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<ehouseplans.com> Great site to check out gorgeous House Plans!

These two new links are from a new friend of mine I met in the hot tub!

Ahhh! King Gabriel Quincy Collymore, a breath of fresh air, from the Caribbean. With his catchy hooks and hypnotic overtones,not forgetting the marvelous messages of peace, and unity, This artist is living the love and is guaranteed to take you up a couple notches :) Enjoy:)!!

Musical MMA is an evolved art form, derived from an actual fighter turned Spiritual teacher/ after many Shamanic experiences . The energy was then translated into an excercise form and artistic display due to his realization of the insanity of attack. It is taught to music and is quite inspiring and entertaining, funny and revelatory. Check it out!!!!!
Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a beautiful art of fighting which allows a wide variety of fighting techniques, from a mixture of martial arts traditions and non-traditions, to be used in competitions or for self defense.

Writers & Actors Info

http://www.wga.org/mentors/BestMentor.html This is a great link if you also a Writer, or interested in becoming a Writer... it's through the WGA (Writers Guild of America).

http://www.filmstaff.com/browsejob Ever wanted to know all the different jobs in Hollywood, specifically in the Film Industry? You might be surprised by how many positions there are -- and not all on the Casting Couch, neither...! ha,ha,ha!

<Entertainment Jobs In Film Production And Television Production
Filmstaff.com is where people go for entertainment jobs. Thousands of producers use our searchable database to find their crew. Hundreds of paying jobs each week. Do you take your entertainment career seriously? We do. >

Check out these sites for Screenwriting ... http://www.screenwriting.com/ - http://www.wga.org/tools/links3.html#screen

These are great Sites to see if you can be an Extra in a Movie, attend a Show Taping or possibly become an active 'Audience Participant' in some Shows. http://www.BeInAMovie.com , http://www.tvtix.com/

Ellen Degeneres: One of my Favorite Shows -- hilarious!

The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson -- www.cbs.com/latenight/latelate/ This is one of my Favorite New Late Night Shows -- The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. He's a Scottish Comedian, and absolutely hilarious! I love all his Scottish 'rain' stories! Reminds me of my past...! The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson is on CBS -- we have Satellite (Thank Goodness!), so it comes on at 10:35 pm in Calgary, Alberta. Keep an eye out for it -- you'll laugh yourself silly!

http://www.cbs.com/latenight/latelate/comedy/ Click on this link to go straight to Craig Ferguson's Comedy Bits from The Late, Late Show on CBS. I was doubled over with laughter during 'Craig Ferguson: The Scottish Years', so for sures, check that out!

http://www.nbc.com/The_Tonight_Show_with_Jay_Leno/ We have a little line up of Shows we like to watch every single night, and I'm not just telling you that to make you jealous... Anyway, Thank God for Satellite TV, because we can score the realy Late Night Shows quite early. Daily Show with Jon Stewart (yum) at 9:05pm, then Jay Leno (cute), then my favorite Craig Ferguson (extra-yum!)(dinny tell Dwight! ha,ha!). I know, I know. Dry yer tears. One day you'll have a life where you can stay home each and every night, watching one show after another... it's a Dream, I tells ya!

http://www.jimgaffigan.com/ Hey, you know who else is really funny? That's right, Jim Gaffigan! Man, we're like two peas in a pod, you and me. Not an iPod, they're too expensive, but a cheap pod that grows on a vine in the dirt (which reminds me -- wonder how much wine I have left over from the Party? But I digress... back to Jim Gaffigan...). I saw him on Craig Ferguson the other night (not literally ON Craig Ferguson -- at most, they probably just saw BrokeBack Mountain together, and left it at some awkward moment... but I'm just surmising. These things ain't easy to make up, you know...) Anyway, Jim Gaffigan used to play Ellen Degeneres's's (that's tricky) High School Boyfriend in her old Show, and that's where I first came across him. He was hilarious on The Late, Late Show the other night, so pop into his site to see a wee bit more of him (easy, because of the 'Nekkid Pictures' of him, n' all...). Tell him 'Ailsa says Hi!'. Now I have my own Jim Gaffigan page, with hilarious messages directly from Jim, himself!

http://www.theonion.com/content/index - My friend, Kim, just sent me an email with an article from TheOnion.com about a guy who broke up with his girlfriend because she gained weight after she ate all the Valentine's chocolates he gave her for Valentine's Day -- hilarious! Pop in for a wee read!

http://severed-dreams.net/craigferguson Craig Ferguson's Fan Website.

