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Thursday, June 10th, 2004. Hi, Honey! You're Home! And I'm glad you had a minute to swing by! Unfortunately, there's no chocolate left -- but I think there might be some liver in the fridge I could fry up for you... What? You have to leave? What's wrong with Fried Liver? It makes you wanna what?? No, no, no... I would never run out of chocolate... or buy yucky liver... so you're safe to come in and stay awhile! ha,ha! Oh, and I never Fry any food -- Saute, yes, Fry -- no. Too much oil. Butter is sooo much better, and as far as I know (or choose to believe...)it has no fat...and neither does chocolate -- see how much useful information you're finding, today? Yes, it's true that I've made the vast majority of it up, but don't think about that too much -- try living in my happy little bubble -- I think you'll grow to love it! Or at the very least, you'll soon start to grow! ha,ha,ha,ha!

Dwight and I went to my Queen's University Alumni Dinner, last night -- what a whole lot of fun! It's nice when you live somewhere far away from where you grew up or went to School to reconnect with other people who know that particular area inside and out... plus, they always have great food and the drinks they just keep a comin'...! ha,ha,ha! It's one of the few things I do that doesn't involve Children and does involve Drinking! And Dwight is my Designated Driver, so I can have as much fun as I like, so that's fun! We always have lots of great Conversations and get to meet new Graduates who are doing interesting things, but one really cool thing they had last night was a Presentation from the Queen's University Solar Car Team. Very cool!

I've got the link for their website for you (, so you can go in and have a wee look at these amazing cars, and I wanted to let you know about a program that is offered through Queen's and the Solar Car Team to bring this field into the High Schools. The Solar Team has a Program called SolarQuest where they will send Entrants into their Contest a Kit that includes a small photovoltaic array and the basic Instructions on How to Design and Build a Miniature Solar Vehicle. How cool is that? So if that is something that captures your imagination, or you know someone who might be a little bright spark in the universe, check it out!

Oh, and hey, guess what they need? Money! And Products ... it's an expensive undertaking to develop these Solar Cars, but just think of the possibilities for the Future! And they get into a bit of Alternative Energy Sources, too, which I am very, very interested in, of course! But if you or your Company would like to Support this Solar Car Program, they have a whole thing set up where you can donate some cashola and get your Name on their Website or (depending on how much you give, as always...), you could get your Company Name on their Solar Car! Wouldn't that be cool??

I think it would be a lot of fun to have some sort of Sponsorship through Nascar, and then they could have some big Solar Car Race down there and generate even more interest in this Project! Hmmmm, wonder if David Letterman might be interested in this -- he has a few extra bucks and he loves Race Cars... plus, remember Tom Cavanagh from Ed? That was a David Letterman Production, and Tom Cavanagh went to Queen's University, too -- see the connection? How many Degrees of Separation is that? ha,ha,ha!!

Tip of the Day: I've been waiting all day for our Bobcat Guy to come over to skim that gravel off the driveway -- man, that's really going on a loooong time... anyway, I didn't bother to move my Van out onto the road (and off the Driveway) because there's really no guarantee that he'll be here. The reason that is important to me is that Aidan, who is 4, needs to be kept safe all the time, and one of the major causes of Injury to small boys (because girls seem to have some sort of 'danger awareness' built in, and I'm not so sure that boys have that -- which is probably why they can do such amazing things when they're older that girls would be more likely to steer away from -- I'm thinking here of Evil Kinevil... is that how you spell his name? You don't see that many goils out there trying to leap over Ravines and such...! ha,ha!) is from Vehicles -- the boys run behind them, or ride their bikes in front of them. It's a huuuge concern for me, so my big plan is to take Aidan out with me to the car when I have to move it (whenever that might be...), rather than leave him in the house. It only takes a second for a horrible accident, so it's much better to err on the side of safety, and keep those boys right beside you all the time. So the Tip is to keep your children close by whenever there are any vehicles around -- any inconvenience to you is nothing compared with any possible negative outcome, if God Forbid there was an accident.

