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Astrology: August Horoscope ... Happy Birthday, Leo!!

Free Monthly Horoscope ... scroll down to read the Full forecast for August from Rose Marcus :)


Quick aside from me, Ailsa, the Author of this site, -- I had a Reading over the phone with Rose Marcus a while back, and it was amazing. Frankly, I'd rather put my money into that than a whole lot of Therapy (unless it's really good therapy, but more on that later...). Anyway, it was a great Reading, and put a lot of things into perspective for me. Very clarifying! If you want to give that a try, just use Rose's email address to set up an appointment, if you like. Oh, and then let me know how it goes! :) (604)988-1299

And now for your Monthly Horoscope from Rose Marcus...! Please note: Rose is available for private consultations. EVOLUTIONARY ASTROLOGER, TAROT READER, CLAIRVOYANT

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ARIES (March 21- April 19)
Mercury’s dip into Virgo is both a reminder of and a preliminary introduction to the healing, work, and unfinished business yet to be accomplished. Peeling back the curtains a layer at a time, Neptune’s retrograde cycle helps you to see your soul’s reflection more clearly. Past Aug 8 when Mercury returns to Leo, you should find you have gathered enough momentum to detach yourself from the immediacy of the moment, to regain self at center, and to optimize the best of your current potentials. Tune out the non-essentials, let your kids or loved ones find their own way, indulge yourself more and polish up your shine. Be the script-writer for your own well being and happiness and let others do the same. Laugh and love more.

As is typical of Mercury retrograde, re-meets can bring someone of significant influence back into your life and/or it can advance an important karma chapter. Mercury retrograde in Leo will bring this situation or relationship to its fullest light. Mid August can be the peak of the cycle, especially August 9 – 11, 16 - 18, and 24 – 25 when Mars forms several dynamic contacts to the cardinal positioned planets (Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn). Family matters involving property, settlements, siblings, children or step children, and extended family are highlighted. There may be several important items on your karmic checklist. Expect this issue or circumstance to carry forward through mid September through November, and into the first half of 2012. Mid month can also deliver a personal, social, romantic or creative high, special acknowledgement, a time of fruition and exceptional opportunity.
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TAURUS (April 20 -May 20)
Mercury retrograde could find you slipping back into old behaviours or thought patterns, but if you pause for reflection, you’ll notice that it is different for you somehow this time. You probably aren’t getting same feeling/charge out of it as you used to get. You may not have noticed it fully, but you have stepped over the divide that separates the old self and the evolving self. Yes, you have changed. If you find yourself slipping on backtrack during the retrograde, know is serves to provide added recognition and perspective. Sure, there can be self doubt, stressful moments, and people who push your buttons. The truth of the matter is that you do know what you want and need - or rather what you don’t. The elimination process is a start, and a productive one at that.

Along with a new way of viewing the world around you, Neptune’s return to Aquarius (August 8 - February 2012) can bring fresh social and career opportunities. Restless is your barometer - if you feel it, do something about it. When you are ready, the universe will provide the synchronicity you need. All you have to do is to stay open and welcoming to what’s around the corner.

Mercury opposing Neptune can re-ignite material, emotional, and professional insecurities or vulnerabilities. It can confront you with your dependencies and addictions issues. You could revisit issues to do with family matters, living arrangements, etc. A support person or support system can play a bigger role now; there is significant change developing here. While Mars is in Cancer, some may leave you, but there are others to fill in the gap. Bonds with a sibling, friend, mentor or nurturer type can strengthen. It is a good time to establish a more personal relationship with a professional who will put your best interests at heart, be it material, financial, health-related, etc. Time and money spent on home renovations, career upgrades, and counselling are definitely worth the investment.

Mars in Cancer and Jupiter’s continuing trine to Pluto help you to hold steady throughout this transition time. Aug 8 – 13 can put you under pressure and/or compel you forward in some significant way. You may have to address something legal. You could find yourself forced to defend your position, or to take an official or definitive step forward. Extra caution when driving or travelling is always recommended during Mercury retrograde. (Don’t forget to wear your seat belt or helmet!)

As Mercury retrograde ends (Aug 24) it’s the right time to be making future plans and to go prospecting. Venus and sun aligned with Pluto suggests opportunity is yours for the taking. Ask and ye shall receive.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
While Mercury retrograde is in Virgo, family and home related matters are likely to keep you busy/be of concern. Too, your own internal dissatisfactions, question marks, or restless can keep you on edge. As of August 8, when both Mercury retrograde and Neptune shift signs, you are likely to feel you are let off the hook in some significant way. It can be an emotional prompt, but it could be actual change too, i.e. the start of a vacation, the end of a visit, a deadline surpassed, a project or obligation out of the way, etc. Mid month can deliver a special event or special meeting, a gift, invitation or opportunity. Others can have good news to share, or good fortune to celebrate.

