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Can you tell I like Customized Products?? Looove them! has a huge selection of all sorts of products with Team Logos or they can make stuff up just for you and/or your whole Team or Group.

< Personalized Chocolate Gifts for All Occasions> Add your family photo to a holiday gift for free. Delicious World's Finest Chocolate. > Remember these World's Finest Chocolates from when you were a kid? What, you're still a kid?? haha! I am particularly fond of their Chocolate Covered Almonds, and I love the idea of personalizing a box of chocolates with your favorite photo, or your Business Logo. Businesses are always looking for something more interesting to hand out to their Clients at the Holidays, and a box of chocolates with your Business Logo on it is a great idea. Nice to have as Thank you gifts for your Clients, year round, too. Hmm, now that's a Good Idea! <World's Finest Chocolate Your business logo on each gift for free. Wide price selection. >(Oooh, I just popped in to have a wee look at the chocolate for myself -- big gasp of surprise, here -- and they have a great Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe on the World's Finest Chocolate Website... scroll down to the bottom of their home page and you'll see the link. Yum!) More Personalized Products

<> is a great Company I've been working with for quite a while, now. They can make Custom Wristbands for any person, group, team ... whatever your needs are. Wristbands are great for Fundraising, because they are inexpensive and easy to sell (or just give them out to the members of your group...). I always believe that when you are trying to Raise Funds, the less you ask for, the more you'll get, so give these a try. <Get Your Custom Wristbands.> And if you just want the one Band, try their sister Company, . They even have some Free Wristbands, so check that out.<You Pick the Colors, Phrase / Logo, Min. 20, No Fees, In Under 10 Days>. More Personalized Products

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Here's a cool new company I'm dealing with, where you can get all sorts of items customized for your Group -- always great for a Fundraiser! At Shirtcity, you can create your own personalized T-shirts, underwear, caps, lanyards, cups, teddy bears and much more. They provide more than 20 stylish products: ready for design. In addition to your own graphics, they offer 30 different fonts and an ever-growing design collection consisting of more than 500 graphics. With so many options for customized product creation, you're sure to find something that appeals to you.<Your slogans and pics on T-shirts, thongs or hot pants! > (Okay, I just like the idea of all my Readers out there goin' to work in their fancy new customized Hot Pants -- especially on the Construction Site...! ha,ha,ha!)

< Shirtcity - Design your own shirt!>< Shirtcity - design your own shirt!>< - Design your own shirt! >

< Get a quality logo for a great price at LogoWorks!><Great logo + great price = LogoWorks><$20 LogoWorks Coupon>

< >LogoDogz can mark your stuff with quick turnaround and low prices. No minimum order. Go to>

< Hip Hop Ringtones at Jamster><Pimp out your Cell Phone with Hip Hop and Rap Ring tones at>

Get a Wristband -- -- This is a new Company I'm doing business with, and they have all sorts of cool wristbands -- I know fer sures they have Tour de France (Lance Armstrong) and Napolean Dynamite Wristbands... and you can customize them with your favorite Player or your School... or your own name -- you get the picture!

You can get the Wristbands with your School Logo, your own name, or anything you like! Perfect for Sororities, Fraternities, High Schools & Colleges! Weddings... wouldn't that be fun to hand out Wristbands with your Wedding Colors?? That just appeals to my sense of humor! ha,ha,ha! is a great Source for the Rubber Wristbands, too -- they have them for all the Causes (like the Lance Armstrong LiveStrong Bracelets...), and almost anything else you can imagine. Don't let the Pokemon stuff throw you off, although I did find this Company because my 6 year old son, Aidan, loooves all things Pokemon!

< Pokemon Trading Cards>(Yes, this is the company for the Wristbands!) <Click Here for Pokemon, Dragonball Z, and Harry Potter trading card games.> carries packs, cards, merchandise for Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Duel Masters, Harry Potter, Magic and more... Even all sorts of Sports Teams, too, including the College Teams.

Find Out about the Wholesale Custom Buffwear (Like on Survivor!) I have a great Wholesale Connection!

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Good Through October 31, 2005

1. Baseball Playoff Special! Get a FREE Passport Club membership PLUS
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Use sales code "octlidsppc". Valid 10/1/05 - 10/31/05

2. Save 20% off the purchase of $75 or more PLUS Free Ground Shipping!
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Use sales code "octlids20". Valid 10/1/05 - 10/31/05

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4. NEW Hats in the 2 for $20 Promo and lots of them!
Check out all the great new hats that have been added to this promotion.
No sales code needed. Valid 10/1/05 - 10/31/05

< events > Let LIDS CREATE YOUR OWN help make it special with custom designed hats. Perfect for Family Reunions, Golf Outings, Corporate Events, Weddings and all kinds of other events. Custom hats make great party favors and are a great way to continue to remember the event after it is over.
New Events Banner Added!
You are your own person! You don’t follow the trends…you make them!
Set the style this fall in a truly unique hat from LIDS CREATE YOUR OWN.
Plus – new improved pricing! Just 4 simple steps to design that one-of-a-kind hat.
So what are you waiting for? Start designing today so you can set YOUR OWN STYLE!

6-11 Caps get 10% off
12-23 Caps get 20% off
24-71 Caps get 30% off
72-143 Caps get 40% off
144-288 Caps get 50% off
289+ Caps require a price quote

Lids ships to APO/FPO addresses! - Pop Culture Funny Tees at LIDS!

Beer Gear is Here at! Corona, Bud, Coors. Any way you bottle it, “cerveza” is on the menu at especially with our Beer Gear hats and caps. From Miller Lite hats to Red Stripe caps, these hats are Jamaican us crazy! The cooler is full at!

Power Rankings Post a link to our newest page! Stay on top of the latest trends and styles as well as the winning teams with's Power Rankings. This one should help drive conversions.

Get NCAA select Zephyr hats for 2 for $30 @ LIDS!

Hot new headwear for women and kids links!

Get 2 for $20 Nike Team Sports hats at!

Our Hottest Seller! The MLB Franchise at Lids

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< customized products> Zazzle is the leading customized products marketplace for consumer enthusiasts to share and celebrate their interests by creating apparel, posters, cards, stamps and more. Zazzle combines on-demand manufacturing, a robust online community, the largest online collection of customizable digital images and unmatched personalization tools to empower consumers to create their products. Zazzle brings world-class brands offering images that you can now, for the first time, customize with your own unique style. We offer one-of-a-kind characters from collections such as Disney, Harvey Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox's Family Guy™, Robots™, Neopets, The Pemberton & Oakes Collection, Zodiac Girlz, Build-A-Bear Workshop and more.

Other Zazzle Special Collections include historical images from The Library of Congress, the California State Library, the Boston Public Library, the Linda Hall Library and The Hoover Institution. <This Holiday season, let your family know how much you love them with customized gifts. Try today.>

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