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Christmas Shopping! WooHoo!!

Holiday Shopping ... I know, can you believe it's sooo close to Christmas, and Hannukah is well underway? Man, time flies, don't it?? And since I've moved to California and couldn't bring any of my treasured decorations, I ran out and bought a 'never-ending' fake tree, and plenty of fake ornaments, too! Oooh, so lovely! We're gonna make our Gingerbread House on Christmas Eve -- maybe create a new Tradition, now that it's just the three of us... Me, Cara & Aidan, my two lovely children, in case you've just wondered on into the site,and hardly know us at all, yet... Cara is 22, now, and Aidan is 11. For the record, I'm a very happy 47 year old, with plenty of Gift Giving Experience! haha!

Happy Holidays to all my Fabulous Readers! (You know I'm talking about you! haha!)

I love Shopping for the Holidays! (Or pretty much any other reason, too! ha,ha!) I've been doing all my Holiday Shopping Online for Friends and Family who live far away from me, and I've found some really cool things I couldn't find anywhere else Online for Cara and Aidan -- not to mention for myself, too(!). You can even get stuff for your Wee Dog! (Or whatever other kind of special little Pet you might have!) (Wee Alligator -- Ali or Toothless... whatever special name you might have given yo' pet alligator... and I say 'Toothless', because that seems like a good idea to adopt a really, really old alligator -- one who has already lost all o' they teeth, and hardly tries to eat the family members, at all... hahaha!)

For me, it's far less expensive and a lot less hassle (what with the shopping and wrapping, then waiting in line at the Post Office forever...) to buy my Gifts Online and have them sent directly to the person I've bought them for. You don't have to worry about items being 'Lost' by the Post Office (yes, that's happened to me -- twice!), or not getting there on time, since you can choose different Delivery Dates. Many Online Companies offer Free Shipping, too, which is great!

Shopping Online is a Safe and Secure Process -- all the Stores have everything in place to make Online Shopping pleasant and easy -- so you'll come back and do it again and again! I think that we will see more and more people buying all sorts of things on the Internet, since it saves a massive amount of time and money -- both good! I've chosen some of my favorite Stores -- stuff I think you'll like, too. I'm just about to go and order some new Dresses and Shoes from Frederick's of Hollywood -- at the bottom of this page. They have beautiful Outfits and Fantastic Prices!

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Large Snow Village

From: Cookies In Bloom

Aaaahhh, this is sooo cute!! I want one!! lol!

These are cool from Brookstone... they always have amazing gifts. Think I'm gonna get the Digital Picture thing from Brookstone for my parents! <PictureBook Pocket Digital Photo Album with 3.5" Screen >

<NEW SportsCast Wireless Football Scoreboard >

<NEW AeroGarden® Pro 100 >

Coupons from Brookstone: <Take $10 off orders $125 or more from Brookstone! Use code AF5DEC. Expires 12/31/07. >

<Take $25 off orders $250 or more from Brookstone! Use code AF7DEC. Expires 12/31/07. >

<Take $50 off orders $500 or more from Brookstone! Use code AF5NOV. Expires 12/15/07. >

< > offers custom printed letters that are mailed directly from North Pole, Alaska on beautiful Santa letter head and signed by Santa himself! The perfect gift for any kid! Features of our letters include the following:

- Personalized letter(s) to any child
- Postmarked from North Pole, Alaska
- Your child’s home town and a friends name
- Signed by Santa himself
- Up to 4 unique letters to choose from
- Addressed personally to your child
- Return address is from the North Pole

Oooh, here's a great site my friend, Kim, just told me about... they have all sorts of Christmas & Holiday Recipes, a letter to Santa thing, stuff for parents and teachers... looks like all sorts of good stuff, and a whole list of Free Stuff, too!

<LS Deal of the Week ><Click here to view the current Jewelry Deal of the Week>

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season, and Thanks for Shopping through My Site!

<Free Regular Shipping 12/1-12/10 at! Use Coupon Code AF7LA >

< Holiday 2007 20% Off 468x60 >

< Germ Terminator Toothbrush Sanitizer> Here's a great Stocking Stuffer!

<Germ Terminator Toothbrush Sanitizer and FREE Bonus Anti-Bac Hand Soap- Enter Promotional Code: UFST-X8DS-BKHM >

< Free Next Day Shipping on all Orders! >

<Check out the great savings in's Outlet! > Artificial Trees, Outdoor Decorations, Ornaments, Indoor DecorationsCollectibles, Tableware, Nativity,Train Sets, Gifts, Judaica. Make sure to shop the outlet for the most amazing bargains anywhere! The famous brands within their outlet are already discounted from 40% - 70% off! Everything is in stock, and ready for immediate delivery! WooHoo!

< guaranteed authentic sports memorabilia><SPORTS MEMORABILIA > Okay, so you know how I know that you have someone tricky (re: difficult! haha!) to buy for this Christmas (Hanukkah, Kwaanza... yourself! Whatever you would like to celebrate most!)? Yes, I am very familiar with this type of 'Receiver', if you will allow the pun. With over 3,000 unique sports collectibles to choose from in this memorabilia superstore, you're sure to see a little something you'd like to pick up for someone you love... and you know what they say, "Love Thyself First", or, "To Thine Own Self, Give a Gift..." Yeah, go ahead and quote me on that ... I'm pretty sure me is right! I know those are the mottos I live by, and so far, so good! hahaha! <Buy authentic Sports Memorabilia here! >< >

Personal Breathalizer I'm putting this Personal Breathalizer link right at the top of the page for a couple of reasons... one, it's a waaay cool gift, and fun to play with, at the very least. Then, secondly, and more importantly, it can save lives, and prevent people from getting behind the wheel when they've had too much to drink. I'd love to see every driver have a Personal Breathalizer . Discount Code : AILSA

If you know someone who loves a drink, then you know someone who would love to have a Personal Breathalizer. Discount Code : AILSA

< > Ailsa's Favorite Books - Ailsa's page - I always get the Gift Certificates, especially for Family & Friends who live further away. The Amazon Gift Certificates are delivered in days, and they're incredibly easy for anyone to use. Perfect Gift Idea!

