It's funny, inspirational, and has all sorts of info you can actually use.

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