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Valentine's Day Love Gifts....come on, you know a little gift is gonna go a loong way with your Special Someone! lol!

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I love this stuff year-round, and I have a sneaking suspicion, so do all the other women in the world, and more than a few men! Shop away, and don't be afraid of the Mesh Outfits -- they really do 'Fit All' -- that mesh can really stretch!

<$25 off fine jewelry orders over $100 at Gemvara>



<> <Traverse Bay Farms / Fruit Advantage> Traverse Farms has Free Shipping on their Chocolate Covered Cherries, too!! Yippee!! Yum! Chocolate covered Cherries!! My Fave!

Buy her some gorgeous jewelry and maybe she'll wear a sexy dress for you!! haha! At the very least, she'll love you even more!! :) I can't remember how much each item was, but I got all 3 items -- the Sexy Purple Dress, the Amethyst Bracelet and the Purple Jade and Pearl Necklace and Earring set , all for under $45.00 US. Can you believe that?? Man, I'm lovin' Wholesale Shopping in China!! lol!

This is the Purple Jade and Pearl Necklace and Earring set I just ordered for myself (all part of the 'spoil yourself' plan! haha!) I think I paid $23.50 (Free Shipping!) for this gorgeous necklace and earring set -- I just can't believe these prices, and it's REAL Purple Jade (and Purple Jade is particularly lucky, too!!) You couldn't touch this anywhere else for under $50 - $100...

This is the Purple Jade and Pearl Necklace and Earring set I just got -- it's soo beautiful! I wear it every chance I get -- looks great with a low-cut top or dress... or less! haha!

I'm crazy about this stunningly beautiful Amethyst Tennis Bracelet -- $10.15, Free Shipping! Can you believe that?? It's craaazy, but it's true! I ordered one for myself, but now I'm going to go back in and order a bunch for my friends and family... and maybe a few extra just to keep around for gifts -- really, at this price, you can't go wrong, and no one will EVER guess how much you paid for it! I've been pricing them out, online, and in Jewelry Stores, and similar Amethyst Bracelets are going anywhere from $79. - $1,200. No Kidding! Man, I just feel so lucky for having found such great deals!! : )

And here's the Amethyst Bracelet I couldn't resist... these are the craziest, lowest prices I've ever seen on jewelery, and believe me, I look at a lot of jewelry! haha! I really want to show you the Sexy Purple Dress I bought, but it's a Family Site, so I'll pop it on my Sex Tips page (also good for keeping people happy, which ony good for making families happier, right?? And don't worry, it's just something little that you might like...haha!)

Okay, I bought this very Sexy Purple Dress, and it arrived a couple of weeks ago... it IS very pretty, and it DID fit me, but it is very, vewy, short (intentional Elmer Fudd for your entertainment, right there! a'haha!), so this outfit goes in my 'I'm gonna need to be reallllly drunk to wear this' section of my closet (a surprisingly large section of my wardrobe!! hahaha!) Oh, and I got this dress for around $15.00, I think... canny remember, now, but glad I bought it! I'm sure a night will roll around when I will happily stumble into my closet to put it on, prove that my cellulite exercises work! (Some people need visual proof!! hahahaha! Yes, that little joke IS for my own personal entertainment! haha!)

This is the craziest, sexiest dress I've ever seen, so I had to have it, baby!! Sometimes you just have to let yourself go a little wild!! hahaha! And it's waaay under $20.!

I have this very Sexy Red Dress! It fits like a dream -- there's something about this material that makes it fit really well -- it's the same material in the Sexy Purple Dress! (Actually, my Red Dress is like a very soft and pliable rubbery material.. I hesitate to say 'Rubber Dress', since that sounds a little too kinky, but for lack of a better term, the material does feel like that, but it fits beautifully, so worth checking out, for sure!)

Sexy Outfits and a Giant Shoe Sale! ElectriqueBoutique.com has an enormous selection of very sexy outfits, perfect for Valentine's Day! ElectriqueBoutique.com always has an amazing Shoe Sale, so it's definitely worth going through their Sale Pages! You can find some incredible deals in there on sexy outfits and shoes! WooHoo!
I've bought a lot of fabulous stuff from ElectriqueBoutique.com over the last few years, and they are exceptionally easy to work with online.(Check out their Sexy Outfits, too!) And their shoes and boots fit like a dream! I think I've bought three pairs of their Thigh High Boots, and they all fit perfectly! Now's the time to give that a try, if you haven't got some sitting in your closet, right now! haha! Electrique Boutique

Flowers - Chocolates - Jewelry - Sexy Stuff - Shoes - Books (yes, this can be Romantic, depending on the Books!) - Weddings

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Find someone, first...!