Oh, and Aidan just came into my Office to ask if he could have a drink of pop -- "You know I'm mighty thirsty, you know..." What is he hanging with Cowboys in his spare time? ha,ha,ha,ha!

I'll go see what kind of pictures I can find for today -- be right back!

Here's Tia checking out the View! I think it's hilarious that she can just sit at the Windows and peer out! She's in Aidan's Bedroom in the First Picture, then in the Dining Room for the other Two shots. There's a 4 Acre Center Parcel that is open space (Green Space is the fancier term for that!) between our house and all the other houses, so no-one will ever build behind us, which is nice.

** **

Thanks for stopping by for a wee visit! See you tomorrow, baby! Ailsa!!

Hey, check out this Free Stuff! I just got this for you, today, and thought you might like to get some of this stuff -- you could get it for yourself or discreetly slip it into a Gift Basket or add them in with a Birthday Card or Father's Day Card... Cara and I got our new Books that we just ordered in the Mail last night (we're out in the country, so we have one of those 'Super-Mailboxes, and it's very, very exciting when you get a Key in with your mail, because that means you can open 'Box #2b' and you'll get your Gift!). Now, we did pay for our stuff (unlike these Free Things from 1-800-Patches...), but still, it's like getting a gift from yourself -- and you know what I think -- Any Gift is a Good Gift!! ha,ha,ha!

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Wednesday, June 9th, 2004. Yo, yo, yo! What up wit' yo' bad self?? ha,ha! That's just plain ol' fun to say, right? Man, I did that 'Self-Tanning' thing, this morning, so I've spent the whole day trying to avoid 'smearing' it. That is a whole lot of extra work, what with not being able to wear my favorite comfy socks (better get used to not being able to wear 'the comfy socks' each and every day if I'm to go back to a 'regular job'...) and one of my favorite big comfy sweaters ... well, they're not really big, per se -- and they're a bit too revealing to wear to the door, should anyone actually come over to the house -- I have to keep 'standby sweaters' handy (they're all black!) to put on when people come over... that's lovely, ain't it? ha,ha! Ah, well, that's really what I do...

I also called the Bobcat Guy to have him come over to skim off the gravel from the Driveway -- it's the large Gravel that has to come off, then the Crushed Gravel goes on in it's place, then the whole thing is Rolled, Leveled and Paved ... we're back into another bad weather pattern (there's a big surprise!), so it's tricky to know when to get that done, because we want to avoid a big sea of mud. Now, Dwight wanted to wait until the whole Lawn was nice and dry before having the Bobcat come back over, so he can have some Earth moved at the same time (it's never a simple matter of planting a few things for us -- for some reason it always has to involve some giant piece of machinery or other...), but I just want to focus on the Driveway, and get the rest of the Landscaping done after that. Sometimes you just have to go ahead and do what you know needs to be done.

Back to that 'Self-tanning' thing -- I showed it to Dwight on his way out the door, this morning, but he said he could sort of see a difference -- man, I need a better judge! ha,ha! I think it looks very nice, and since we hardly have any nice weather, these days, I might as well get a head start on the summer -- plus, it's safer than hangin' about trying to get a tan -- does anyone do that, anymore? Anyway, I use the Neutrogena Bronzing Foam (Medium), and I combine it with my favorite Hand Cream, Lubriderm, so it goes on very nicely. There's a little warning on the Container that the Tanning Foam doesn't protect you from the sun, so I thought when I do this in the Summer, I'll just use Sun Block Cream instead of the Lubriderm, if I can find one without any Scent, since I'm allergic to most perfumes. Something to try, if it appeals to you. And if you actually have a good relationship, maybe you can get a 'helping hand'...!

