Save Our Bluths -- Saving Arrested Development, on FOX Sundays at 8:30pm.

You know I get all riled up by a variety of things (okay, a very, very many things make me soooo mad... I'll get help when I have a minute...). Anyway, one of my favorite Shows, Arrested Development, is up on the Cancellation Block, again. Seems that if a Show is Funny and Smart, the Networks won't stand behind it. Very annoying, since soooo many folks gots a brain they don't mind using when they're watching a little TV. I found an Online Petition you can sign to send to FOX, to get them to keep Arrested Development. Pop in here to sign your name, then come on back to me -- I'll start mixing your Drink while you're over there -- and I'll even taste it quickly to 'make sure it's okay'... so that's half a glass for you, two and a half glasses for me (yours was the extra half for me! Thank You!!). .

Here's one more Petition, since we really need to make some noise to Save Arrested Development. I've just come across this new site (or 'new to me'), and they have all sorts of great ideas to help keep Arrested Development on the Air, since it is THE funniest Show. They have Names and Addresses to send an actual written letter or postcard to the Powers that Be so your voice can really be heard.

Arrested Development has a huuge Fan Base because the Show is soooo funny. It's smart, flows along flawlessly, is incredibly well written and brilliantly acted. I love it, my husband loves it, and my Teenage Daughter loves it... see how it has such a wide appeal?? Check it out -- it's like the Crack Cocaine of TV... one hit and you'll be back for more. Don't sell your TV Set for it, or nuthin', since fer sures that wouldn't serve you well. Also, go straight to the TV Show and totally skip the cocaine. For one, it's too expensive (just go buy some Gin -- Lemon Gin's my favorite, but it's all about Personal Choice...), and I hear it's not on the List of Healthy Food Choices I once walked past at a Gym.

Arrested Development. Sunday Nights at 8:30pm. on FOX. Right before The Simpsons and Desperate Housewives. Oooh, I see a new Sunday Night Line-up for you all!!

I'm thinking that if you love Arrested Development, you'll like Jim Gaffigan's take on the whole 'Happy New Year' Message.

Read a Special New Years Message from Jim Gaffigan... all very funny!! You'll laugh, you might cry, and then I would urge you to have another look at your meds ... maybe that extra ritalin ain't as necessary as you thought...

And a new message from Jim for a wee bit of support on Comdy Central... all very funny!

Finally, you can have your say, and actually be heard!

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New Article -- How to Deal With Difficult People

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