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Window Quotes

You know, you would be amazed at how much you can save if you really shop around for your Window Qotes. I went to one place, a reputable dealer in Calgary, Alberta, to see how much our window package would be... Long story short, I went in there with my Blueprints, and all very knowledgable about the Build, but alas, I was still female, so anything I might have known went out the window, so-to-speak, the moment I walked through their doors... They treated me like I was an absolute idiot. Oooh, let me buy from you, looosers. Puh-leeease. What are these sales people thinking? So they started off by quizzing me about the property and the build, to see if I knew anything at all. That's a good way to make a sale -- try to intimidate the buyer who owns waaaaay more than the little sales-person ever will. Folks looove that. (Can you tell this story still irks me when I think of it? haha!)

To be clear, I was there to purchase 38 Exterior windows, 6 Interior Windows (very cool) and 5 Exterior Doors, so not a tiny purchase. That was one big house. They gave me a ballpark figure that was obscene, and claimed it was 'the builder rate'. Right. It was the 'A girl done walked into our store and tried to buy summthin' rate.

Okay, so I left that high-end, complete loser place, went straight to the Industrial Area of town, went in, told them what I wanted, asked for the Builder's Rate, and saved $40,000. They were normal, treated me professionally, and got my Sale. They were a breeze to work with during the whole build, and did all the installation, too.

So here's what to remember: If the sales people treat you like crap, it's only gonna get worse through the Build, so run, run, run... straight over to their competition. The Sales people are a good indicator of how the company thinks (or allows) their staff to deal with their customers, and if you have some total snag at the very beginning, when you are standing there with your wallet open, and they're giving you a hard time, you'll be dealing with a nightmare when your Windows don't show up, the Order is wrong, or you just need more suport to see when their installer will be back after he only installs 2 of the windows, and here, you were hoping all the windows would be going in yo' house. See where I'm going with this? Yep, when you see an early problem, get out and find someone new. (You know what? This really is good Dating Advice, too! hahahaha! You know I'm laughing out loud, all by myself at the computer, now, right?? haha!))

Tip: When you are Building Your Own House, always ask for the Builder's Rate. Doesn't hurt to ask, and you can save thousands of dollars. Literally.

Here is a quick and easy Form for you to fill out to get a Free Quote for your Windows for New Windows when you are Building a New Home or Replacement Windows when you are doing a Renovation. And you get a Free Copy of"The Insider's Guide to Replacement Windows", so that's fantastic! You know how I feel about getting Quotes, and how much I love Free Things, so this is a great deal.


Request a Windows Quote

install replacement window

Please fill in the information below to receive your quote on replacement windows, from a licensed local professional. You will also receive a free copy of "The Insider's Guide to Replacement Windows" and a referral to a licensed local windows professional

First Name
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Street Address

ZIP Code
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Do you own the home or plan to own the home?
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How many windows are you replacing?
Why do you wish to purchase new windows?

When will you be purchasing new windows?
Within 30 days
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6 months or later

How will you finance the windows?
Funds on hand
Home equity loan
Bank loan
Comments, Questions or other information that you can provide.


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