You can go through to get Flowers, too... I just did that the other day, and they were gorgeous!

<New Logo Banner 728x90 >

<Banner 10000141> I've used Internet Florist many times, and it's fantastic for sending Flowers within or to Canada... good to know, eh?? haha! Lovely bouquets, too!

Okay, you know I loves me my chocolate, and these chocolates look deeeelicious! And fancy boxes, too! Everything you want in a gift!

Everyone has a man on their list (or they are the man on the list!) who might like a tie for a gift -- why not give him a tie he'll actually love?? Check out the cool ties at

< Holiday Ties at>

<Give the Gift of Love! eHarmony Gift Subscription > Okay, let's say you know someone (is it me?? haha!) who is looking for a nice relationship and might be a bit shy about joining up for Internet Dating all on their own... this might be the perfect present for someone that you love who wants to find a little extra-special love of their very own! <Give the Gift of Love! eHarmony Gift Subscription >

Oh, your Single friends are gonna looove you! Don't forget the wine & chocolates, which I hear are a staple in the Single Life... or is that my life?? hahaha!

< Date or Soul Mate banner>


Click here to go to!

< - Buy for Less! Sell for More!> Enter code TSHIRT99 to receive a free t-shirt with orders over $99, and free shipping on orders $49 or more.

<Free Christmas Screensavers and Wallpaper! Guaranteed No Spyware and No Viruses.> Did you hear that the Fireplace Video is one of the most popular videos during the winter? Well, through the magic of the internet, you can get all cozy in front of your own computer (nothing weird...), click on and see a roaring fire. Oooh, sounds lovely. You'll have to paint your marshmallows, but there's really no way of me knowing whether you already are in the habit of painting them, anyway. The important thing is that you can get a great screensaver, and it's all free! Yahoo!! (Yes, I'm still in Calgary, and 'yahoo' is a very common word up here, and no, I had never said that before I moed here! ha,ha,ha! Wonder if I've turned 'cowboy'??) <Click here to download your Free Holiday Screensavers and Wallpaper!>

I buy a lot of my Christmas & Hanakkah Gifts from Barnes & Noble. For one, they have Letters from a Nut (only $12.00!), which was the funniest book I've read this year, so it's going out to my friends this year! They get whatever I really like, since I figure they're enough like me to enjoy the same stuff, right??

< Fast & Free Delivery > Books, Movies, Music, DVDs, Toys ... you name it, they've got it. I order through Barnes & Noble all the time -- very dependable company. Excellent Service and Speedy Delivery.

So I've been reading away at these letters in 'Letters from a Nut', and the more you read, the harder you laugh. Man, I was killin' myself laughing, and when I got to the bit about the Bet Wetting (Level 4) and the concern over Personal Odor issues before going to a fancy schmancy restaurant in Beverly Hills, I couldn't stop laughing. This is hilarious!! Now I can't wait to get my hands on all the other 'Letters from a Nut', since there's a Series -- yippee! Hope it's endless! Oh, Ted L. Nancy, you are my favorite wee nut! <Letters From a Nut
Letters From a Nut


< > Do you have a commuter on your Shopping List? Is it you?? haha! Here's a great way to get all sorts f new stuff to listen tp while you're in the car, on the boat, laying on the beach... wherever you are where you'd like to have someone else read the book for you!

< Visit Reminderband.Com for great silicone bands.> is a great Company I've been working with for quite a while, now. They can make Custom Wristbands for any person, group, team ... whatever your needs are. Wristbands are great for Fundraising, because they are inexpensive and easy to sell (or just give them out to the members of your group...). I always believe that when you are trying to Raise Funds, the less you ask for, the more you'll get, so give these a try. <Get Custom Silicone Bands > And if you just want the one Band, try their sister Company, . They even have some Free Wristbands, so check that out. More Personalized Products

Featured Merchant of the Week: VIP Fan Clubs: FOX Merchandise. You will be able to get top quality products from Fox TV shows and movies which will definitely, without a doubt, make you da most popular friend/relative/neighbor/girlfriend, boyfriend or both ...whatevah'! haha!

With millions of fans looking for merchandise from their favorite TV shows and movies, now is the perfect time to Order the Official Merchandise for great Holiday Gifts including items from 24, Prison Break, Family Guy, Bones, Buffy, Arrested Development (my fave!), Angel and many others.

< Get Official Fox Merchandise><Click Here for Official "Family Guy" Merchandise! ><Click Here for Official "Prison Break" Merchandise! >

Internet Retailer Top 500 Merchant- Give someone you love a brand new look in their Bedroom! Everyone loves a comfy bed that looks inviting, right?? haha!

BedBathStore has over 40 years industry knowledge and offers incomparable promotions and discounts on all items. They carry the largest selection of bedding and bath amenities on the web! Their brands include the best names such as Thomasville, Croscill, Veratex, and many more. They have over 25,000 products. They have this Week's Specials that are different hot items at an awesome price!