Home Improvement Tips & Ideas http://homeimprovementinfo4u.com/ You get started immediately sorting through the magazines and cutting out the home improvement tips

OpinionSquare members have the opportunity to take surveys in exchange for earning “OpinionRewards” reward points and entries into our “Your Opinion Matters” sweepstakes. For registering with OpinionSquare, members could win a VIP trip to Europe, an iPod, an LCD TV or Cash. <Be rewarded for your opinions at www.OpinionSquare.com!>

This Link will take you into a Regular MLS Real Estate Listings, too! AK Anchorage Area Anchorage http://bl.homegain.com/AK/anchorage.html

Floor Heat by Heatizon Systems Radiant floor heat products for any floor covering including carpet, hardwood, and tile. Heatizon floor heat products carry an industry leading 25 year warranty. Keywords: floor heat, radiant heat, hardwood heat, tile heat, etc. http://www.heatizon.com

http://www.wherethehellismatt.com/ - Where the Hell Is Matt? I saw Matt on Ellen Degeneres, and this is just a fun site to check out! Matt dances his way around the World, so you'll see the world and have big laughs, too! (This is sooo funny -- if you've ever wondered what it's like to be in 'The Green Room' before a TV Show', check this out. Great stories about Matt's time on The Ellen Degeneres Show.)

I just found this fantastic Resource for Women's Health -- www.susanlovemd.org . I found it through Rosie O'Donnell's Blog Site, www.rosie.com, also a great site!

http://www.timetoteach.co.uk - The number one choice for mortgage and loan information. We also provide work at home job information. This website was originally designed to stop teachers from needing to re-invent the wheel each time they taught by offering a wide range of resources. It has now extended to providing them with financial advice and what to do if they get in debt. Peter Fogarty, the Owner of this Site, works in the UK as an Educational Consultant, but actually lives in the Bucharest, Romania. (Cool, eh?)

www.bemoreyou.com This is a brand new Site for Women (I'm sure you don't have to be female to enjoy this Site...!). Pop in and have a wee look!

Check out my New Writers & Actors Page

http://www.wga.org/mentors/BestMentor.html This is a great link if you also a Writer, or interested in becoming a Writer... it's through the WGA (Writers Guild of America).

http://www.filmstaff.com/browsejob Ever wanted to know all the different jobs in Hollywood, specifically in the Film Industry? You might be surprised by how many positions there are -- and not all on the Casting Couch, neither...! ha,ha,ha!

<Entertainment Jobs In Film Production And Television Production
Filmstaff.com is where people go for entertainment jobs. Thousands of producers use our searchable database to find their crew. Hundreds of paying jobs each week. Do you take your entertainment career seriously? We do. >

Check out these sites for Screenwriting ... http://www.screenwriting.com/ - http://www.wga.org/tools/links3.html#screen

These are great Sites to see if you can be an Extra in a Movie, attend a Show Taping or possibly become an active 'Audience Participant' in some Shows. http://www.BeInAMovie.com , http://www.tvtix.com/

HAWAII INFO SOURCE http://www.hawaiiinfosource.com Featuring Hawaii vacation package information. We also feature Hawaii activities and Hawaii maps. Hawaii Info Source is a complete information and resource guide to your Hawaii vacation.

