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Personal Breathalizers Use Coupon Code AILSA for 5% Off!

Now you know I enjoy a 'wee nip' every now and then, and the chances are fairly high that you, too, might like to have a drink or two (or five, and that's why this is sooo important... especially if the 'Five' turns into a higher number...). So check this out -- you can get a Personal Breathalizer that you can carry with you when you head out for a night (or morning... really, I don't know exactly what your morning plans are...) to Check Your Alcohol Level before you Leave. Never ever Drink and Drive -- just stay put, get a Cab, or make sure you have a Designated Driver (and check them to make sure they really are sober, too!).

Oh, and you should always check your Alcohol Level in the MORNING after a night of drinking, to make sure you are okay to drive -- you might be very surprised at how much Alcohol can remain in your system, especially if you've arrived in at, say, 4:00 in the morning, and your first Class is at 8:30... of course, you'd have to wonder why anyone would purposefully schedule themselves in for an Early Morning "Is the sun up yet?" kind of Class, but you never know...!)

Anyway, I found a great Link for you to get one of these Personal Breathalizers. It's called a Digital Alcohol Detector. Use the Coupon Code AILSA (recognize the Name?? ha,ha!) for an extra 5% Off! Scooore! We'll Save Lives AND Save Some Money! Use Coupon Code AILSA for 5% Off!

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