< Holiday Items Only BedBathStore!!!!>< Tapestry Wall Hangings Only at BedBathStore!!!>Save 20% in November on any Orders over $100 by entering Code thanks20 at checkout.

Save 20% on any Orders over $100 in December by entering code xmas20 at checkout.

You can get pretty much any TV, Movie or Music thing at This is one of my favorite online Shops! Tons of Harry Potter stuff, too, if you've got a little Harry Potter Fan on your list! <>

< > < >< >< >< ><><><><><>

<Xmas 160X50> <Flowers Under $45><International Flower Delivery>

Aiptek Pocket DV2 Digital Camera ><
Traveler's Choice Amsterdam 3 Piece Upright with Tote - Black >

< Swarovski - The Magic of Crystal>Swarovski - The magic of crystal.> will be having their 'End of Season' sale starting this Friday, Dec. 16th, so be sure to pop in to check that out. < Buy two philosophy products and get free Cinnamon Buns Lip Balm ($10 value). (Ends 12-26-05) >

< Get up to 30% off Scene It & 2 free movie tickets ($17.90 value). (Ends 12-26-05) >

<Save $10 on select Archipelago Botanicals Holiday Candles! (Ends 12-26-05) >

Xbox360 is gonna be huge, so order online so you're sure to get your own Xbox360! < Xbox 360 arrives Tuesday, November 22 at Best Buy! > < See this year's must-have holiday gifts under $50 >

< >

< Unique Gifts for Everyone!>Wine Gifts & Baskets, Gift Baskets for all Occasions, Champagne Gifts & Baskets... Great gifts for any occasion! GiftTree><Click here.> I just sent my Auntie Joyce a Beautiful Floral Bouquet through, and the Selection is amazing. It's also an incredibly easy Site to purchase through, and their Gifts are absolutely lovely!

<Wine Gifts & Baskets><Gourmet Gift Towers><Chocolate Gifts>

You know I love Chocolate! I hope to God that my lovely husband actually remembers to buy me a lot of these, this year... and some books to read while I'm eating all the yummy chocolates! My Chocolate Shop

< ><Gourmet French Chocolate. Chocolate, as beautiful as it tastes, from RICHART. Buy online. >

Get a free chocolate message card with any box of Petit RICHARTs. Our all time best seller features 49 pieces of gourmet chocolate from all 7 of RICHARTs signature flavor families. This is a $10 value. One per order and must use promo code FREEPLAK at checkout.

A box of RICHART completes a dinner party and makes special occasion more memorable.

Need to impress a client or thank your best customers? RICHART chocolates make great corporate holiday gifts. Let RICHART chocolates be your corporate gift specialist with your company logo or message engraved directly onto an edible chocolate card.

<Toast the New Year with our Luxuriance Assorted collection. Order online.>

Walmart has an unbelievable selection of Christmas & Hanukkah Presents.

<Star Wars Electronic Lightsaber - $8>

<Emerson Dual-Screen 7-Inch Car DVD Player - $149.84>

<Philips 2 GB MP3 Player - $99.72><Kodak Z760 Digital Camera with Docking Cradle - $199>

<Jeep PowerWheels 4 x 4 Ride-On Vehicle - $79.88>(Every kid's Dream!)

Flowers are great for any time of year, but they are particularly lovely at the Holidays. My Mum just sent me a beautiful Silk Bouquet for our Big Holiday Party -- wasn't that nice?? You canny go wrong with Flowers!

<The FTD® Medium Stemmed Ginger Spice Rose Bouquet ><The FTD® Giving Thanks™ Bouquet ><The FTD® Fall Harvest Bouquet ><FTD.COM-Fall Arrangements>

<Fall Favorites from FTD><Send your Sweetie FTD Roses from $19.99! Order Now!>

FTD has an enormous selection of Gifts, as well as all their beautiful Floral Arrangements... <FTD.COM-Flowers & Gifts starting at $29.99>

<Spring 05>Hallmark Flowers Fall Clearance Sale


See all the great deals?? Pop in to see if you can get your Holiday Shopping done, today!



<Save up to 40% Storewide>

I love The Bombay Company -- they have really unique and gorgeous items. I bought some lovely things for my Great Friend, Kim, last year through The Bombay Company, and she loooved them! Nothing like a successful gift, right??

<Save up to 40% Storewide><Shop now for the holidays at The Bombay Company. Save 20-40% Store-wide through 12-24>

<PC125x125_freeship50><Get Free Shipping at Personal Creations with Your Order of $50 or More!>

<468x60 $6, $8, $10 Sale (Expires 12-31-05)><Collections Etc.: Select Items $6, $8 and $10 - Use Source Code ZAM6810A (Expires 12-31-05)>

<Holiday Gifts><Gifts to Tease the Season - Frederick's Gift Guide>

< >< >< Save up to $150 on select Satellite Radio Receiver >

< >< Save up to $30 on select MP3 players* >

Xbox360 is going to be huuuge this Holiday Season, so put your order in right away if you're after this!

