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How to Stop Smoking the Easy Way... for real!

I just linked this 'How to Stop Smoking' info page to my Big Brother 12 page, since I made a teeensy joke about one of the house guests (Britney -- I have a sneaking suspicion she may not be the brightest bulb in the pack! haha!), but here's the thing about this book by Alan Carr -- I ordered it for my old Father-in-Law (I'm not married anymore, so that's what I mean by 'old'! lol!), but I went ahead and read it, myself, and although I have never been a smoker, I DID have a slight (read: 35 pounds had to come off!! haha!) problem wit' da weight.... on account 'a my extreme love for pie and chocolate, and I was super depressed living in that marriage, and felt like it was 'only reasonable' to give myself a number of 'special treats' every day... so you can see where the extra 35 pounds came from! Anyway, while I was reading Alan Carr's book, I started losing weight, because I started to follow the advice he had for smokers, and really, I think it would work for any sort of addiction, because it gave a very different view on addiction, and how you can manage it, yourself.

Good News! I DID lose the 35 pounds, and have kept it off for well over 6 years, so good for me! I still like a wee treat, now and then (let's say the now happens to be right now, and the 'then' was earlier today! hahaha! No, I am not very hard on meself! lol! I believe in allowing yourself some leniency,because a crazy strict diet sends people running for whatever it is they think they can't have... really, you say I can't ever have any chocolate, anymore?? Well, guess who has 5 chocolate bars hidden up her sleeve?? hahaha! Yes, that's the nature of human beings -- tell them they can't have something, that's what they want (dammmit, happens in love, too! lol!)...

But if you are trying to beat a habit, kick an addiction (really, any kind of addiction -- food addictions, smoking addiction, drug addiction, sex addiction.. they're all frustrating and really damaging to your life, so as soon as you've decided you've done enough damage to your life, or your body, or your friends and family.... whatever it is that helps you break old habits and try something new, read this book -- you'll feel like a new person! I also read The Four Agreements at the same time, too -- very good, except tat I choose not to quit swearing -- me loooves to swear!! It's part of my special persona! Did you believe that?? haha! But I did stop swearing under certain circumstances (the last year of my marriage... but, really, I just didn't care, anymore, at that point, but I still made it a point to cut back on the swearing, wherever I could... had no idea I had soo much 'cutting back' to do!! haha! But swearing is entertaining to me... I really canny be bothered talking for any length of time to anyone who never swears.. who never swears? Are they really in touch with their complaining, funny side?? hahaha! I love a swearer, and if you can swear in the middle of a great story, and you make me laugh, then we'll be friends for life, baby!!

Good Luck with whatever it is you want to quit, or at least modify in your life to make it manageable for you!!

Love & Luck, Ailsa xox

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Ellen DeGeneres was talking about this book on her Show (a very long time ago!!), so I thought I'd find it for any of my Readers who might be thinking about quitting smoking. Ellen said this was one of the best things she did to quit smoking, so that's good enough for me! My feeling on this is that anything that can help you along this difficult road is worth a shot. It's terrible to be in the grip of any addiction, so if you are ready to quit, try this. (I'm thinking it has to be a personal decision or a 'medically enforced' decision before you can really make any real changes that will stick... it's like that with everything, I suppose, ain't it??)

I got this in the mail (always fun to have 'gifts' sent to the house -- even if you have ordered them all by yourself!), and really enjoyed reading Allen Carr's The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. What an easy read, and a fresh new approach to the whole subject of Smoking Addiction and how to quit. Honestly, I don't know why every group that claims to want to help people to stop smoking doesn't have this in their own Libraries... and how is it possible that I've never come across this, before? I've long been an advocate for Non-Smoking Areas, since I'm allergic to the smoke (one of the many resons I love California so much -- all the clean air!), but it's great to see a really positive and effective method to help the people who smoke.

(Now here's a funny wee aside about my reaction to smoke: the more I like a person, the less the smoke bothers me, but if I can't stand the person, the smoke is intolerable -- much like the person... go figure! hahaha!)

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Now that my website is quite big and popular, I'd love to be able to help get Allen Carr's message of how easy it is to stop smoking. I'm reading the book, myself, even though I'm not a smoker, because everyone knows someone they love who is a smoker, and we could all make an enormous impact on the smokers in our lives if we read the book, then passed it along to the smokers. Or see if you can get them to buy it on their own -- some will, some won't. And then the only key is to get them to read it. I think most smokers will have moments when they truly want to quit, so if the book is in their living room when that mood hits, all the better.

I order books, and all sorts of other things, through Barnes & Noble all the time. Great company, fabulous prices. They have a really easy check-out, too, which is always good, right?