Speaking of allergies, for some reason I'm having a lot more reactions to things I never had a reaction to before -- last night Dwight was cutting up some Watermelon right beside me when I was doing the dishes, and my throat was so sore just from smelling it. That lovely Dwight -- when I told him I was having a reaction, he says I'll never make it on the Cruise Ship, since they have so much Fruit.... hmmmmmm... that boy! I'm gonna have to sell him, but if he keeps saying things like that, I'll never get a good price for him, and I'll have to pay someone else to haul him away...! ya'ha,ha,ha! (Yep, that's just for my own amusement! ha,ha,ha!) I like the whole idea of the 'Truck for Charity' pulls up and I carry Dwight out for the Driver to Load Him Up! ha,ha,ha! Reminds me of The Flintstones -- remember when Fred had to always carry the Cat back outside, then it would quickly jump back in through the Window? Dwight would probably do that, too! ha,ha,ha!

So here's the very weird thing with the Allergiy to Fruit and Veggies -- I can eat most of them if they are cooked -- thus the Apple Crumble Recipe, because I couldn't eat Apples anymore... but I can manage the Applesause no problem at all, so that way I can still have lots of Fruits and Veggies -- there was no way I could cut those out of my diet, so that' a good little piece of information that you can try if you get into your 30's and start to notice an intolerance for Fresh Fruit... And that's why I love Pie so much, too, since I can still enjoy the Fruit when it's cooked in the Pie (do you buy that?? ha,ha! I just love Pie, so that's a great way to rationalize that!). Same thing for certain Veggies like Carrots and Tomatoes -- I can eat them if they are fully cooked, like in Soup or Spaghetti Sauce. I wonder if there's ever been a Study on this, since I just happened upon it in my interest in not cutting out the food I really love because of those reactions... let me know if you've experienced anything like that (or if you just love pie, then you can come over and we'll have a wee slice! ha,ha!).

Tip of the Day: Go ahead and go around your Spouse or Partner, sometimes -- the vast majority of the time it's best to come to an agreement where you're both relatively happy, but sometimes one person either stalls out the job too long by indecision or sheer laziness (no, that's not a dig -- it's reality -- sometimes the whole thing can get overwhelming, and you can just shut it all off, then the whole Project comes to a complete halt, which ain't good...), or they won't even discuss it for whatever personal reason, but the Job needs to be done, and generally speaking, it will all even out in the end after the Project has been completed. Sometimes you have to disconnect yourself from a Project so you can not be emotionally involved with it -- does that make sense? Think of it like someone else's job, and you're simply managing it as quickly and painlessly as possible. Make a good Neutral Decision, then carry on with the job. Good Luck with that! ha,ha!

Thanks for popping in for a little visit! I'll go see what pictures I can find for you! Be right back!

Here's a beautiful 'Spring' Sunset -- and it took us all the way 'til June to get into The Spring! Ah, well! That's probably why we all like Hockey so much up here in Calgary -- because it keeps your mind off the bad weather until it's practically Summer! ha,ha!

This is out our Back Door -- I just stepped out on the Deck to take this shot. Go ahead and click on the picture to enlarge it, then you can see what I see! Now won't that be fun?? I also plan to have a couple of Drinks later on -- perhaps you'd like to do the same!! Why, we'll be like Twins (probably Fraternal, since I'm not so sure you look exactly like me...)! ha,ha,ha!

See you tomorrow, Baby! Ailsa!!

Carbon Monoxide Detector

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Tuesday, June 8th, 2004. Oh, hey. There you are -- I've been looking for you all day! What's that? You've been looking for me? I've been just a tad distracted this morning, and then the Septic Tank Guy arrived, so that was a legitimate reason for not writing the Daily Update... That and I'm still sad about the Calgary Flames not winning the Stanley Cup in last nights Game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, but Tampa Bay skated away with the Trophy, so now we're on to the next year... Man, that was a great game, though, and the Lightning worked their beeeehinds off for that Trophy, so it was good to see it go to a great Team -- next year, though, maybe it'll come on home to Calgary! We'll always love the Flames -- they played a helluva Game! Go Flames, Go! And Congrats to the Lightning -- I'm just thrilled that sooo many more people got into Hockey who might not have watched before, so it's all good for The Game, and that's good for our Players!

