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Find a Contractor -- Ailsa's Business Page

All the Services and Contractors you'll need for Your Renovation or Your Building Project.

It's always good to have a Contractor up your sleeve, so-to-speak! And it's much better to have someone in mind before an Emergency... this is a great National Service so you can find out who is available in your own Neighborhood. Plus, it's great to have a List of Contractors for the really Big Jobs, like a Major Renovation or a House Build, right??

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General Contractors

D.K. Mechanical, Ltd. Dwight (my ex-husband) owns D. K. Mechanical, so that's why they're all over the Site. They do Commercial and Residential Heating and Air Conditioning. They also do Complete Renovations or Development Packages (like a Lower Level Development...), Home Repair and Plumbing.

<Contractors> <Find Remodeling Contractors> <Find Bathroom Remodeling Contractors>

<Find Basement Remodeling Contractors> <Find Kitchen Remodeling Contractors> <Find Home Service Pros>


D.K. Mechanical Commercial and Residential Heating and Air Conditioning.

Click Here for Pictures of Dwight's In-Floor Radiant Heat (and Dwight).

Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors

<Air Conditioning> <Heating> <Find Heating and Cooling Contractors>

<Find Air Conditioning Contractors>

Earthquake-Proof Your Home

<Earthquake Info> <Find Pros to Earthquake-Proof a Structure>


<Plumbers> <Find Plumbers>

Plumbing Supplies

< Kitchen and bath fixtures> is the premier online shopping source for luxury residential kitchen and bath plumbing fixtures. They carry all the high end lines such as Jado, Franke, Blanco and Toto just to name a few. Free shipping on all "Franke" products.> <>

<Plumbing Supplies> <Designer Bathtubs> <Taps & Faucets>

<Showers> <Fancy Bathrooms>

House Plans

It's a great idea to check on-line for Your House Plans, first. You will save potentially thousands of dollars, and you might find a style you hadn't even though of! It's incredible what's out there, these days!


<House Plans>


Hey, you might like to Buy our House Plans! It's a great House -- we're madly in love with it!

Click Here to Buy Our House Plans!


<Home Repair> <Home Improvement> <Addition and Remodel Contractors>

<Find Remodeling Contractors> <Find Bathroom Remodeling Contractors>

<Find Basement Remodeling Contractors> <Find Kitchen Remodeling Contractors>


<Painters> <Find Painting and Staining Contractors>

F.B.H. Incorporated. (Mark & Brandon! These guys are great and do a really lovely job! Plus, they're very kind to animals and Home Owners -- can't top that! ha,ha,ha!) 403-607-9919


<House Framers>





<Construction Excavation>



<Lumber> <Building Materials>


Get a Free Roofing Quote

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<Roofing Materials> <Roofing Contractors> <Find Roofing Contractors>

Real & Cultured Stone Products

<Stone Products> <Tile> <House Finishes>

Learn How to Tile -- Pop into my 'How to Tile' Page!


<Drywallers> <Insulation>

Elite Drywall


Get a Free Quote for Your New Windows for Your House Build or Replacement Windows for Your Renovation.

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Click Here. >

<Windows> <Doors> <Window Contractors> <Find Window Contractors>


Learn How to Tile -- Pop into my 'How to Tile' Page!

<Tile> <Marble Tile> <Granite Tile>


<Enter Now to Win a $1000 KITCHEN REMODEL!>

<Kitchens> <Cabinetry> <Countertops> <Granite Countertops> <Cabinet Hardware>


< Discount Flooring><Blow out flooring - SAVE up to 70%>

<Flooring> <Carpeting> <Hardwood%20Flooring> <Floor%20Tiles>


<Shelving> <Wire Shelving> <Glass Shelving>

Siding & Exterior Finish

< > Visit our Vinyl siding site to learn more about siding and for a free Siding Quote Click Here.>