Spanish-Language Building Site -- http://www.jabcomplementos.com Jab complementos-distribución
de bisutería y accesorios de moda. Venta de bisutería y complementos de moda con un alto
diseño y calidad al mejor precio

Metal Buildings & Steel Buildings at Closeout Prices - All Steel Corp http://www.allsteelcorp.com/
All Steel Corp saves you money on steel buildings and metal buildings. We'll get you all types of metal buildings that you need at closeout and liquidation prices.

http://www.allremodel.com Home remodeling by allremodel specializes in kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling & home improvement. Home remodeling, bathroom remodeling & kitchen remodeling by allremodel.com is a free service for property owners. We have a nationwide network of fully licensed, bonded and insured contractors who know all there is to know about remodeling projects both residential and commercial.

3d architectural software and cad design software http://www.punchcad.com/ PunchCAD offers state-of-the-art tools for creating and editing CAD drawings. Both 3D and 2D autocad software, both Macintosh (Mac) and PC. (They're out of Kansas..)

http://www.lanaidoors.com/ French Doors & Sliding Door Information. Lanai Bifold Door System - The alternative to your typical french door, sliding door or patio door.

http://www.fast-internet-cash.com Profitable investments through unique e-gold investments. Earn daily profits with unique e-gold investments. It's the quickest and easiest may to become a millionaire. Unique e-gold investments are a Risk-free strategy to make money right from home without any effort.

WINNINGFACTOR - WORLD CLASS NUTRITION AND FITNESS PROGRAMS http://www.winningfactor.com My name is John Schaeffer. I have over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry and have written many articles and books, including my most recent book focusing on women's fitness. I have also trained numerous professional and Olympic athletes, as well as having done extensive work with weight management and youth fitness clients. Most recently, I worked with Olympian, Apolo Ohno for the past couple of years to get ready for Torino. I have just launched my new website, www.winningfactor.com, which offers a nutritional menu design program, as well as over 650 pre-designed training programs for all aspects of fitness, from weight management to the professional athlete. (From Ailsa: Sounds great!)

Free Greeting Cards, Free Ecards, Birthday Cards, Friendship Greetings,Love Egreetings from GooglyGreetings.com Send these Free Love Greetings, Birthday Ecards, Friendship Ecards, Flowers & Gift Cards , Wedding, lovely ecards to your near and dear ones. All cards are free of cost http://www.googlygreetings.com/

Affordable Promotional Items http://www.affordable-promotional-items.com 500,000 discount promotional items and business giveaways, such as corporate gifts, fundraising ideas, tradeshow giveaways, school and church promotions and
many more.

Mapleleaf Promotions http://www.mapleleafpromotions.com Wholesale promotional items and personalized business gifts, such as school promotional items, health gifts, realtor giveaways, church promotional items, custom magnets, calendars and more.

Austin Colocation Provider: Austin Colocation, Austin Server Colocation, Austin Colocation Facility
Austin Colocation Provider: Austin Colocation, Austin Colocation Facility for dedicated server, Austin colocation services, Austin colocation hosting, Austin colocation service provider, http://www.pivotnetworks.com/austin_server_colocation_datacenter_services.html

For Sale By Owner Guide Ex Real Estate Agent reveals the quick and easy secrets to selling your own home …without an agent …and avoid paying $5,971…$8,329…$12,963 or more in real estate commissions! http://www.forsalebyownerguide.com

Selling A Home Secrets Revealed The secrets to selling a home in the shortest time... for more money... even in a tight market. The step-by-step selling a home guide that has made many homeowners a fortune. http://www.instantsellhome.com

Selling A Business The Easy Way The secrets to selling a business...and walking away free with an extra $21,800... $46,000...$80,000 in your pocket! http://www.instantsellbusiness.com

Sell A Business For Sale Business for sale tips and tactics to sell a business the easy way. A guide to getting top price when selling a business. http://www.sellabusinessforsale.com

Home Business Ideas Goldmine Here's how you can quickly and easily earn extra money from your home with 1035 of the best home business ideas. http://www.homebizideasgoldmine.com

Work From Home And Work At Home Businesses 1035 work from home and work at home businesses to quickly and easily make you money. http://www.at-home-businesses.com