You know what really lightened the mood after we lost the Game last night? The WB's new Superstar USA Show. It's absolutely hilarious, so we all laughed ourselves silly and felt a whole lot better. I've mentioned that Show before, but if you haven't caught it, yet, check yer listings, 'cause it's one of the funniest things on TV right now... the 'Talent' is one thing, but the Judges and the Announcer are hysterical. I got their names close, but not close enough, when I mentioned them before, but the Judges are Tone Loc, Vitamin C, Briggs, and the Host Brian McFayden. How they keep a straight face through it all is amazing to me!

One of my favorite parts of Superstar USA is the was all the Finalists refer to themselves in Third Person. That's never good! ha,ha! Have you ever known anyone who actually talked like that? They're always so completely full of themselves that they perceive themselves as a whole separate person, I guess ... why else would you use your own name in a sentence? It's hilarious! So there's a whole lot of, "JoJo likes to dance", says JoJo in reference to himself... and "Jaimie's gonna be a STAR!", of course all about herself! And I'm sure Jaimie (the very well proportioned Blonde...!) will do well in Hollywood -- hey, did you ever see Son of the Beach? She would be hilarious in that, and may or may not know it's a spoof! ha,ha,ha! Anyway, it made us feel better after The Game, and that's the important thing!

I also spent some time this morning checking out -- they have a lot of really cool stuff in there, and two of the Main People involved are Meredith Viera from The View (she's sooo funny!) and Andrew Shue -- hope that's the right spelling -- anyway, he was the good looking curly haired boyfriend (one of them!) on Melrose Place (we always called it 'Schmelrose Place', but that's just us! ha,ha!), and a major Soccer Player. It's great to see nice people involved in good projects. I've added some of ClubMom's Articles (don't worry -- I have their permission!) onto my Site -- I'll add some new ones as I go along -- it's all dependent on how much time I have!

Brand New Articles through ClubMom -- all sorts of interesting stuff!

Tip of the Day: Here's a little Tip from our Septic Cleaning Guy, Dale, who was here today -- Always close all your Windows and Doors when you're having your Septic Tanks cleaned out... it will not smell nice in yo' house if you leave them open. Yes, I think you can guess the smell, and it's one you definitely want to avoid.

And now a little Tip from me, who forgot and opened the back door for a minute (one minute too long, it turns out... ha,ha!). If you want to quickly make your house smell nice, cut up and Apple, put it in a Bowl of Water and add a bunch of Cinnamon. You know me -- I never measure anything -- just put in what seems about right -- your brain will kick in before the bowl overflows, and if it doesn't, I'm guessing this won't be your biggest problem -- I would imagine you would need to get back to practicing for the WB's Superstar USA, though, so don't let me keep you... yuff, yuff! Anyhooo, pop the bowl into the microwave for 3 minutes -- make sure there's enough water in there that it doesn't burn away, and then you'll have to start all over again! I hate to waste anything, so I peel and cut an apple for Aidan (one of his favorite treats, anyway), then use the peel and the core as the 'Apple' base. It works really well to make your house smell nice.

I took some pictures while Dale was here, so let me go go see if I can get them... be right back!

Well, I couldn't get the computer to accept my new pictures (man, I hate that!), so here are a few shots of what my View is from My Office. That's Aidan in the Middle Picture -- he builds things and Exercises all day long while I work away. The View out my Office Door is actually much prettier than it apppears in that last shot -- it's all green, and I can see the Pool Table and Bar Area -- and Tia is always within view, too! ha,ha!

** **

Thanks for swingin' by for a wee visit! You're the best looking visitor I've had all day (and I don't just say that to everyone who pops in! aha, ha!)... See you tomorrow!