<The Easy Way to Stop Smoking
The Easy Way to Stop Smoking


No time to read? Pop this in your CD player on your way to work, or when you're drinkin' in the evening... really, I can only guess your personal habits! ha,ha! <The Easy Way to Stop Smoking
The Easy Way to Stop Smoking


The Easy Way to Stop Smoking

FROM THE EDITORS at Barnes & Noble...
This new edition of a revolutionary bestseller helps you use the Easyway method to eliminate the psychological reasons for smoking, handle withdrawal symptoms, avoid temptation situations, and stay a non-smoker! Discovered by Allen Carr in 1983 after his 100-cigarettes-a-day drove him to despair, this method is widely used around the world -- having helped millions of smokers quit successfully. Now you, too, can enjoy the freedoms of being a non-smoker!
A blockbuster in 20 languages for 20 years...
The most popular book ever published on the subject.
Revised, updated and made available by Barnes & Noble Publishing for the US...

Thinking of quitting smoking? Then this book should be the FIRST one you reach for and the LAST one you ever have to read on the subject.

Will the Easyway really work? It can! It does! By the end of this book if you are ready for the freedom of being a non-smoker, you should

no longer fear the process of giving up cigarettes
no longer worry about chemical or psychological withdrawal symptoms
no longer need to depend on your willpower
no longer think you have to change your entire way of life
no longer OBSESS about smoking
So go get an ashtray, sit down, light up, and turn to page one. See if you don't agree that The Easy Way To Stop Smoking—the book that has helped millions of people around the world become non-smokers—can also help you.

A great gift to yourself or your loved ones right now or.. for the week of The American Cancer Society's Annual Great American SmokeOut in November.
Have you ever heard a smoker say it was easy-even enjoyable-to quit smoking?

Allen Carr says so in this updated, 20th anniversary edition of his international bestseller! His revolutionary method has helped millions of people around the world to kick the habit for good.

Allen Carr’s EasywayTMmethod centers on removing the psychological need to smoke—while the smoker is still smoking. Following the Easyway method,

You will not need willpower.
You will not gain weight.
You will not feel deprived.
You will need no gimmicks, shocks, or substitutes.
You will not suffer serious withdrawal pangs.

Carr debunks many of the myths about smoking: smokers enjoy smoking, smokers choose to smoke, smoking is a social habit, smoking relieves boredom and stress, smoking aids concentration and relaxation. He examines the real reasons people start to smoke and why they continue, and explains why attempts to quit with nicotine substitutes, by simply cutting down, or through pure willpower so often fail. He offers a step-by-step approach to stopping, and reveals how to handle withdrawal symptoms and temptation situations.

Rather than feel deprived and anxious, apply Allen Carr’s EasywayTM method, be ready to smoke your last cigarette, and immediately enjoy the freedoms of being a non-smoker.

Allen Carr discovered the Easy way to Stop Smoking in 1983-after his three-decade long, 100-cigarettes-a-day addiction had driven him to despair. First published in 1985, The Easy Way to Stop Smoking has sold over 5 million copies worldwide and has been translated into more than twenty languages. In addition to his books, Allen has established the Allen Carr clinics now operating in countries around the world.

From Ailsa (that's Me!): I popped into Barnes & Noble to pick up The Easy Way to Stop Smoking for my (forner) Father-in-Law, who has tried to quit smoking many, many times. I'm gonna get 'The Little Book of Quitting' and 'Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness and Human Strengths' for me. I love that type of books, so I'm looking forward to having something new to read ...

I'm thinking this'll be a great book to help with the old weight loss issues that some of us (oh, about 98% of the country, especially in the 40 and over crowd...!), so I gots to check this out! <The Little Book of Quitting
The Little Book of Quitting

><The Easy Way to Stop Drinking
The Easy Way to Stop Drinking

>Hey, Craig Ferguson's New Book came out last April, and it's really funny. Witty is more accurate, with a really good story line. You'll see a whole lot more of 'Craig' (perhaps he is hidden amongst his Characters, hmmm? hahaha! You know I loves me some Craig! He's sooo funny on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson -- it's Must-See TV for me! Craig Ferguson is always open and honest about his own life, addictions 'n all, so there's a wee bit about that in the book .. and some spicy stuff, too!!(Ooooh!)

Hey, did I tell you that I got my copy of Between the Bridge and the River signed by Craig Ferguson when I was at his Show (aptly named, as you well know, The Craig Ferguson Show), out here in Hollywood? Yep. But I didne get a date... now what's that all about??

<Between the Bridge and the River
Between the Bridge and the River

> I bought this book at the largest Barnes & Noble Book Store on the West Coast, in The Farmer's Market in L.A. -- fantastic! The book and the Farmer's Market... both come highly recommended (from me!).

<Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness and Human Strengths
Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness and Human Strengths


This one just looks funny to me! My doctor's office doesn't even serve drinks, so I'd like to know where this guy goes! ha,ha,ha! <Why Do Men Have Nipples?: Hundreds of Questions You'd Only Ask a Doctor after Your Third Martini
Why Do Men Have Nipples?: Hundreds of Questions You'd Only Ask a Doctor after Your Third Martini


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