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Shopping with Ailsa

Well, if you haven't guessed by now, I happen to really LOOOOOVE Shopping -- especially Comparison Shopping!

And now there's MORE SHOPPING! It's my brand new page! I'm just working on this to create a 'neater' Shopping Page where everything is listed under Special Headings... come see what I've done, so far!

You'll find All Sorts of Stuff -- Financial Stuff, Mortgages, Real Estate, Hot Tubs(!), Jewellery, Sports Stuff, Decorating Stuff, Holiday Stuff .. All sorts of Great Stuff, so pop into the Next Page and have a wee look!


I think I'll just leave some of these banners on the site, for now, since the companies don't change -- just the ads! I add new stuff almost daily, whenever I come across something I think my readers will like or need! Mostly, I'm adding the new stuff to the More Shopping Page, because I'm busy building a new Shopping 'Center', if you will, so that you can find things a lot easier! Ain't that nice?? ha,ha,ha!

If you're looking for a particular product, drop me a line and I'll see if I can find it for you!

Contact me at

Please Support Our Site by clicking on the Banners that appeal to you. We really appreciate your support!

Just sit back and take a 'scroll' through my Shopping can run and get your Credit Card when you find something really cool! Happy Shopping!

On the off-chance that you've never bought anything on-line before, it's really easy and very secure. I buy stuff on-line all the time, and it always works out well!

The Mountains are covered in Snow, again (I can finally see them again -- we have a great Mountain View, but it has been too hazy from the fires to see them for over a month, now, so it's like seeing an old friend, again, when the haze disappears!).

If you love to Ski or Snowboard (or you're lucky enough to live where you can Golf Year-Round...), you'll like this site.





I think that you know me enough, by now, to know that I don't believe in paying more than you have to for anything, and that includes Drugstore Stuff... Check this site out.



< Save up to 80% on printer cartridges >

Do you love schmarmy Memorabilia?? Me, too! Tons of very cool gift ideas!

This 8-inch wall clock shows ALL the Brady kids against a
flower-power background and a pink plastic frame. Requires one AA
battery, not included.


You'll be amazed at all the cool stuff they have for Decorating at Walmart. Here are some direct links to make your 'surfing' a little easier!

< pp_browncouch_468X60_v01.gif >

< living_cottage_468X60_v01.gif >

< bedroom_mission_234X60_v01.gif >

< living_cottage_468X60_v01.gif >

< >

Here's a nice fresh new ad that I just thought was funny! You can't NOT laugh at the word 'swell'! ha,ha!


< For Great Yorkshire Terrier Gifts and Products Click Here! [Please feel free to customize this text and use it as you wish - it links directly to our very popular Yorkshire Terrier products] >

Have you just moved in to a New Home, or haven't gotten around to getting your New Address Labels (me!)? This is the company where I get my Business Cards.

< >

Look what I just found! A link for Scottish Golf Products from St. Andrews... remember that I'm Scottish, so this is all very exciting for me!

< St Andrews Branded Golf Gifts and Apparel>>

<Match Cards 468 x60 >

Well, I spent a good part of today trying to order a copy of East of Eden (John Steinbeck) so I can participate in Oprah's Book Club. You can click on these Banners to get your copy, and I have to go find another one for Canadian Readers -- it's always good to have lots of Choices!

<East of Eden (Oprah's Book Club)
East of Eden (Oprah's Book Club)


I just finished East of Eden, and man, what a great book! If you haven't had the pleasure of reading this, yet, or you're looking for a great book to give to someone, this is it. I never have very much time to read, but I found myself stealing as much time as I could to 'get back to the book'! Now I really miss all the Characters, so I must go out and read all the rest of Steinbeck's Work! Some of it I've read already, but I think I got a lot more out of his work, now.

< >

Canadian Buyers, Please Click Here!



* * * HARRY POTTER * * *



You won't believe the great stuff you can buy at Hickory Farms! I really love the Fruitful Tower -- that would be fun to get as a gift!