< >

< Xbox 360 arrives Tuesday, November 22 at Best Buy! > < See this year's must-have holiday gifts under $50 >

<Kameo: Elements of Power (Xbox360)
Kameo: Elements of Power (Xbox360)


Free shipping on orders $25 & up! >

And from, everything you're looking for... DVDs, Dreamcast, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Game Cube,
Macintosh, Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Revolution, Nokia N-Gage, PC, PSP UMD Movies, Paper_Games, Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Sony PSP, Toys, XBOX, and of course, Xbox 360. <QUAKE 4




<50 Cent: Bulletproof, for PlayStation 2 50 Cent: Bulletproof, for PlayStation 2 Call of Duty 2: Big Red One, for Xbox Call of Duty 2: Big Red One, for Xbox Xbox Live 12-month starter kit Xbox Live 12-month starter kit Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, for PlayStation 2 Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, for PlayStation 2 SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALs, for PlayStation 2 SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALs, for PlayStation 2 Sony PlayStation 2 console Sony PlayStation 2 console Gold Robosapien humanoid robot Gold Robosapien humanoid robot Roboraptor mechanical dinosaur Roboraptor mechanical dinosaur FLY pentop computer by LeapFrog FLY pentop computer by LeapFrog Shell Shocker remote control vehicle Shell Shocker remote control vehicle Hasbro i-Dog rocks to your favorite music Hasbro i-Dog rocks to your favorite music Madden NFL 06: for PlayStation 2 Madden NFL 06: for PlayStation 2 NBA Live 06: for PlayStation 2 NBA Live 06: for PlayStation 2 WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw 2006 for PlayStation 2 WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw 2006 for PlayStation 2 Need for Speed: Most Wanted: for PlayStation 2 Need for Speed: Most Wanted: for PlayStation 2 Shop for Sony’s PSP games & hardware at Best Buy Shop for Sony’s PSP games & hardware at Best Buy See our selection of Star Wars movies, games, toys See our selection of Star Wars movies, games, toys>

Jewelry -- Pop over to my Jewelry Page . You can get some amazing Deals online! And from<Save 10% off all orders!><20% off all jewelry! Web Orders Only!><Free shipping on all orders. Limited Time Only!>

< Fast & Free Delivery > Books, Movies, Music, DVDs... you name it, they've got it. I order through Barnes & Noble all the time -- very dependable company. Excellent Service and Speedy Delivery.

<Crash > Crash was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Good Adult Movie...

<Full Banner_Lifestyle3_Holiday><$10.00 off a $75.00 purchase. Use Coupon Code 9962.><Promo 9950. Free Wallet from Stacy Adams with $75.00 purchase ><Holiday Savings at>

<Madagascar > Madagascar is just hilarious! You'll laugh, the kids'll laugh -- it's great! Check out the King of the Lemars -- that's Sacha Baron Cohen, my fave guy -- sooo hilarious! His main Characters are Ali G, from Da Ali G Show, and Borat, who is just getting to know American Customs. Hilarity ensues...<0026359243325:Product Link on Barnes & ><Ali G Indahouse >(Very funny movie, but remove all chilluns and Right Wing Conservatives from the TV Room, first! ha,ha!)

Oooh, and here's a quick link to my favorite new 'Gym Music' -- it's great to work out to a lil' Kanye West! This is the CD with Gold Digger on it -- I love Jamie Foxx on that song -- it's me fave song! <Late Registration >

< >You can get pretty much any TV, Movie or Music thing at This is one of my favorite online Shops! Tons of Harry Potter stuff, too, if you've got a little Harry Potter Fan on your list! <>

For the Golfer on your List ... <Free Personalization on all Callaway Golf Balls. Code: mycallaway - Expires 12-31-2005>

<Personalized Balls 2 >

<Personalized Caps>

<GB_125x125_FreeShip2>I've bought many a lovely gift through They have beautiful Holday Baskets -- pop in just to have a wee look at them -- they'll put you in the Holiday Spirit!

<Free gift of the month><Get a FREE GIFT with any order at Diamonds International!Enter code FGTM><"Save 50% on our Item of the Week, a new item every week only at Diamonds International!">

< > ClubMom is a great Club to join when you are going to go shopping online -- tons of great deals, and all sorts of helpful stuff for Moms, too!<Click here to join ClubMom >

< > Personalized Santa's Good List certificate. Okay, so here's what's really funny about this Personalized Santa's Good List Certificate -- poor wee Aidan, my 6 year old son, had a very bad day at school a while ago, and Dwight and I were sitting talking to him about it when Aidan burst into tears and shouted, "Oh no! Now I'm gonna be on The Naughty List!" ha,ha,ha,ha,ha! It was all we could do not to break out laughing, but you can't when you're giving your kid a row (that's 'Scottish' for getting in trouble!), but it was sooo funny! Poor little man. It had finally dawned on him that his actions would directly affect his Christmas Gifts... nothing like a hit to the Gift List to straighten a boy out! I'm going to order this, since he'll be thrilled that he's on 'The Good List', since he's been working like mad to be 'The Best Boy he can be' -- how cute is that?? <Special Delivery from Santa only $24.95!>

Welcome to Special Delivery from Santa - THE hottest program during the Holiday Season. Warm the hearts of children this Christmas with a personalized letter from Santa, postmarked from The North Pole!
A Special Delivery From Santa includes:
--A personalized letter from Santa Claus
--Santa's Good List sticker
--Personalized Santa's Good List certificate
--Autographed picture of Santa
--After Christmas postcard from Santa
All for only $24.95! <Special Delivery from Santa only $24.95!>
<Santa’s Holiday Note – only $14.95, personalized from Santa to your child and postmarked from the North Pole*!>

< > Ailsa's Favorite Books

<Find the Perfect Holiday Gift at Gift Central >

< Shop by Brand at!>< - Get Your Concert Shirts Here!>>

<Exclusive Napoleon Dynamite Clothing at!><Hot Topic Clearance Sale>

Toys - Shop the - Christmas Store> - eBay - Ailsa's Amazon Page - Anything You Want!