Take Extra Good Care of Yourself! Ailsa!!

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Monday, June 7th, 2004. Hey, there, Goiiiigeous! Man, the 7th on the 7th -- I'm talking about Hockey, of course! The Last Big Game in the Stanley Cup Finals is tonight in Florida -- The Calgary Flames vs. The Tampa ay Lightning..... that's gotta be lucky, though, the 7th Game on the 7th Day... isn't that a religion? ah, ha,ha! Sports Fans probably could start their own little thing, now that I think of it! We were all so revved up on Saturday up here in Calgary, waiting for The Flames to give us our Big Win -- but the Lightning took it (well deserved, though -- these two Teams are unbelievably evenly matched!), so tonight's the night, as Rod Stewart would say... Go Flames, Go!!! It's gonna be a great Game!

Hey, you know what I was thinking during the Flames Game on Saturday night? I was thinking it would be a great idea to give Richards from The Lightning a Calgary Flames Shirt -- after the Game, of course, just so he could try it on and see how our colours look on him! ha,ha,ha,ha! Plus, he's very handsome, so maybe I'd just like to see him change into that... whatever -- I'm just trying to help the TV Ratings so our Players can make even more money! Oh, and speaking of TV Coverage, who is it who makes the Executive Decision to zoom in on the Hockey Players noses?? What's that all about? Those poor guys, all sweaty from playing so hard, then some idiot sticks a camera right in the middle of their face -- that not good (you must stick your lips waaaaay out like Ned the Neanderthal when you say that! ha,ha! That's just fun!). Why not back the camera up a few feet so we can see their shoulders? I, for one, would love to see their shoulders! ha,ha,ha!

Dwight had a couple of his Employees over to the house on the weekend to get some work done around here -- the Bobcat Guy was supposed to come, too, but he hadn't arrived by 2:00 in the afternoon, and Dwight was panicked that he would get here too late and then Dwight would miss the Hockey Game (see how it's all about hockey right now in Calgary??) ... so Dwight called and cancelled the Bobcat. Thank Goodness for that, because we had a wild day of Rain yesterday, and we would have had a giant sea of mud in the Front Driveway -- exactly what Dwight wants to avoid. We're supposed to have rain all week, so that's no good for Building a Driveway, that's for sure... ah, well... we'll have to see how the weather holds up for next week.

Now here's the best thing that happened for me over the weekend -- Jesse, Dwight's newest Employee, is a Computer Whiz, so he popped into my Office to see about fixing my computer (it was going soooo slowly, it was painful to work on...), and wouldn't you know it?? Whatever he did worked like a charm and the whole thing is working like new, again! YaaHoo! I won't have to get that new prescription of Zantac afterall! har, har! No, no... I would just have a little of that deeeelicious 'Sody Pop' Wine I like so much that I have Dwight buy it in groups of 6... He always says, "I'll just get a couple of bottles', and I always shout after him (by then he's always out by his truck in the driveway...) "No, get 6 -- they're like Sody Pop, remember??" Yes, that's how I rationalize it! ha,ha,ha! So the important thing to get out of that is that I really like the sody-pop wine... no, wait, that's not right... The important thing is that my computer is working normally, again, and all thanks to Jesse!! And it was his Birthday, yesterday, too -- Happy 21st Birthday, Jesse!

So here's the depressing thing that happened -- we were all sitting around the table in the Dining room, having a very nice Lunch, when Dwight pipes up and says, "Hey, Sean and Jesse's Moms are the same age as you!" Dwight's lovely like that ... Of course, Sean and Jesse are full grown MEN, so I'm amazed at the fact that I, too, could have had a child that old... Cara is 16 and Aidan is 4, so I still see myself as a very, very young Mum.... delusional, you say? Perhaps, but it's totally workin' for me, so I'm stickin to my delusion! ha,ha! That crazy Dwight! And to think he's 4 years older than me -- some of HIS friends are Grandparents, so at least I'm not there, yet! ha,ha,ha!