<50% Off Summer Sale>

<Top Unique Gift Ideas from Hickory Farms>

<10% OFF COUPON  468x60static>

It's Wedding and Graduation Season, so have a look to see if there's something that appeals to you for a memorable gift for yourself or someone you love!

< Summer Solitaire Event! Free 14k Setting!>

I just came across this Bracelet -- isn't it gorgeous??


10kt Diamond Bracelet $229.99

<Stacking Scalloped Flower Vase>I love this Scalloped Vase -- I sent it to my wonderful friend, Kim, and she loves it -- lovely gift! I just got this for my Mum, as well -- this is by far my favorite gift to give, these days! I hear the Gift-wrapping is gorgeous, too, and that's always a nice touch!

I just think these are gorgeous -- this'll be the next ring I (or rather, Dwight!) will add to my collection of pretty things!


<Wedding Bands and Diamonds Rings at>

<Banner 10000017>

<The Wine Messenger>

< >

This is the coolest little invention -- perfect for folks with tons of Digital Photos (like meeeee!)


HP Photosmart Printer $119.99 Save $10


Here's another one!


Polaroid Digital Printer $39.99

Who doesn't love Hawaii?? We're hoping to take that Cruise around the Hawaiian Islands as soon as Aidan is big enough!

<Hawaiian Island Gems>

In case you can't get to Hawaii, bring it home to you!

<Luau Party Decorations>

<Hawaiian Books and Videos>

Dwight and I have talked about perhaps living in Hawaii for a year or so one day... I actually had my State Teachers' Test Results sent to Hawaii back when I lived in California. We're still hopeful!

<Hawaiian Island Living>

And now for somewhere nice to wear your fancy new Bikini, or to take the person you bought it for!

< >

* * * * * * * *
Buy any digital camcorder from and get FREE
shipping and a FREE Carrying Case!

Preorder our newest MiniDV camcorder - New Compact Design
starting at $999

<SONY Camcorders>

This is cool if you're taking your child on vacation (or your husband! ha,ha! Keeps them busy and out of trouble!).

< >


<Reward your loved one's commencement with a therapeutic and stress-free spa experience. Free Shipping on any gift valued at $150 or more! >

Save your neck -- you know when you cradle the phone in between your ear and your shoulder, then you end up with a major pain in the neck! (Although that sounds more like when you've talked your way into a new relationship...ha,ha,ha!)

<The Leading Online Telecom Resource>

<Cordless Headsets>

Here's something great for the Bride! It's amazing how many photos and Wedding Paraphernalia get away from you when you're in the midst of a Wedding! Great for keeping your Memories in Order, and easy to access when any one at all comes to the door! ha,ha! (Come on, we all know that Wedding and Baby pictures are at the very top of the list of 'Pictures we must share with everyone' ! Ain't nuthin' wrong with that!!)


<Fresh Roses delivered today from FTD.COM. Order Now!>


< >

<Almond Plaza>

I had to search the Internet a few months back to find some Costumes for Cara's School Play. I came across this ad and thought this might help for School Plays and, of course, Hallowe'en or Costume Parties, if you're lucky enough to be invited to one!

Parents are always looking for cool new party ideas, and having a Birthday Costume Party is always fun...girls are endlessly happy with any sort of 'Fairy-Princess-Ballerina' Costumes, and boys love anything to do with Space-Cowboys-Superheroes'!

Hey, I tried to raise Cara in a 'gender-free' way at first (everything in primary colors -- red, yellow and blue -- it was the 80's and this sort of thing was very popular...!), but this stuff is ingrained! I can't believe the difference in raising a girl versus a boy. Aidan is interested in Machines, Trucks, Building, Super Heroes and anything Electronic -- we had to tape up all the Stereos when he was 8 months old, because he was climbing on the units and removing the wires! It's amazing, really!