< >< >

< >

< >

< > Hey, you can get a Star Wars Light Saber on eBay...!

< Museum Store Company - Own a Piece of History>

The Museum Store offers an exquisite collection of art, artifacts, museum reproductions, and historic jewelry, sculptures, and tapestries. We offer shoppers the opportunity to own or give a piece of history.<Visit the Museum Store>

<Get Fossil & Dinosaur Reproductions><Get The Mask of King Tutankhamun><Get The Celtic Cross Door Knocker>

And for all the DaVinci Code Fans... <Get The da Vinci Proportions of the Human Figure> This is a great source for Religious Items & info about the Saints... very interesting. When you are looking for a lovely and unique piece of Religious Jewelry, pop into the Religious Jewelry Store to see what they have for you or someone you love!

<Special Promotion - Get a FREE iPod Photo!> or a <FREE ipod!>

<FREE Motorola Razor Cellphone!> or <Get a FREE Laptop!>

Get a Wristband -- -- This is a new Company I'm doing business with, and they have all sorts of cool wristbands -- pop in to see what they have for Christmas & Hannakuh.... I know fer sures they have Tour de France (Lance Armstrong) and Napolean Dynamite Wristbands... and you can customize them with your favorite Player or your School... or your own name -- you get the picture! These Wristbands are great, because you can get them in so many styles, and you can Support a Good Cause at the same time. is a great Source for the Rubber Wristbands, too -- they have them for all the Causes (like the Lance Armstrong LiveStrong Bracelets...), and almost anything else you can imagine. Don't let the Pokemon stuff throw you off, although I did find this Company because my 6 year old son, Aidan, loooves all things Pokemon!

< Pokemon Trading Cards>(Yes, this is the company for the Wristbands!) <Click Here for Pokemon, Dragonball Z, and Harry Potter trading card games.> carries packs, cards, merchandise for Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Duel Masters, Harry Potter, Magic and more... Even all sorts of Sports Teams, too, including the College Teams.

<Banner >MLB Snow Globes, Christmas Stockings, MLB Santa Hats, NFL Santa Hats, and so much more! Star Struck's newly designed website is filled with thousands of gifts for any and all team sports fan! From fun stocking stuffers to MLB Authentic Customized Jerseys or our popular Customizable Replica Jerseys! Happy Holidays from Star Struck!

Art is a great Holiday Gift, especially for someone on your list who is just setting up their new home, or someone you want a really special and unique gift for... or buy it all for yourself, like I do!

< Visit><ART PRINTS -!><Movie Posters><What's New>

Calendars are a great Gift Option -- and we hand out a tremendous amount of Calendars, since Dwight orders them for his Business. When people look at their calendar, they see your Company Name, which is a very good thing!


Buy at
Harry Potter (Books 1-4)
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By the Shore
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An Enchanted Year
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< >

<Personalized Letters from the North Poll>

<Personalized Letters from Santa>

Click Here for a Whole Page of Personalized Products, perfect for Gift-Giving.

< Ask Santa to call child today > U.S. < Ask Santa to call a child this Christmas>U.K. You can get a Letter or a Call (or both!) from Santa! All very exciting for the younger set... and I'm thinking pretty funny for the oldies on yer list, too!

<Order a Letter From Santa. You can order to today and choose a future mailing date.>

<Wow! A Letter From Santa.>

< >

< Gifts for Everyone on Your List>< Canada Duty Free Items>

<The World's Best Pre-Lit Christmas Trees>

<><Lace Overlay Halter Corset> I looove this Corset -- must find out if it comes in my size!

<Logo Gifts> One way or another, this sort of Gift is likely to help you get into a Bigger and Better House! ha,ha,ha! Oh, and fer sures check out the Final Closeout Section - 100% of product at up to 80% off. You won't believe the Great Buys you can get -- on Shoes, Dresses, Lingerie, and all sorts of other lovely things! (Can you tell Frederick's of Hollywood is one of my favorite Shops??) <Save $10 off purchases of $100 or more.><Frederick's of Hollywood Shoe's>

Check out my Frederick's of Hollywood page for more Shopping Ideas ...

<Holiday Gifts>

< Roomba Discovery SE><Roomba Discovery SE Robotic Floor Vac - Guaranteed for Life at Hammacher Schlemmer>

<Banner >

<Banner >

<Animated 10000356 >


< >

< Get a FREE $500 Home Depot,Lowes, or OSH gift card> Hey, get a break on your Holiday Shopping!<Get a FREE $500 Gift Card to Home Depot, Lowes, or OSH>

< Free Products for Home or Office>< VistaPrint - Save 25% Off!> You know what makes a great Holiday Gift? A Personalized Business Card. It's unbelievable how many people with real live businesses don't have any new Business Cards. You can get them plain, or with a design you think the person will like (don't choose bunnies for a Cement Worker...) -- any card is better than no card when it comes to business...

And a Personal Card is very practical if you're out on the Singles Scene and you want to exchange 'safe' information, like an email address and maybe just your first name. Good for Teenagers, too, who might meet someone and not know completely how to say, "Call me!", but they might want to continue a conversation, and they could safely do that in a chatroom, or through email.

FREE Return Address Labels from VistaPrint... Click here.>

FREE Invitations from Click Here!>Get them fast before your big Holiday Party!