<Exterior House Finishes> <Stucco Contractors> <Siding Contractors>

<Find Siding Contractors> <Find a Vinyl Siding Contractor>

Sunrooms & Additions

<Sunrooms> <Home Additions> <Find a Contractor>

<Get a Pro to Add a Sunroom or Patio Enclosure> <Addition and Remodel Contractors>

<Find a Contractors to Build an Addition>


Request the Endless Pools Free Information Kit complete with a DVD or Video by Clicking Here >

< Endless Pools - Swim at Home>

<Find Swimming Pool Pros>

Landscaping & Bobcat Work

<Landscaping> <Landscaping Contractors> <Gardening> <Bobcat Contractors>

R & R Landscaping (That's our friend, Ron! His Property is up for Sale, so click on and see the details!)

Dirt...Cheep! Enterprises, Inc. Screened Loam, Garden Mix, Bark Mulch, Compost, Gravel. Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

403-703-SOIL (403-703-7645)


For Your Driveway or Tennis Court -- or a whole Roadway, if you're a Developer!


<Stamped Concrete>


Crane Service & Picker Trucks

<Crane Operators> <Picker Trucks>

High River Rentals 403-652-4445; Fax: 403-652-1011

High River Rentals moved our Hot Tub for us. Click Here to see them in action!

Glass & Mirrors

<Glass> <Mirrors> <Interior Windows>

Okotoks Glass Ltd. Doug Thompson, 204 Stockton Ave., Okotoks, Alberta, Canada. 403-938-2799; Fax: 403-938-5904

Window Cleaning

<Window Cleaning>

<Find a Prescreened Maid Service>

Carpenters/Cabinet Installation


<Cabinet Installation>

Trevor Campbell Trevor is our favorite Carpenter -- he's fast and efficient, and he always shows up when he says he will -- now that's a great Contractor! Decks, Cabinetry, Trim Work (Casing, Baseboards, Crown Molding, etc.), Garages, Bars ,Islands... he's a very talented Finishing Carpenter.



<Electrical Information>


<Builders> <Home Builders> <Home Builders in California> <Home Builders in the USA>

<Home Builders in Canada><Home Builders in the U.K.>

Country Rose Homes

British Building & Real Estate






Real Estate

MLS (Multiple Listing Service for Real Estate)

<FREE Home Seller Evaluation Kit™>

< Looking to buy or sell a home? >Compare REALTORS® First. It's Fast, Free, and Anonymous!> You'll need a Realtor to Find a nice Lot to Build on, too -- they always have the best connections. If you are new to an Area, they can provide information about your new Neighborhood, and if you are doing the Buy-Renovate-Sell thing, Realtors can let you know which Areas Sell well ... and that's critical to know!

I think there are still a couple of Building Lots out here in our Estate Area for Sale.

Contact Isabel Foster at or Visit .


MLS (Multiple Listing Service for Real Estate)

<FREE Home Seller Evaluation Kit™>

<Find a Realtor>

Dave Galbraith -- A good guy we know who is a Realtor.

Mortgages & Other Loans

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<Find a Mortgage>


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Find a Mortgage

<Complete One Form, Get Up To Four Free Loan Offers>

< Affourd home improvements>

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Get a Free Quote for your Life Insurance

Insurance Quotes - Disability Insurance Quotes

Free Quote and Insiders Guide to Life Insurance Click Here. >


<Dentists> <Find a Dentist> <Cosmetic Dentistry>

Dr. Darcy A. Isted, D.D.S. (My favorite Dentist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


<Restaurants> <Chinese Restaurants> <Mexican Restaurants> <Take-Out Food> <Italian Restaurants> <Greek Restaurants> <Seafood Restaurants> <Steak Houses>

The Angler's Choice in Marina Del Ray in the Fisherman's Wharf. Whenever I'm in the Los Angeles Area, I love to swing by the Marina to have dinner at this Restaurant -- and it's important to go right up the stairs, so you can get a good view of the Water at night! Very pretty. Great Seafood... and a very nice Staff, too -- thanks to Christopher Doyle, who was our Server when I was there on my last trip to L.A. Say hello to him for me when you stop by! 310-306-5662

Okotoks Pizza & Pasta Ltd. 116 Elizabeth St., Okotoks. 403-938-8989

The Old Spaghetti Factory -- Downtown Calgary by the Euclaire Centre 403-263-7223


<Lawyers><Real Estate Lawyers><Find a Lawyer>

M. Terry Leonard Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 403-270-3556 ; Fax: 403-283-5069

We have used Terry Leonard for all our Real Estate Legal Purposes for years -- he's the only Lawyer I've ever wanted to see! He's direct, efficient, nice and very reasonably priced.