Okay, I have a ton of stuff to do around here, today (Monday is 'catch-up day' after the Weekend with everyone here...), so better go get that done! Plus, I've been working away on my Dads 'N Grads Page and my Home Improvement Shopping Page, so check them out if you feel like it! My friend, Adam, from sent me a link for us to use specifically for Home Carbon Monoxide Detectors -- I asked him to help me with that last week so we could all make sure we're safe enough. I put the link on the Dads 'N Grads Page because they make a good, safe gift for someone you love .... it's one of those things you think about getting, then forget, then remember when you hear of some terrible story on the news... you know the deal, so I thought I'd just make it easy for you to get.

Holmes Air Purifier/Carbon Monoxide Detector

Tip of the Day: Well, one of the Lights went out in my Office the other day, and it's been semi-dark in here ever since -- and I like a whole lot of light wneh I'm working on the computer (which is a good portion of my life! ha,ha!). So here's the Tip -- when you are still at the Building Stage and the Lighting is going in, buy at least two extra Bulbs for each Style of Bulb in the House. We have a tremendous amount of Recessed Lighting, which is very nice, but the bulbs are all different sizes. You can't tell by looking at them, so you have to carefully read the bottom of the bulb, then take the whole thing with you when you go to the store to replace the thing, just so you can match them up. Dwight has been carrying around this 'old bulb' for a couple of days, now, so I'm still working in the semi-darkness, only this time it's literal as opposed to all the rest of the time when it's purely figurative! ha,ha,ha,ha! (Yes, that one's for my own enjoyment! yuff, yuff!)

Oh, and in case you haven't seen the pictures of My Office, it's all Glassed in on the Lower Walk-Out Level of the House, so technically I have all sorts of light, according to Dwight, but I've grown accustomed to all the lights shining brilliantly on my computer, so I miss the burnt out one... but you know there's always one burnt out bulb in the crowd, so now I know which one it is! nya'ha, ha!

Here's a much easier way to get what I mean about my Office -- and of course I have the TV Positioned in the Lower Living Room so I can watch it while I'm working -- no wonder I never leave the house! ha,ha!

** **

Can you see the Green Rocking Chair? I got that just after Aidan was born, so I could have a nice, comfy chair to Nurse him in (I'm a big believer in Breastfeeding -- but more on that later -- there's a website I want to check out first before passing it along to you...). Anyway, it's my favourite chair, and perfect for watching The Sopranos -- whenever someone is about to get 'whacked', I simply spin around and say to Dwight, "Tell me when I can look..." He's very subtle about the whole thing of me being hyper-sensitive to violoence, so he invariably says "Oh My God -- ugh, not like that! Not the Head...!" That sort of thing, so I probably would be better off just watching it, rather than create my own images based on Dwight's reactions... But The Sopranos Season Finale was great, and now we can't wait for another Full Season! Wonder where we'll be??

Thanks for popping in for a wee visit! And you look very lovely in this dimmed light -- maybe we should work like this more often... har, har!

See you tomorrow! Ailsa!

Oh, hey -- check it out -- this came in my e-mail, this morning, and they're all Free e-Cards. I send these all the time to my Family and Friends -- in fact, I better go do that right now, because it's my First Boyfriend's Birthday tomorrow -- Larry, and I think he'll 48 or 49 ... man, where does the time go? (I always had a penchant for an 'older man', even way back then! I was 18 and he was 25...) And I think he's still single, and has always been very good-looking, if there are any Single Gals out there in the Market for a nice guy! I better ask him if he's involved! ha,ha,ha! So Happy Birthday, Larry! I'll send you an e-card! Ailsa!