< > offers custom printed letters that are mailed directly from North Pole, Alaska on beautifully printed Santa Claus letterhead and signed by Santa himself! It's the perfect gift for any kid! Great low price! Get the hottest product this holiday season! <Personalized Letters from Santa>
Some features of our customized letters include the following:

- Addressed personally to your child
- Return address and postmark from North Pole, Alaska
- Special seasonal stamp
- Personalized with child’s name, home town, state and a friend's name
- Signed by Santa
- Up to 6 unique letters to choose from
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I love, love, looove these books by don Miguel Ruiz. These books would make a great gift for almost anyone on your list -- especially young people, Singles, and anyone you think loves to change, or needs a wee bit of positive energy to make a big change. Or anyone who likes to read! I loved The Mastery of Love and The Mastery of Knowledge, too -- I haven't checked to see if they come in a Gift Set, but I'll see if they do... otherwise, just order them at the same time, and have them shipped right to the lucky person on your Gift List!

The Four Agreements, by don Miguel Ruiz. Beautiful read. I loved the Companion Book to The Four Agreements, and it's every bit as good (wonderful, if you will...) as the First Book of Agreements. Can't wait to get back up to my Sunroom (where I love to read!) to finish this next Book. <The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom
The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

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It's not too early to get your Photo Holiday Cards...and I'm thinking that a set of 'Business Cards' would be a neat Gift. You can choose a really cool background, and then just put your Personal Information (or the person you're getting the Cards for...) on the 'Business Card. There's no better way of quickly giving out your Name and Contact Information than to whip out a Business Card, so they're great for anybody at any stage of their lives. And if you are wary of putting a phone number on the Card, just use your e-mail address. You can always Block anybody you don't like, so it's all good!

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eBay is a great source for absolutely anything, really, but especially if you are looking for the best price on any particular Product, or a Hard-to-Find Item. Don't forget that eBay has a whole Real Estate Section, too -- you know I think Land or a New Home is a great Gift! ha,ha,ha! (Or Jewelry ... or Chocolates & Flowers...okay, my own personal Gift List is endless, but those are the things at the top of the List -- and Books & Magazines, too!)

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Need a Sex and the City fix?? These are a great read for any Sex and the City Fan! I'm right in the middle of reading 'Trading Up', and just finished 'Sex in the City' before that!

<Sex and the CitySex and the City ><Trading UpTrading Up ><4 Blondes4 Blondes >

<Seinfeld Re-Gift Set ><Elf ><Shrek 2 >Oh, and check out the Shrek Karaoke DVD, too!

Hey, Here's Ellen's Book in Paperback -- and it's hilarious!<Funny Thing Is...
Funny Thing Is...

And here's another hilarious book that makes a great gift! If you love The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and his 'gang'/'posse', you'll love this! <The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America the Book: A Citizen's Guide to Democracy InactionThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America the Book: A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction >And this looks really funny, too!<Naked Pictures of Famous PeopleNaked Pictures of Famous People >

And I love the Donald Trump Books -- I'm getting this new one for Christmas (technically it's from Dwight! ha,ha!), and I got the last one for Dwight for Father's Day! Great for fans of The Apprentice!

<Trump -- Think Like a BillionaireTrump -- Think Like a Billionaire ><Trump -- How to Get Rich: Big Deals from the Star of The Apprentice
Trump -- How to Get Rich: Big Deals from the Star of The Apprentice

You know I love The Simpsons (and have Three Spec. Scripts for that Show!)...

<Monopoly: The SimpsonsMonopoly: The Simpsons >

My Bestest Friend, Greg, is a Disney Collector, so I'm always on the look-out for cool Disney Presents -- and these are very cool!<Monopoly: Mickey Mouse (75th Anniversary Edition)Monopoly: Mickey Mouse (75th Anniversary Edition) ><Disney Chess Collector's Edition TinDisney Chess Collector's Edition Tin >

And let's just say you know a Red Sox Fan...<Monopoly Game Boston Red Sox > Is that cool, or what??

Remember The Far Side, by Gary Larson? Soooo funny! Every year I get these Calendars -- they're great!<2005 Far Side Mini Wall Calendar2005 Far Side Mini Wall Calendar >

Have a Star Wars Fan on your List? Check out their waaaay cool Guitars!

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Are you buying a whole lot of DVDs for Gifts (for yourself and others!), this year? Columbia House has great Prices, and this could be a great option for you!

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Artwork makes a great Gift! I am particularly fond of Flowers, and I love these pieces with one single flower -- gorgeous! Oh, and check out Stevenson & Harold Feinstein -- I have their Prints nicely Framed in my Great Room and in the Sunroom.

< Visit>< Visit>< Visit><



Now who loves Chocolate?? Every year I have to remind Dwight that I love Chocolate, and to puh-leeease remember to buy some lovely Chocolates and a Great Book for me so I can enjoy my Christmas Day Afternoon (the bit between opening the presents and the Turkey Dinner!), then each and every year I just buy the gifts for myself, then tell Dwight what he bought for me (all the Wives will know about that! ha,ha,ha!) for us! And if he does happen to remember, then I have TWO Sets of Books & Chocolates, then I'm really happy!

< ><RICHART French Chocolates. For the serious chocolate lover. Taste to experience. Buy online.>

< Link to Survival Pack>< Gourmandise 25>

<Chrismas Boutique>Corporate Services include volume discount and free logo customization with no minimum volumes!>

(Oops! Slight spelling error, there ... Ah, well. It's time to put the 't' back in Christmas, as they say! Or the 'th', as the toothless prefer to say...Christhmas! ha,ha!)

