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Business & Classifieds

Everyone you'll need for a Renovation or Build! And for Regular Living, too!




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It's always good to have a Contractor up your sleeve, so-to-speak! And it's much better to have someone in mind before an Emergency... this is a great National Service so you can find out who is available in your own Neighborhood. Plus, it's great to have a List of Contractors for the really Big Jobs, like a Major Renovation or a House Build, right??

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Or If You're A Contractor -- <Click Here to Bid on Construction Projects>

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D.K. Mechanical

Dwight owns D. K. Mechanical, so that's why they're all over the Site! They do Commercial and Residential Heating and Air Conditioning. They also do Complete Renovations or Development Packages (like a Lower Level Development...), Home Repair and Plumbing.

Click Here for Pictures of Dwight's In-Floor Radiant Heat

General Contractor

Dwight has been a General Contractor for over 20 Years. If you are thinking about Building Your Own House, but need an Experienced Contractor to Run the Project, Dwight's your Guy.

There are a million things that need to be attended to quickly when you're Building a House, so having someone who knows what to do and when can make the whole process a lot smoother and much faster.

Contact and Dwight will put a Quote together for you.

Now, one thing that we have been talking about lately is what to do if someone from somewhere far away (let's just say Hawaii or California, for fun!!) wants Dwight to Run a House Build. I think it is something that we would seriously consider... can't hurt to let us know your Project!

I recently added Elegant to our Links Page. What I like about that site (aside from the gorgeous homes!) is that you can have a look at how much those houses are, then figure out how much it would actually cost you if you were to Build a High-End Custom Home on your Own, or with a Project Manager. It's a Big Money Game, but if you're in that league, might as well consider saving a few million and Build It Yourself!

At the very least, you would be very likely to save anywhere from $100, 000. to 4 or 5 that ain't bad!

House Plans

It's a great idea to check on-line for Your House Plans, first. You will save potentially thousands of dollars, and you might find a style you hadn't even though of! It's incredible what's out there, these days!


Hey, you might like to Buy our House Plans! It's a great House -- we're madly in love with it!

Click Here to Buy Our House Plans!


Dave Brunning Construction






Big Dog

Real & Cultured Stone Products

Manstar Distributors Ltd.


Elite Drywall


Ceramco Tile Distributors

Northland Construction Supplies


Deerfoot Carpet & Flooring

Landscaping & Bobcat Work

Crane Service & Picker Trucks

High River Rentals

403-652-4445; Fax: 403-652-1011

High River Rentals moved our Hot Tub for us. Click Here to see them in action!

Glass & Mirrors

Okotoks Glass Ltd.

Doug Thompson

204 Stockton Ave., Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

403-938-2799; Fax: 403-938-5904

(You can contact me through the Site and I'll pass it along to Doug!

Window Cleaning

Peder's Window Cleaning

Window Shading

A Shade Above

Carpenters/Cabinet Installation

Trevor Campbell

Trevor is our favorite Carpenter -- he's here right now, doing some Trim Work!

Decks, Cabinetry, Trim Work (Casing, Baseboards, Crown Molding, etc.), Garages, Bars ,Islands... he's a very talented Finishing Carpenter. Drop me a line and I'll 'Hook you up'!


4 Star Electric Ltd.


Country Rose Homes

Real Estate

<Find Real Estate Agents>

Here are some amazing photos of a house in our neighbourhood that is up For Sale. It's a Stunning Home on a 3.5 Acre Beautifully Treed and Landscaped Property backing onto the Highwood River just South of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

This Bannister is gorgeous, and the views are incredible. This looks like a Park, but it's the Patio Area right outside the Main Living Room. And, yes, that is a Pond in the background! Cool, eh??

Can you believe this Kitchen?? The Island is fantastic -- Granite Countertops and they have Double Dishwashers,too. No need to worry about water --this house is on Town Water -- an Acreage with Town Water -- it's almost unheard of!

This Kitchen/Dining Area is sooo big there's even room for a Sitting Area at the other end -- the views are so beautiful! Check out the Ceiling -- it's a Sculptured Alberta Rose -- the Architectural Details in this house are stunning.

This House is SOLD, but you can contact Isabel to see what else she has available. There are still some Lots out here where we are for Sale.

Contact Isabel Foster at or Visit .


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Dave Galbraith

Mortgages & Other Loans


Check out my Shopping Page for a whole List of Mortgage Companies!


Dr. Darcy A. Isted, D.D.S.

Pet Groomers

Here's Tia's favorite Groomer! You can get the Allerpet/D there, and tons of cool Pet Stuff!

The Barking Lot

Pet Supplies & Professional Grooming

Rob Burns

#710 - 22 Midlake Blvd., S.E. Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

403-256-2095 ; Fax:403-256-6888


Happy Valley Restaurant

Okotoks Pizza & Pasta Ltd.

116 Elizabeth St., Okotoks.


This is our favorite Pizza Place -- and when you're busy Building or Renovating, they'll deliver it right to your Building Site!


M. Terry Leonard

Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

403-270-3556 ; Fax: 403-283-5069

We have used Terry for years -- he's the only Lawyer I've ever wanted to see! He's direct, efficient, nice and very reasonably priced.




Smooth Moves

Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

403-230-2390 ;Fax: 403-230-7261

We have used Smooth Moves for years, for both Business and Personal Moves. They're always nice, efficient and careful with your carpet! (We all know how important that is!)

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Accountants & Taxes

Time1_L3 468x60


Universal Road Services

Recycled Asphalt Driveways & Dust Suppressants

Allen Thiessen, 403-813-3270

7288 84th Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 4T6.


Now your house is all done and you want to throw a big party to show all your friends your fantastic work!

These are the Caterers who do the Queen's University 'Spring' Party -- Queen's is my main 'Alma Mater'!

Devour Catering

Torin & J'Val Shuster

3428 - 32nd St. S.W. Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Business Cards

This is the Company I get all my Business Cards from -- they have all sorts of stuff, including Address Labels, for every time you move!

Click here. >

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If you're in the Calgary Area and you're Looking for a Job or Need an Employee, check out this site!

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Business Websites In Just 5 Minutes!

Drop me a line when you get your web site set up and we'll do a 'Reciprocal Link' with you!

Reciprocal Links We all love (and need) Reciprocal Links, so if you would like to add Build Your Own House to your site, just Cut and Paste this Link onto your site. Drop me a line at , and I'll put you on our Links Page.

Build Your Own House Build Your Own Dream House! Everything you need to know to Build, Renovate, Buy or Sell Your Own Home. Check out our Photo Gallery, Tips & Recipes, Comedy, Buffs (like on Survivor!), Mortgage Info you can actually understand, and Find Out How to Marry Rich! And you can even Go Shopping with Ailsa!



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