Cleaning Services

<Cleaning Services> <Find Prescreened Cleaning Contractors> <Find a Prescreened Maid Service>


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< Moving Company Estimates >

<Moving Kits> <Order Boxes Online!>

<Movers> <Moving Companies> <Moving Tips>

Smooth Moves. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 403-230-2390 ;Fax: 403-230-7261

We have used Smooth Moves for years, for both Business and Personal Moves. They're always nice, efficient and careful with your carpet! (We all know how important that is!)

Accountants & Taxes

<Accountants> <Find an Accountant> <Tax Information>

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Custom Wholesale Buffwear

Perfect for your Team, Group or Company! Get your Own Logo on a Buff -- just like the Buffs they wear on Survivor!

I'll hook you up with a Wholesale Price so you can re-sell them to the members of your Group as a Fundraiser, or for you to hand out as Promotional Items ... or just make a good old-fashioned Profit from them! Whatever you do, just Order them through me!! ha,ha,ha!

Great Gyms

Greig's Gym. 403-938-3067, 26 Crystal Ridge Drive, Okotoks, Alberta. This is the New Gym in Okotoks where I go -- fantastic Gym!

Fitness with Ailsa - The Best 'Get Rid of Cellulite' Exercise, Ever! - The Scottish Diet

Hair Dressers Best place in L.A. for Aidan's hair cuts...

Hair Architects, 6865 La Tijera Blvd., Los Angeles. 310-338-1300

Business Cards

This is the Company I get all my Business Cards from -- they have all sorts of stuff, including Address Labels, for every time you move!

Click here. >

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Need a New Job or a New Employee? Click Here!

Careers & Employees: Find a Job -- Find an Employee

If you're in the Calgary Area and you're Looking for a Job or Need an Employee, check out this site

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Or If You're A Contractor -- <Click Here to Bid on Construction Projects>

Business Advertising

<Business Advertising>

Advertise with and reach a Huuuuge Targeted Audience for Construction, Building, and Home Renovation, People in the Market to Buy and Sell Properties and all sorts of other stuff.

Special Deal for 2005 -- a Full Year for only $69.95! (U.S. Funds)

Send your Business info and we'll get you on the site!

Contact Ailsa at --


<Classified Ads>

Would you like to Advertise Your House for Sale on our Site? You can put your own email address or your Realtor's address -- whichever you prefer... We can Post Photos of your House to our site -- whenever we're selling any Real Estate, we always take Pictures from the Front and Back Exterior of the House and Some Nice of Shots of the Interior of the House. If you have a feature item(s) in your Home, be sure to get a good shot of that. has lots of Site Traffic, and everyone's looking for something, so if you have something to sell, add it to my Classifieds Page.

Text Only -- $19.95 U.S. for 3 Months

Contact us at

Drop me a line and we'll do a 'Reciprocal Link' with you!

<Find Reciprocal Links>

Reciprocal Links We all love (and need) Reciprocal Links, so if you would like to add Build Your Own House to your site, just Cut and Paste this Link onto your site. Drop me a line at , and I'll put you on our Links Page. Build Your Own Dream House! Build, Renovate, Buy or Sell Your Own Home. Photo Gallery, Tips & Recipes, Mortgage Info Made Easy, Diet & Fitness Advice that Actually Works, a Weekly Update Page and a Whole Lot More, all with a Few Laughs!

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And here's all the Photo Pages (With Info!)


Check out for all your Wants & Needs

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