<Start Searching Now> <Try Match.com Free For 3 Days!> Okay, today's the day I'm gonna join Match.com -- see what's out there, so-to-speak! I have to admit, I accidentally ended up on Match.com, last night, after clicking on something in an article I was reading, then it took me to a whole series of pages of good-looking mens... so it was like Man-Shopping! hahaha! So I was up until 2:00 am perusing all these guys -- and they were hilarious, too. Nice surprise! I laughed myself silly all the way through this one guys 'Ad'. Entertaining and useful, you say?? I'll let you know how it all turns out for me! Here's to Great Dating!! Ailsa <Find Your Sweetheart Today!>

Buy Barack Obama stuff for your Valentine! Have you been searching the internet for Barack Obama stuff?? Me, too! When you go in to look at this Barack Obama stuff, click on the middle item and it will take you to the Barack Obama Watches, which are waaay cool. I've written to the company to see if we can get a direct link to make buying them easier, but the one I was looking at was only $9.99, so that's a great price for a piece of history you can wear on your arm! They have a Pocket Watch with President Obama's face on it, too, and the pictures are really, really nice of Obama. What a handsome man! Makes a Fantastic Gift or Collector's Item for amyone who loves Barack Obama, too... Time for Change, Baby!

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< > Amazon.com has a ton of stuff for Valentine's Day, or any other day, for that matter!

<ICE.com Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Men>

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<><> Purdy's is one of Canada's Best Chocolate Shops -- we have two delicious boxes in our Pantry right now! Their Chocolate Shop is always jam packed full of choclate lovers at the Malls, and now you can order from Purdy's online! Yippee -- chocolate to your doorstep! <PURDY'S CHOCOLATES>

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<Happen Magazine>

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< Huge Candle Sale!> Hey, if there was ever a time for Candles, it's Valentine's Day! Pop in to see their great selection of lovely candles.<$5 FREE just for registering for Candle Bay's Candle Coins Program.><Free Shipping at CandleBay.com. Enter coupon code CBSHIP at checkout to get free shipping on thousands of unique candles.>

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<ICE.com Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Men>

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<><> I just bought these two gorgeous dresses. Yahoo! Can't wait to get them! I think I'll wear the Stretch Velvet (one of my favorite materials -- soft and stretchy -- both good qualities in a dress!) when we go out for a Valentine's Dinner. Often we don't bother going out on the actual day of Valentine's, because the meals are usually not as good as they normally are, and every guy on the planet finally takes his wife or girlfriend out for Dinner, so the Servers are stretched to their limits (possibly like my new dress! ha,ha,ha!). I like to make Crab Legs, and Dwight makes the Steak (Filet Mignon), and we have that for our 'At-Home' meal on Valentines.

Quick Cooking Secret: I learned how to cook Crab Legs when I was a waitress at a great Seafood Restaurant in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, when I was a student at Queen's University. One of the most useful lessons I learned during 'the schoolin' years'! Take Frozen Crab Legs (Snow Crab or King Crab), place them gently in some salted water that is at a rolling boil. Boil for 14 minutes. Use Tongs to work with the Crab Legs. I put out scissors and crab crackers to get into the crab meat easily, and everyone gets their own individual wee bowl of hot, melted butter. Hungry, yet?? Think I'll make this for dinner, tonight! Yum!

<Valentine's Gourmet food! Expires January 31st.><macys.com>

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<Valentine><Red Hot Valentine - Save $10 at Frederick's of Hollywood>

< Orpheon Signature Series><Luxury chocolate gift> zChocolat.com: Luxury chocolate gifts for Valentine's Day>


Belkin iPod Nano Flipcase Pink 8Z058 >(I just thought this was cool!)

<Spring 05>

< Love Scent Pheromone Products> Improve your Odds!!

Love Scent Pheromone products is the web's only "pheromone superstore." We carry all the popular brands of pheromone perfume and cologne for both men and women as well as other related fragrance products. We have a wonderful variety of free services for our customers including state of the art online dating. Love Scent is one of the few names in the online pheromone industry that you can trust. We offer an iron-clad return policy and all products are shipped within one business day! < Love-Scent.com>

<Valentine's Special Offer ends on 2/14/06 > Valentine's Special : If you spend $75 or more at HiloHattie.com and they will receive a FREE Box of Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts with your order. (Yum. Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts are my favorite treat! Very cool stuff at this lovely Hawaian Store.)
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KaBloom, along with the freshest flowers of the highest quality, has a wide assortment of gourmet gifts and tasty treats for Valentine's Day - chocolates, cookies, cakes, popcorn and more can also be found at KaBloom. Check out the great new KaBloom products that are sure to make an impression this Valentine's Day.

Jewelry - Ailsa's Flower Shop

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< Send Valentine's Day Roses starting at $19.99! >

<><Lace Overlay Halter Corset> I looove this Corset -- must find out if it comes in my size!

<Logo Gifts> Here's a great place to shop for Valentine's Day! Oh, and fer sures check out the Final Closeout Section - 100% of product at up to 80% off. You won't believe the Great Buys you can get -- on Shoes, Dresses, Lingerie, and all sorts of other lovely things! (Can you tell Frederick's is one of my favorite Shops??) <Save $10 off purchases of $100 or more.><Frederick's of Hollywood Shoe's>


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<><Electrique Boutique> This is the store where I've bought some gorgeous Thigh High Boots -- incredible prices and an amazing selection. Take a few enjoyable moments to have a wee look through this site. I think I'm gonna order the Red Thigh Highs with a Buckle thing on them -- very nice! (And I want to see what else they have, too!!)