< Specializing in costumes, wigs, masks, makeup ...>

<10% OFF COUPON  468x60static>


<Closeout special - 65% off! Portmeirion Botanic Garden Fondue Set originally $69.99, now only $24.83! Only whiles supplies last. Exclusively from>

Uh, oh! Looks like a little spelling error in the above ad, ('whiles', as in, "I gots me a Botanic Garden Fondue Set whiles I was Shopping with Ailsa..."!!! ha,ha,ha! Hey, who cares if you're getting 65% off!)

<Fields Day 468x60>

10% - 60% Off -- not bad, eh?? (I'm out looking for great deals for you!)

<18 Premium Long Stem Roses just $34.99>

< Diamond Deals>

<Fun Gifts For Every Occasion! For delicious popcorn and more, click here!>

<Blue Star Stack>

< Always Save 10% Off Product of the Month at>



Trading Spaces is one of my favorite Design Shows -- Cara and I were hooked when we first saw an Episode of Trading Spaces in a Hotel in Hope, B.C., right in the middle of the Canadian Rockies! Vern and Ty are our favorites!

< >

<Mission Orchards>



<468X60 $10-OFF Exclusive>

<The Largest Selection of 1:32 Scale Diecast on the Planet>

< Home Page>

Corporate Services include volume discount and free logo customization with no minimum volumes!>

< Executive Essentials>

<Click here to visit Executive Essentials for the finest selection of pens, business cases, and executive gifts.>

<FTD.COM - Send Flowers for International Delivery!>

< >

This little Box with the 'x' is actually -- I have no idea why it won't show up as a picture, but it always works! I just bought some Books for my Brother-in-Law in Ontario from them -- always great stuff at great prices.

Hey, did you know that Amazon sells all sorts of Hardware?? Tools, Lights, Outdoor Equipment and Furniture -- and they're linked up with lots of Top Name Stores, now, so you can find pretty much whatever you want through them!

Check this Card out! Is this cool, or what?? It's from The Bank of Scotland (my Homeland!) -- be fun to whip this out at Dinner, huh?? Don't worry if you're not Scottish (how many times does that come up in conversation?!)... Credit Cards are not what they used to be ... everything is sooo International, now! So go ahead and Apply!

< >

I just thought you might like to look at this girl! I happen to really like Exercise Equipment -- I just got a cool Stepper for Cara (our 15 year old) that is great, and Dwight got me a Total Gym for Mother's Day -- don't worry! I asked him for it for my new Exercise Room! It's an amazing Fitness Tool!

< Buy Fitness Equipment - Factory Direct>

I just went into this Walmart Site to Check Out the Gym Equipment -- they have a fantastic selection, and I have to say that their prices are incredibly low... they have my favorite Stepper for only $49.95 -- it's the one that is quite small and does not have the Arm Rest, so you'll get a much better work-out, especially if you add Light Hand Weights. Check it out -- you'll be very pleasantly surprised at the cool stuff you can get!

<DVDs Under $10 at Wal-Mart>

You know what? Dwight got me the Total Gym from Walmart -- it is one of the best Exercise Machines I have ever used, and takes up relatively little space. It's gentle exercise, in that it uses a Pulley System, so it won't hurt your Back, and it can easily accomodate any fitness level. Good for Men and Women!

The Sopranos Bada Bing Babe Silhouette T-Shirt


<Largest Selection of 1:32 Scale Diecast on the Planet - All $10 or less>

<Banner 10000030>

<Save 25%-70% on 600 Swiss Army watches, knives, tools and gift sets at Swiss Army Central, the Swiss Army supersite since 1996.>

Well, if you're a Fisherman (Dwight loves to Fish! And Aidan just got a Scooby Doo Fishing Rod from Walmart!), you'll recognize this as an ad for a Fishing Lure!

<Yo-ZuriŽ Rattl'N Vibe - 5/8 oz - Blue Chrome -



<The Most HOME & GARDENING Magazines. The LOWEST PRICES Online.>

<Send a Cookie Bouquet from FTD.COM - Order Now!>

<468x60 Bubble Products Static>

<468x60 Something for Every Dad >

<Gifts for Pets>

This ad is huuuuge, but I think this is one of the coolest little inventions!

