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Check-Off List for House Building

Find and Buy Land
Arrange Financing for Land
Put Your Current House on the Market
Design/Purchase Blueprints
Have Mechanical Contractor Check Prints for Feasibility
Choose Colors (Interior and Exterior)
Choose Cabinetry
Choose Flooring
Get Quotes (use other 'Quote Check')
Sell House (try not to carry two mortgages)
Rough Stake Out of House
Meet with Surveyor. Survey Land
Final Stake Out of House
Meet with Excavator - get quote.
Building Permits
Services and Septic
Electrician to Site
Gas, Water, Cable and Phone Lines
Order Complete Framing Package, & Windows & Doors
Culvert and Gravel
Excavate - Plus Driveway
Septic and All Lines installed
Crib and Pour Foundation
Book Framer
First House Draw for Funds
Frame House, including Roof
Windows and Doors
Garage Doors - Lock Up Stage
Second Draw for Funds
Soffit & Fascia
Interior Walls - Insulation and Drywall
Basement Floor - Cement Finishing
Lighting Preparation
Ceiling and Painting
Lighting Installed
Interior Doors and Trim
Exterior Finish
Final Draw for Funds
Establish New Mortgage
Decks and Patios
Window Treatments
Driveway Surface

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N.B. When the Mortgage Rates are really low, you might be better off completing the Decks, Driveway, basic Landscaping, etc. in the mortgage amount. It's more difficult to come up with the extra cash for the completion projects later than it is to pay a slightly higher mortgage now.

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