< Buy adult toys and gifts at MyPleasure.><Sexy Valentine's Day
Shop for sensual gifts and celebrate the hottest Valentine's Day ever>

< Heather Pink Velvet Gift Box >< Sharis Berries One Dozen Strawberry Roses® >< 1 Dozen Strawberry Roses® & a Glass Rose >< Sugar Free Collection >(Just in case you are dealing with a Loved One -- or yourself -- who is watching their Sugar Intake!)

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< Swarovski - The Magic of Crystal>< Swarovski - The Magic of Crystal>I got my Mum a gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Brooch for her Birthday. Have a wee look around the Swarovski Website -- I think you'll be surprised at all the new and beautiful things they have!

< > Looking for something really personal and unique? Check this out. < Authentic African Gifts, Clothing Sculptures, Jewelry, & More at Afrocenterltd. >

<Sterling Silver Name Necklace><Free Citrine Ring>

<Hickory Farms Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts >

You know what one of my favorite new things is? Forcing Bulbs Indoors! Yep -- I have big, big dreams that it's closer to Spring than it really is up here! ha,ha! I asked Dwight to pick up some Flower Bulbs for me, and he said he didn't know what Flower Bulbs were... puhleeeease!

Anyway, the easy-schmeasy way to do this is to put some Rocks in a Glass Vase (it doesn't really have to be glass, now that I think of it, but it's fun to watch the roots growing, so I like glass better...). Put the Flower Bulbs in 'Flower End Up', and ad water to the top of the Rocks. Tulips on the Rocks, you can call them! ya'ha,ha! Put them in a Sunny Spot and Enjoy!! Kids love this, too... I have some Yellow Tupils growing 'On the Rocks', right now. I'll see if I can get a good picture of them.

<Banner freeship $55 expires 4/15><Free Shipping!>

<Valentine's Day Gift Baskets and Flowers><Valentine's Day Floral Arrangements>

<Core 250x250> I love the Bombay Online Shop, and have bought a lot of beautiful items from them. They are delivered very quickly, and everyone has loved their Gifts. You can create a beautiful, Romantic area like this in your own home -- you'll love it the whole year through! <Save 40-75% during The Bombay Company Winter Clearance Sale. 12.25-1.9 only.><Bombay Company Outlet>

Here's a great alternative to the Traditional Flowers! < Visit Art.com>< Visit Art.com>

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<Shop for Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts at ValentinesGifts.com><><> PersonalizationMall.com has all sorts of great Deals for you to get an even better price on your Order!

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One Dozen Valentine's Day Red Roses

Top Valentine's Day Gifts for Her at Walmart.com >

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Travel makes a Great Gift!! You'll score some serious Brownie Points, fer sures!

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<120x60 Anniversary>

Now here's a wee treat for you and you can really get away with this sort of 'gift' on Valentine's Day, so go ahead and have a wee look through, and see what looks good to you! ha,ha,ha!

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Uh-oh! There wasn't enough room in this Box for her to put her head all the way up! ha,ha,ha! I thought this was a funny ad, and figured you'd have a wee laugh, too! Plus, it's a good Shop, especially if you're shopping in the U.K.!

< easter gifts>

Mmmmmm, don't these look delicious??

< One Dozen Happy Valentines Day Box >

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Isn't this pretty??

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Make your bed extra beautiful for Valentine's Day!!

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What's Romance without a little Music??

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Ailsa's Amazon.com Page! Music, Books, Everything Else on the Planet...

A little Wine, a little Music...

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... and some Chocolate!!

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<True to its origins, this tray box offers you the very best of the best: two 4 ounce milk chocolate bars, a gift box of 9 chocolate truffles, non-pareils, cocoa mix, 3 chocolate bars (mint, almond and dark chocolate), 2 chocolate squares, a coffee sampler and mint chocolates.>


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You know, I do tend to send Books over almost anything else -- although I have sent my share of Flowers and Chocolates, too ... plus a variety of all sorts of other things -- now I never actually wrap and mail anything myself -- just Order it Online and it's done! Works for me!

I love this book -- Kahlil Gibran's, The Prophet. It's a Collection of beautiful Poetry -- nice stuff to read at a Wedding, if you know what I mean!



<Pretty Sweet Gifts>

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<A to Z>

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<2.10 Site Update>

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Doesn't this sound fabulous? Mmmmmm...! Looks gorgeous, too!


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For the Outdoorsie Man!

< Coleman(r) Survival Cat(tm) Emergency Preparedness Kit
Coleman(r) Survival Cat(tm) Emergency Preparedness Kit
Great Buy!

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Now this ain't your usual Valentine's Day Gift, but it is a great Gift to give to anyone you love -- this little device can save your life!

<First Alert® Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Detector (Fcd3ncn)
First Alert® Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Detector


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Save $100: Panasonic MiniDV Palmcorder® Camcorder!>

Well, this guy is just Good Looking, so this is partly for me, and partly for you if you want to buy some 'Guy Stuff'! ha,ha,ha!

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<Valentine's Roses>

Ooooooh, now this is my kind of Dress!!

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