< >Browse our online store for fine boxed chocolates, candy and gifts. We make delicious chocolates for all holidays and occasions, including corporate gifts. Family, friends, clients or any chocolate lover will enjoy the delicious taste of our chocolates.

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Swanky Martini Glasss Gift Packs
We have the most unique martini glassware online. Shipped FREE, Gift Wrapped FREE, and FREE Gift card. We are sure to please.


<EMSON Magic Bullet High Speed Blender Mixer System at> (Perfect for making Frozen Daiquaris -- is that really how you spell 'daiquari'? I thought it was 'Dacquari', but frankly, it all looks wrong, now... Ah, well. As long as you know how to Order and Make them, it's all good! ha,ha!)

Now, if you are looking for a particularly unique (and BIG!) Gift, check this out!

Beautiful Aquarium Designer Tables -- at Great Prices!

And then you're gonna need some FISH and Fish Accessories for your fancy new Aquarium...


And for all the rest of your Pets...


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< >< Click here to view Bunnykins, Pretty Ladies, Brambly Hedge and other assorted collectibles from Royal Doulton >

< Swarovski - The Magic of Crystal>< Swarovski - The Magic of Crystal>I got my Mum a gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Brooch for her Birthday. Have a wee look around the Swarovski Website -- I think you'll be surprised at all the new and beautiful things they have!

Carbon Monoxide Detector -- Now this is a great Gift for Yourself or those you Love! Keep Everybody Safe!

Personal Breathalizer Enter Code AILSA for a Special Discount for My Readers! So here's a Great Gift to get for yourself or for someone you care about to let them know when they've reached their limit with Alcohol at your Party or wherever you (or they) find themselves out Drinking. This one little device could save many, many lives and countless injuries, not to mention preventing someone from driving under the influence and getting a D.W.I. (D.U.I. in Canada).

Here's another Gift Idea that is a little 'Non-Standard' but great for someone who is a bit tricky to buy for, and is wonderful for getting people to try new things, since often there will be coupons for Restaurants you haven't tried before, and that sort of thing that gets you out the house. These are specific to your own area, or to the area where you are sending this as a Gift. Check it out and see if it might be just the right thing!

< >The 2005 Entertainment Book is here! Save up to 50% on local restaurants, groceries, movie tickets and more. FREE Shipping when you buy online!<Entertainment Book>

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<1031_Afl_7KGftAnim_468x60><'s Holiday Gift Guide>

< Unique Gifts for Everyone!>Wine Gifts & Baskets, Gift Baskets for all Occasions, Champagne Gifts & Baskets... Great gifts for any occasion! GiftTree><Click here.> I just sent my Auntie Joyce a Beautiful Floral Bouquet through, and the Selection is amazing. It's also an incredibly easy Site to purchase through, and their Gifts are absolutely lovely!

< Wine, Fruit, and Gourmet Gift Baskets.>For the best selection of wine baskets on the web!>

<Beauty in a Basket! The perfect holiday gift this Season!>


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Bluefly is delighted to be the exclusive retailer of the St. Jude Thanks & Giving ‘hope’ collection. Join Marlo Thomas and other celebrity supporters by purchasing these great t-shirts and accessories for the holidays. 100% of the net proceeds of these items benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

<Tanzanite International Best Sellers Collection>

This is a new addition to my website -- I found when I was looking for some nice Jewelry for my Mum for her Birthday. They have incredible Prices, so I wrote to see if I could 'hook you up'! They have an amazing selection of all sorts of Personalized Jewelry, too, which is great for yourself or for a special Gift.

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<PNY 1GB SD Secure Digital Memory Card at>

<Halo 2 for XBOX at>

<APPLE iPod Digital Music MP3 Player at>

How many people do you know with a Sore Back? And how many do you live with?? ha,ha! We love our Massage Chair -- Aidan in particular loves it, so it's even good for the 'Under 6' Group, too!

<RTB Health><Relax The Back Free Gift with Purchase!>

< >Oh, you can never go wrong with a Tie! I've bought my share of Ties over the years, but now they have an incredible Selection -- I'm sure you'll find something you like!< Wild Neckties from >

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< >< specializes in Greek letter sweatshirts, and more...><Greekgear had the best of sorority gifts. Everything you need for your favority sorority girl.>

< Seen On TV Super Store >You won't believe all the cool stuff you can find at this Site -- take a minute and have a wee look around!

< world's largest, single-source distributor and e-tailer of hottest selling As-Seen-On-TV products in US and Canada ><Super Holiday Bundles>

<>"Shari's Berries are dipped in either dark, milk or white chocolate, then sprinkled with almonds, coconut, mini-coconut, mini-chocolate chips, double-dipped or decorated with two types of chocolate. A uniquely creative gift."<100 a la carte Gift Basket>

Do you have a Commuter on Your Gift List? Is it you?? This is a great way to get lots of new stuff to listen to while you're driving!<Make your commute enjoyable>


And then when you finally get to go on a Vacation...

<Luxury Spa Finder Magazine subscription  176x227><Temporary Seasonal Banner 120x240><Spa Gifts 180 X 150><Need a special gift? Consider a Spa Gift Certificate.>

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Hey, you know I love a great deal -- and fantastic clothes ... I'll be checking this out to see what I can get in here!


We first discovered The Bombay Company at one of our local Malls -- their stuff is absolutely gorgeous! If you are looking for something special for yourself or someone you love, this is a good place to find a very unique gift!