Internet Marketing ebook Best Sellers Business ebooks, internet marketing ebooks, real estate ebooks and more. http://www.marketleadersltd.com

Small Business Better Biz Profits Small business for sale help for small business owners selling small businesses.http://www.betterbizprofits.com

Find People And Investigate Anyone Anywhere Right Now FBI files, credit reports, find unlisted phone numbers, criminal and driving records, background checks and more. It's quick, inexpensive and legal. http://www.instant-detective.com

Take paid surveys online and how online paid surveys work. What do paid surveys look like and can anyone make money from paid online surveys? The best survey sites and how paid survey companies compare.http://www.online-paidsurveys.com

Discount Kitchen Cabinets http://www.kitchencabinetmart.com We offer a wide variety of high quality, all wood kitchen
cabinets at wholesale prices. Buy direct and save. We serve homeowners, builders and contractors.

The Property Coach http://www.property-coach.co.uk/ Property Development, Interior Design and Home Staging website. Services, Advice and Comprehensive Directory for all things property oriented and getting more from your homelife.

http://www.holprop-travel-directory.com/default.asp This is a really nicely designed Travel Site.

Dropship Wholesaler http://www.sellerkey.com/ Worldwide Wholesale art,ipod shuffle,car alarm,dvd players,ink cartridge,dropship wholesaler from China in small quantity.
http://www.playtopia.ca/ Playtopia is a great indoor play are in Okotoks, Alberta. Aidan loves it, and it happens to be right next door to my old Gym (I might go back, depending on how snowy the roads are!), but they have a deal where you can leave your child (or children) while you go and work out. Pretty sweet deal for everyone!

Natural Bodybuilding | Fitness Nutrition | Weight Training. JustAskMarc - The Dynamic Fitness And Natural Bodybuilding Portal Network Offering Workout Routines, Cardio Workouts, Training, Diet and Nutrition Advice, Fitness ebooks and Supplement Reviews. http://www.justaskmarc.com

http://www.warprocket.com This is a new Search Engine, and a great place to add your link if you're a Webmaster.

South Beach Diet Plan & Recipes http://www.southbeach-diet-plan.info South Beach Diet plan, food list, guide and SouthBeach diet recipes.

http://www.latticewerks.co.uk Properties Investment. When it comes to creating lasting wealth for the future the properties investment is the key.

www.trailofdust.com Check out this cool Band Site -- it's a guy I met when Cara & I went to an Audition for the New Brad Pitt Western they're filming down the road from us in Turner Valley, Alberta. We're just outside of Okotoks, Alberta, so the filming is about a 25 minute drive from here... Anyway, Dean is the bearded guy on the left, when you pop in to see this band site. If you leave a wee message for Dean, tell him "Ailsa says Hey"!

<BestToYou.com> Great link for Religious Christmas Stuff.

http://www.para-ti.info/e-books Great for free online e-books.

For more information (and to check out lots of great Properties!) on How To Sell Your Own House, check out www.isoldmyhouse.com -- Ed, the CEO/Publisher is interested in MY Articles -- WooHoo! And he gets over 4 million hits per day...! All very exciting! Check it out -- it's a cool Site!

Affordable, Easy Decorating http://www.decorate-redecorate.com Decorate like a designer using the furnishings you already own! Start a decorating or art consulting business and earn $75-150 per hour or more. Free decorating newsletter, decorating software, organizer, CDs, full training and support and much more!

<Houses for Rent Houses for Rent: Search for a rental home, condo, apartment, or town house >

http://www.dailycandy.com Cool Site with lots of fun stuff!

http://www.pinkisthenewblog.com/ - This is one of Cara's favorite New Sites -- very funny!

www.imdb.com Cool Site you'll want to check out, if you don't already pop in there every day! TV, Stars, Music...

http://kellyripa.com/ - This is 'The Official Kelly Ripa Fan Site' -- lots of interesting stuff about Kelly Ripa. She's very funny, and if you ever see a rerun of the Hope & Faith 'Wife Swap' Episode, that's 'must-watch TV'! Hilarious!

www.religiousjewelrystore.com This is a great source for Religious Items & info about the Saints... very interesting. There are so many Occassions when you are looking for a lovely and unique piece of Religious Jewelry, so pop into the Religious Jewelry Store to see what they have for you or someone you love!