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It's The Weekend! WooHoo! June 5th & 6th, 2004. Hi, Honey! You're Home!! Wit' da Hostess wid da Mostess...! ha,ha! Man, the excitement in Calgary is palpable! You can feel it permeating the whole City -- it's wild! All the jobs are being cancelled on account of the Game, and everyone wants to be ready in case (!) The Calgary Flames Win Tonight, then we'll have a Party like it's 1999... no, wait, that's already past... like it's 2099! By then we'll have little Robots to do all our Skating for us, but it won't be as much fun as watching these two Teams duke it out -- Go Flames, Go!!! (Oh, and on the offchance you ain't followin' the Hockey Finals, The Calgary Flames are in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals with The Tampa Bay Lightning, and these two teams are so well matched, the Games are incredible... some of the best Hockey I've seen in years!)

Dwight's 'guys' are coming over, today, to help him with some Shovelling and whatever else it is that they do ... there's a lot of Prep work to be done before the Driveway can go in ... I'm hoping that I won't have to do too much shovelling -- I feel I do enough of that when I'm writing... ba-dum-bump! ha,ha,ha! Yes, I'm giddy with excitement... it's hard to describe what has happened up here because of a Sports Team -- an unbelieveably GREAT Sports Team -- Da Flames!! YaaaHoooo! And we haven't even started drinking, yet! ha,ha!

I've been working really hard all week on my new 'Dads 'N Grads' Page, so if you haven't picked out a Gift for a Dad or a Grad in your Life (or you'd like to get a wee something for yourself, since God Knows you're worth it...! ha,ha!) Well, clearly that's MY voice in that last line -- who knows why I feel like I have to justify any special item I might want to get for myself... what's that all about? I know, now that I think of it -- because I'm still dealing with what is commonly referred to round here as 'Dwight's Money', and I hate that... totally! I want to have my very own money, so I can go buy what I like without having to discuss it first, or get 'the big approval'... that sucks... (yes, I'm up late writing this, and getting more bitter by the minute...ha,ha,ha,ha! Bitter and funny -- whatever -- for some reason those two characteristics go together for me!) Anyway, let me concentrate on The Game and try to forget about all that stuff!

Tip of the Day: Here's a little Moving Tip, if you're moving into a new house that you happen to be building yourself -- Once you get your House to the Lock-Up Stage (literally, when you can lock the doors and windows...), start to pack up the stuff from your current home and bring it over in small loads to store in the Garage. And if your Build happens to run a little longer than you thought it would (ha,ha,ha!), you can store all your stuff in the Garage while you stay either at a hotel or temporary accomodations (not the In-Laws, if that can possibly be avoided!).

And if you're not moving into a house that you're building yourself (and I do hope that happens for you at least once or twice in your lifetime...!), start packing as soon as you have a Firm Offer on your House. It's surprising how quickly the time will fly, and before you know it, you have three days left to pack and haven't gotten around to getting any boxes... remember that Seinfeld 'Boxes' Eposide? That happens to everyone, at least once! ha,ha! But it is good to get a handle on the Packing well in advance of any move -- it'll be waaaay less stressful on everyone!

Well, here's a wee picture of me in some Calgary Flames Colours -- Red and Black -- luckily, two of my favorite colours to wear! I did try to make this picture larger, but just go ahead and click to enlarge it, if you want to... and, yes, that's Aidan leaping in front of me, and those ARE my Thigh High Boots -- every chick should own a pair! ha,ha,ha!

Thanks for coming in for a wee visit! Did I tell you how fabulous you're looking today? You look great in that Calgary Flames Shirt!! ha,ha,ha,ha!! Go Flames, Go!!!

Click the Door on yer way out, Baby!! Ailsa!!

Dads & Grads Gifts


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<Search for homes in the Orange County MLS!>

See ya', Baby! Ailsa!

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I love this Ad for Spongebob Squarepants Screensavers because on of my very favorite Spongebob scenes is where Spongebob is secretly watching a Show of Jellyfish like it's a porn movie, when Gary the Snail comes in the room and Spongebob yelps at getting caught watching 'something bad' and quickly changes the channel so Gary can't see it ... Hilarious!

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