<Bombay Company Special Deals><The Bombay Company Outlet>This is a particularly lovely Centerpiece, and it's on sale right now for $29.00!<Christmas Peonies with Pine Needles and Berries icon>

<Apple iPods at Incredibly Reduced Prices!!>

<Save up to 80% on all your art needs!>

<6-Week Body Makeover>

One year Dwight got me a giant Mouse Sander, which I love, for Christmas. See, Tools can be great for everyone! ha,ha!<



< > < Canadian Tire >< Canadian Tire >

Do you love to Light Up Your House and Yard, but the cost is astronomical? With Electricity Rates so high, now, and everyone's concerns about saving Electricity, these LED Lights are a great idea from Canadian Tire!<Noma Outdoor 35 C6 LED Light SetNoma Outdoor 35 C6 LED Light Set White, Outdoor C6 LED light set provides 80-90% energy savings compared to conventional lighting. 200,000 hour bulb life. No heat is generated so lights remain cool to the touch when lit. 35 unbreakable bulbs. End-to-end light set.CSA approved and CUL listedfor indoor/outdoor use>

Canadian Tire has one of the best selections of Christmas Ornaments, too!<12-inch Grapevine Wreath12-inch Grapevine Wreath
Adds a beautiful holiday touch to your front door or wall. 12" (31 cm diameter), 3 designs (each sold separately)>

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< Shop Early at Wal-Mart for Top Holiday Gifts>

< Find Top Gifts for Every Wish at Wal-Mart>

< Create Unique Personalized Gifts at>

<holiday04 expires 1/9/05><Save 10% sitewide at Gardener's Supply Company>

And if there's a sweet little Baby on your Holiday List:


<Car Seat Bags>(These are great if you live in a cold climate!)

< Personalized Children's Books. Click here!><Personalized Children's Books>

<<Gifts 120x90 >

<> <Fresh Baked Love>

<Recipes><Americas Best Kitchens>

Can you guess that I love Frederick's of Hollywood?? ha,ha! They have an amazing selection of gorgeous Shoes and Dresses -- and quite a few other lovely wee things (emphasis on the 'wee'!). I got my favorite Black Thigh High Boots from Frederick's online, and they fit beautifully. And if you've been watching Desperate Housewives, you might want to pick out a wee outfit that you would see on that hilarious Show!

<Frederick's of Hollwood for the Holiday Season>

<Dress><Evening Dresses>


Search by item # or Keyword

<Frederick's Holiday>

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<Holiday Cards >

Check out for a Huge Selection of Great Gifts -- and Everything Else!!

Endless Pools Counter-Current Swim Spa> If you are thinking of getting something really, really big for a Holiday Gift for your Family, these Endless Pools are beautiful and great for Exercise, too! I wonder if Dwight would let me put one of these Pools in the Sunroom in the next house we build? Must show him the pictures!

< Endless Pools - Swim at Home> <video_gen_160x600.gif > <promo160x600>






<> <Sign up for a FREE $10 Starbucks Coffee Card and 2 Dozen Yummy Krispy Creme Doughnuts>

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Now, this one's for Adults ... relatively liberal Adults!



<Best Selling Holiday Gifts><Holiday Gifts Under $25><Top Unique Gift Ideas>

Here are some Great Links for All the Movie & TV Stuff you can think of, and then some!! I buy stuff from them all the time -- I just got the Wizard of Oz Handbag for Cara and The Sopranos Sweatshirt for Dwight!

<The Sopranos >< The Simpsons>< The Osbournes>< Sex and the City>< Pink Panther >

< Guinness T-shirts and Boxers >< New stuff here!>

< Ties>< Pens>< Stationery >< Money Clips>< Watches>

<Pink Panther>

Princesses : <Sleeping Beauty> <Beauty and the Beast> <Snow White> <Cinderella > <Princess Leia> <Xena >

Candy Caps : <Tootsie Roll Caps > <Candy Caps>

Looney Tunes Trucker Caps : <Looney Tunes >

Speed Racer Caps : <Speed Racer >

Superhero Caps : <Justice League > <Superman > <Wonder Woman ><Batman > <Green Lantern > < Supergirl >

TONS MORE! <New stuff here!>

<Dream Home Makeover ><



<Holiday Cards >

Check out for a Huge Selection of Great Gifts -- and Everything Else!!

<Safeway/Free Delivery 120x60 Animated ><Safeway/Basic Brand _120x240 Static >

Recipes Menu: -- Cheesecake ,Cinnamon Buns, Salsa Chicken , Macaroni Salad ,Chicken Noodle Soup, Taco Spaghetti , Easy Pie Crust , Creamy Peach Pie , Great BBQ Marinade , 'Pass da' Pasta, Rosemary Steak, Onion Barley (an Aphrodisiac!), Stuffed Green Peppers, Fruit Puffs , BBQ Veggies, Apple Crumble for One , Barbequed Meatballs, Gambling, Everything Else!!

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<Weslo DS10 Cadence TreadmillWeslo DS10 Cadence Treadmill>

<Mongoose Pathfinder Full Suspension Mountain BikeMongoose Pathfinder Full Suspension Mountain Bike>

<Bladez ION 150 Electric PowerBoardBladez ION 150 Electric PowerBoard>

<Cobra GPS100 GPS UnitCobra GPS100 GPS Unit>

<Lifetime 71523 Competition Shatter Guard 54 Inch XL Portable Basketball System
Lifetime 71523 Competition Shatter Guard 54 Inch XL Portable Basketball System


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