CATHOLIC MEDALS SAINT CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL GUARDIAN ANGEL RELIGIOUS MILITARY ROSARIES HOLY CARDS http://www.catholicmedalsgifts.com Find Catholic medals with buy now pricing. Saint Christopher, St Michael, Guardian Angel, Miraculous, military, Christian religious jewelry, charms, pendants, prayer cards, rosaries, crosses, crucifixes.

WEB DEVELOPERS FORUM http://www.talkwebdev.com Web development help forum for designers, programmers and developers. Offers SEO help, articles and discussions on web development search engine optimization and web design.

Nefertiti Egypt Export Wholesale manufacturer of luxurious 100% Egyptian cotton bedding, towels and bathrobes. Organic herbs and spices.http://www.nefertiti-egypt.com/http://www.nefertiti-egypt.com/main_page.asp (They have Offices in Egypt, Las Vegas, and Japan, so very cool Company.)

Here are some great Sites in the U.K. (Britain) -- in Britain, they call it a 'Self Build'. www.uklandsearch.com


Foreclosures Foreclosures are a Great way to get into the Real Estate Market, or to use them for Rental or 'Turn-over' Properties.

Decorating Well, you know I love Decorating! There's nothing nicer than Making a House a Home with Your Own Touch!

Dogs I adore Dogs -- mostly because they're soooo cute! And they love pretty much everyone...

Building I know you're interested in getting as much info on Building as possible!

Mortgages It's always good to check out your Mortgage Options.

Houses I love l;ooking at all sorts of Houses -- you'll never know what features you might like to add to your next house when you're Building, or find what's already out there for yourself!

Pools Man, I love a Pool! I look forward to the day when I can put one in! I have a good idea in mind, but I love to look at everything else -- keep your mind open until you actually Build -- you never know what might catch your eye! ha,ha!

Wilshire Fireplace Shops http://www.wilshirefireplace.com/ Retailer of contemporary and traditional fireplace equipments. Electric fireplace, Andirons, Tool sets, Fireplace Screens, Fireplace Mantels, Glass doors, Gas Logs, Antique Fireplace, Traditional Fireplace, Custom Design Fireplaces, Fireplace Equipment and Fireplace Accessories from California. Serving Los angeles, West Hollywood, Hermosa Beach, Pasadena, Costa Mesa, San Diego and Delmar

http://www.RadiantHeatPro.com Radiant Heat Pro "Electric radiant Warmup undertile Heating system. Simple & affordable feel the elegance of warm floors."

< Hand verified garage sites here. >

http://www.cashforyourhouse.us/ I BUY HOUSES, FAST, 24 Hours - Any Where, Any Condition, Any Price (This is a fellow I'm linking with, so 'I'm not the 'I' in this bit!)

www.poolandspa.com This is my favorite site for Pools and, you guessed it, Spas! Check out their fantastic Photo Gallery of Pools!

Now guess what?! Right after I wrote a little bit about Deepak Chopra and his Ideas having a profound affect on the World, I found out that he has a new Website called www.anhglobal.org set up for that very thing! Amazing! Once you've read his book, The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, you'll be very impressed, too! ha,ha,ha! And I also popped into his own website, www.chopra.com -- there's a tremendous amount of information on there, too, if you also want to check that out!


http://www.houserepairtalk.com/ - Discussion community for home remodeling, renovation and repair. Also general discussion on topics such as insurance, buying/selling and more.

http://www.canflyfish.com/ I've just found this website, and the Editor is my favourite English Teacher, ever... Chris Marshall. If you love to Fly Fish, or just like to look at Fish (really, who doesn't), pop in for a wee visit. Tell Chris, Ailsa sent you. (Soooo weird using my own name in Third Person, but what are you gonna do, hmmm?)