<Up to 70% off at The Sharper Image Outlet>

<Roomba Floor Vac Robot>

<Monthly 50% off Special!>

< MLB Team Merchandise at>

Maybe you'd like to pick up some Show Tickets for yourself or as a nice (very nice!) gift!


<For fresh baked gifts, shop online at David's Cookies!>

<120x90 Free Shipping on $150 >

< Low Cost Neckties>

< Ebates-Up to 25% Cash-back!>

<Special Offers on DELL Computers>

<Crest White Strips - only $29.99. Best price anywhere!>

< Armani, Versace, Gucci, Ferragamo>

I'm a major Simpsons Fan (I've even written a few Scripts for them -- all I need to do now is sell them to the Simpsons! Hey if you know an Agent, hook me up!), so I always like to add in anything involving them! D'Oh!!


They have all sorts of cool things at this site -- I just got the Lord of the Rings Ring for my daughter, Cara, and she loves it!


Evergreen Terrace

This one's just for fun!

Maybe you're into writing... check out this great site! Lots of cool stuff and great info for writers.

The Writers Store

Ailsa's Favourite Books--once a teacher, always a teacher!

Hey, have a wee look at these books and see if there's some great summer reading for you!

Buyercantfind120x60.gif $10 Air Coupon Cigar - Animated - 88x31 V2

Maybe you're tired of shopping and you'd like to take a little R & R Break!

 Sports Interaction online sports betting Get $20 FREE with your 1st deposit at Omni Casino Play Solitaire for Cash! $5 Free at WorldWinner!

< Shop at Countdown Creations!>

< >

<2 For 1 Special at>

< >

This is really cool Chinese Paper Art -- click on and have a wee look around!


Well, this is really more of a 'gift to yourself'...

Click Here To Save Up to 20% On Car Insurance


<Father's Day  468x60>

Gifts for Him

<Introducing Country Club>

<Get Your Family Pet On A Watch!!!!> - The Smartest Place to Buy and Sell

Digital Cameras

<MotorcycleUSA Superstore>

<YellowBlue Sq Button >

Most people would do almost anything for a massage...except for buy it for themselves!

< Say>

< offers the finest fruit, wine and gourmet food gifts.>

<FS on Orders of $100+_468x60>

<Featuring the Build Your Own Online eFit system to design perfect golf clubs to improve your game.>

<SoundWorks730 120x60>

<Personalized Golf Balls>


<Vintage Cigar Box>


Dwight just bought himself a new 61" Sony Big Screen TV -- it's huuuuge! Maybe you know someone who would like one, too?? Shipping is waaay easier when you buy on-line!

< SONY Televisions>




<ARCHOS Jukebox 6000 MP3 Player/USB Hard Drive>

< >


<Offer Good May 12 - June 9, 2003!>

Magazines Make The PERFECT GIFT.


<Protect your bike for just $1 per year>

< >

How about a little vacation for your Family? (Or just you??)

<468x60 Bubble Products>

Just Heading off to School or Know Somepne who is? Here are some Great Sources for you or your budding student!

If you're new to, you'll know that I'm a Teacher, first, then a Builder!

<> <> <>

<MCAT Question Bank>

<> <> <>

<Lowest Hotel Price Guarantee>

<Home Office Furniture>


<All-in-One Machines>




<Logitech Z-640 Speakers Only $49.99!>

< In the Company of Dogs>

<Looking for Home Bar Supplies?>

<Fathers Day>

< - Alaskan Red King Crab>

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<Free Shipping on Selected Items at>

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<Hard-to-Find Diecast Models at Rock Bottom Prices>


<DVDs Under $10 at Wal-Mart>

<design your watch online!banner>


<DVDs under $15 at>

<Callaway HX Seriesbanner>

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<Rodale, Inc.>



<Click here for savings!banner>

<Computers4SURE ( - An Office Depot Company)>

< Show you our best sellers !>

<StickerGiant, The Largest Sticker Store in the Universe !>

< Link to Survival Pack>

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<Delta Reclinerbanner>

Gift Baskets>

< Primo Products >

<Official Headquarters>

< (Omaha Steaks, Inc.)>

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<TPF fun gifts 120x60>

<Send a Gourmet Gift Basket>

Father's Day Gift Box

<Gift Certificates at>


< Internets LARGEST selection of DISCOUNTED Wheelchairs, Scooters, Walkers Hospital Beds, Diabetic Supplies, & Daily living aids Medicare & Medicaid Accepted>

<Find all of your batteries and mobile accessories at!!>

Find some old friends from the Past!