EMPOWERMENT THROUGH TECHNOLOGY & EDUCATION http://www.ette.biz Technical services company focusing on working with small businesses and non-profits in the Washington, D.C. area.

Vacation rentals USA, Florida, Canada, Mexico. Condos, houses, homes, vacation real-estate. Vacation properties worldwide, rentals and for sale. Advertise by building your own 2 page website online. http://www.rental-vacation.net

Business Loans http://www.businessloans123.com/ Business loans and small business loans available from businessloans123.com. We specialize in fast, low documentation business loans.

Home Power Magazine
, The Hands-On Journal Of Home-Made Power
Download current issue at http://www.homepower.com -- This is a good site for Wind and Solar Power Generation -- check it out!

Business Cards > This is the Company where I buy my Business Cards from... great cards -- very unique!

NBA Basketball Teams http://www.nba-basketball-teams.com NBA Basketball Teams news and information.

http://www.macphersonglass.co.uk Conservatories Installation. Specialists in UK in the replacement of windows and the design and construction of bespoke conservatories, the forte being to match existing properties, whether 'making a statement' for a modern futuristic design or blending in with an original Tudor building.

http://www.futoncoverusa.com Futon Cover Store. FUTON COVERS USA is one of the largest discounters of futon covers manufactured in the USA.

Mortgage Broker Referrals Mortgage Broker Referral Service. Mortgages offered from multiple lenders. Mortgage Calculators and Resources. Find a mortgage consultant near you. http://www.professionalreferrals.ca/section-67.html

http://www.asuccesfullhomebusiness4u.com Internet home business information and resources to help you grow a successful internet home business.

http://abc.abcnews.go.com/daytime/theview/index.html I love The View! They have a lot of great info on their Site you can check out!

http://www.thecedarstation.com Outdoor Furniture - Cedar Patio Sets

http://www.new-trends-in-home-ideas.com "New-Trends-In-Home-Ideas.com, Your source for Home Designs, Modular Homes, Custom Homes, Solar Homes, Home Cinema, Home Automation and more."

Description - Patio furniture for any home or yard. Free Shipping!
http://www.mortgage-calculator.us.com Mortgage Calculator Provides mortgage calculations and Mortgage information for the public interest in buying home loan.

<CharityVillage >"CharityVillage is Canada's supersite for the nonprofit sector. Every day, you'll find more than 3,000 pages of news, jobs, resources, how-to articles, volunteer and event listings, educational opportunities, and much more."

http://www.charities.org/index.html America's Charities -- good place to find out how you can help out!

<Cordless Headsets> I think these are essential, these days, especially if you find yourself talking on your cell phone in the car.


www.buildyourdreamhouse.com This is a great link and David (the site owner) has an excellent Links page, too!

<yourDictionary.com> This is a great educational site. More Languages than you would think!

http://www.takevegashome.com ... Take Vegas Home ...Online casino bonuses and payout percentages, casino site reviews, and a beginner's guide on gambling online!


<Apply to $100K+ Jobs - Free Membership!>


www.BuildingOnline.com This is also a Search Engine for all your building needs.




This old house


www.suzeorman.com Great for financial questions and other info about money!


Mortgage Intelligence - SunCoast Team
www.suncoast.ca An intelligent way to get a mortgage An intelligent way to make your dreams come true

ABGoodman Houseplans Free homeplanning information, useful links and library of architectural house plans. Staff is available to answer questions, revise stock plans or custom design your new home.

LinkPartners.com Free directory of websites who swap links with other websites.

www.eaglestar.net -- Very good Real Estate Site.

www.OnlineNewspapers.com This is just a very good source for checking out any newspaper on-line.

The largest selection of generator, water pump, pressure washer, chainsaw, and lawn mower products at the lowest prices anywhere. Powered by Honda, Mitsubishi, Yamaha, Onan, Kawasaki, Snapper, Husqvarna, 3M, and more!

www.realestatelinkexchange.com RealEstateLinkExchange.com

Links Manager - Automate the management of your reciprocal links pages with LinksManager.com. Add, edit, modify, import, email notifications, link checker, and much more!

Kitchen Cabinet Depot
Kitchen and bathroom cabinets and refacing supplies. Helping the do-it-yourself kitchen and bath remodeler since 1977.

<Kitchen Cabinets, Decorating Tips, Remodeling Ideas at Kitchen Cabinets and Designs Online! We're a resource to help you make your dream kitchen a reality!>

Blanc and Associates, Certified Building Design - Build your dream home with custom house plans created by Rob Blanc of Jerome Idaho. Hundreds of floor plans to choose from.

PostYourProperty.com - FREE property listing database for owners and agents

Southern California Residential and Commercial Properties - Michael Stark, Metro Realty"

1031-NNN-Properties.com is a leading source for Triple-Net (NNN) Properties nationwide plus lots of information regarding 1031 Exchanges. Choose from Walgreens, Eckerd's, Advance Auto Parts, 7-11, Burger King, Office Depot and many more! We supply great resources also!
Click here to visit 1031-NNN-Properties.com

1st Choice Mortgages.com - Provides residential mortgage and equity lending throughout the nation

Bad Credit Mortgage RefinanceWe offer Low Rate loan programs for Refinancing, Home Equity Loans, & Second Mortgages.
http://www.presswoodblue.com Presswood Quality Blueprinters
Providing large and small format digital imaging and diazo blueprint reprographic services to the architectural, engineering, and contractor industry.


http://www.peachtreecityarearealestate.com All about Peachtree city area real estate
This website provides real estate information for Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Tyrone, Newnan, Fayette and Coweta Counties in Georgia.

House Plans - globalhouseplans.com - Find your dream home by choosing from thousands of innovative house plans! From cottages to executive homes, we offer plans designed by the Nation's leading Designers and Architects, compiled into a user friendly, on-line collection!

< You can earn $1,000.00, $5,000.00, $10,000.00 or a whole lot more each month! Discover. . . · How you can make money 24/7 with the internet · How to start a profitable home business in just a few days · Proven success systems that make money every time · How successful home business owners got their start. . .and what they do to stay on top of their game! Find it all in your FREE copy of Home Business Connection Magazine! >

Home Plans - weinmaster.com - Easy to use, house plans web site offering a wide range of home designs. Whether you are looking for starter or executive homes, you can find the perfect plan here.

Hemet Real Estate - Deanna Pillar Realtor Century 21 McDaniel & Associates
Deanna Pillar Realtor, Century 21 McDaniel - Hemet Real Estate serving Southern California cities of Hemet, San Jacinto and surrounding communities

www.bayadv.com Advertise your business, product, job opening or service and reach large audiences of diverse interests using our free services.

<SPECIAL SAVINGS! It's Improvement's gift to you, on their 10th anniversary!!

> www.eleganthomes.com I just found this site and it's great -- we always love checking out really fabulous Homes -- I'm guessing that you do, too!

www.saskatoonfarm.com This is a fantastic Garden Center just up the road from us. They have a great Cafe, gorgeous Plants, a huge Nursery -- lots of great Plants for your garden.

www.AccentFurniture.com Thousands of home decoration items ranging from strange and curious to awesome
and always worth investigating!

http://www.realestatedrawing.com RealEstateDrawing.com specializes in creating original paintings & ink drawings of homes & historic buildings from photos.

http://www.buyezrip.com/Links.htm The EZRip Building & Home Improvement Index.Directory of Building & Home Improvement sites. Qualifying sites can add their link for FREE!

http://www.your-ringtones.net The best selection of ringtones on the internet.

http://www.chowbaby.com Premier Restaurant Guide providing restaurant Gift Certificates, Fast Food Calorie Information and thousands of restaurants for every metropolitan area.

http://deck-porch-gazebo-plan.vadeck.com Virginia Decking: Decks-Porches-Gazebos-Spas-Greenhouses-Sunrooms
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