<24 Hour Unlimited People Locate Searches>

I love to Bake Cakes and make other Sweet Treats for my Family and Friends, but now that I live so far from most of them, this Service is great!

< A sweet alternative to flowers>

<Hand Delivered cakes...Anywhere>



< Two Dozen Classic Gold Gift Box >

Don't these look delicious??? These are a great gift for someone who lives in the U.S. !

<Principal Secret>


<Mother's Day 468x60>

<Banner 10000012>

<Mother's Day 468x60>

<< Flowers for Mother's Day from >

>The really cool thing about Fleurop is that they can deliver pretty much anywhere in the world, so you can send Flowers to your Mother wherever she lives! And won't she be extra happy???

<468x60 Holiday

<Venus Cut Diamond>




<Internet Florist - Mother's Day>

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<Mother's Day Gift Baskets and Flowers>


< - 3,500 Fragrances, up to 70% OFF- FREE Shipping>


<Mothers 4>

<Mother's Day>


<Mother's Day 15% off>

<babystyle - one-stop shop for all your maternity and baby needs>

<Fresh Cut Flowers>


<Outlet 468x60>

<Collections Etc.>

<Roses - 468x60>

<125x125>This is Aidan's favorite Ad!

<Multi-Line Banner 468 x 60>

<Free Shipping On All Orders Over $50!>

<free ship on $35 or more7>

<Rental Car Desires>Just incase you need a car when you go VISIT your Mom!


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<Italian Fashion and Gifts>

<Spring - Flower - 7>

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<Mother's Day>

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<Stacking Scalloped Flower Vase>I love this Scalloped Vase -- I sent it to my wonderful friend, Kim, and she loves it -- lovely gift!

<120*60 Spring Bouquets $29.99>

<Free Godiva Cocolates with Fresh Boxed Flower Orders>

< >


<Yves Rocher Featured Products Storefront>

< >

< Diamond Stud Earrings From $185 >

I got my Eyes done at the Culver Eye Centre. Check out their site and 'see' (ha, ha,ha!) if this might be right for you!

Hey, you know what would be cool -- to Have a REAL 'Sight-Seeing' Vacation! You could book a 10 day Vacation in Calgary, Alberta, Canada ( Calgary has long been a major center for Eye Surgury -- Cosmetic and Necessary...).

You could 'pop in' and get your Eyes checked to see if you're a good Candidate for the Lasik Procedure (sight correction), with an Appointment, of course... then you could scoot out to the Mountains and check out the gorgeous Hot Springs, take in a little Golf, Swimming, Hiking, Fishing... whatever you like .. then come back and get your Eyes done. You could do your Follow-up Visits with a local Optician.

And don't forget, if you're working with U.S. Dollars, it's like getting 25% off the entire Vacation, including the Eye Surgury! YaaaaHooo! Finally, the Low Canadian Dollar is paying off! ha,ha,ha!


Check out for all the Stuff You're Looking For!

Recipes -- Cheesecake ,Cinnamon Buns, Salsa Chicken , Macaroni Salad ,Chicken Noodle Soup, Taco Spaghetti , Easy Pie Crust , Creamy Peach Pie , Great BBQ Marinade , 'Pass da' Pasta, Rosemary Steak, Onion Barley (an Aphrodisiac!), Stuffed Green Peppers, Fruit Puffs , BBQ Veggies, Apple Crumble for One , Barbequed Meatballs, Gambling, Everything Else!!

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