Mars leaves Gemini and moves into Cancer on August 3. This planetary switch will help you to refine your output so that you get the most out of your activities and inner explorations. In fact, over this month you can find you discover more about yourself and your capacities. There’s something percolating inside of you, it’s waiting for the right moment to come alive. The more you engage, the more it/you will spark. Allow yourself to try things on for size. Your current interests, explorations, brain storms, and exchanges are stepping stones. Observe what works for others and see if you can borrow it and change it in order to make it your own. A simple suggestion could be the “it” that builds your bridge or launches your ship.

The mid weeks of the month are ideal for vacationing, socializing, and catching up. Once Venus (August 21) and the sun (Aug 23) move into Virgo and Mercury retrograde ends (Aug 24), you should find the clean-it, clear-it, fix-it, and secure-it matters can be more easily and successfully handled.

CANCER (June 22-July 22)
“Should” or “must” plaguing you? Or have you been building toward it but haven't gotten there yet? Trust Mars in Cancer to get you moving. By the same token, if you have had that sense that something is coming down the pike – you are most likely right. August could get off to a big splash – perhaps even an explosive start, thanks to Mars reigniting the cardinal positions of Uranus, (Aug 8/9), Pluto (Aug, 10/11), and Saturn (Aug 24/25). Also, on Aug 16, Mars re-energizes the July 1 Solar Eclipse. Each one of these contacts represents a major forward thrust and corner-turned regarding your soul’s evolutionary directive. What transpires now is certainly not light stuff, it is of major consequence. (Just ask Jack Layton.)

Stay alert for the building energies. When fired-up passion is directed appropriately, your fuel can deliver excellent mileage. The moment is absolutely infused with optimum potential to make a break for it, to strike out on your own, to reinvent yourself, and your life. A new career direction could be just the ticket. August 16 - 18 can be fortuitous, advancing, and synchronistic; creative endeavours, financial, or relationship matters can come together beautifully.

On the other hand, try not to let an overheated moment or emotion get the better of you. Impatience, hair-trigger temper tantrums, whip-lash reactive-ness, caustic exchanges, competition, passive/aggressive behaviour, outright anger, etc. –it is all within the range of possibilities coming-at-you or from-you when Mars sparks, especially Aug 9, 10. You may find yourself quite indignant and sharp-edged if you feel you have been unfairly treated, judged, or denied what you feel is rightfully yours.

By the third week of the month when Venus and the sun enter Virgo and Mercury retrograde ends, you should feel that you have gained more than you have lost or relinquished; that you have plenty to work on and toward.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)
Venus in Leo (to Aug 21), Mercury retrograde in Leo (Aug 8 to Sept 8), and Mars in Cancer, (Aug 3 to Sept 18) will help you to reclaim self-at-center and to refocus on what matters to you most. You should find yourself infused with renewed vitality and ambition. Too, you’ll become more conscious of your comfort zones, your evolving needs, and your thought processes. This introspection is a productive lead-in to a new self-discovery chapter. Once you learn how to override your old fall-back programs/behaviour responses, you’ll find you can call the shots with more effectiveness.

Added attention can come your way through a variety sources and forms. While Mercury and Neptune oppose across the Leo/Aquarius axis (to Aug 8) you should find synchronicity to exceptionally active, obvious, and quick-firing. Instantaneous messaging can be good entertainment– think of it/them and there they are. It’s an example of how simple the creative process can be when you create the right channel for it.

Through-out the Mercury/Neptune opposition transit, (now through mid next month), the best you can do is to stay present and open-ended, and to allow the next moment to reveal itself. Spontaneity and instincts should serve you well, so long as you keep welcoming to the range of possibilities rather than try to impose your will upon divine will. Due to the alignments of Sun, Venus and Mercury retrograde, August 16 can be an outstanding day. Your creativity and ability to convey is at peak. It can be a day of important talks, decisions, steps, purchases, gifts, celebration, singled out attention, luck, etc. Someone or something significant can show up. If it is your birthday, you be at the start of a milestone year.

The full moon Aug 13 can bring relationship or financial matters to a peak. It’s best for socializing or for enjoying a special event.

From Aug 21 onward, it will be time to finish off what needs to be done and to get yourself prepped and organized for the upcoming change of season.

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VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
It's great if you can book yourself some time off. And if you can’t do that, at least let yourself off the hook from guilt, unnecessary activity, and excessive worry during Mercury’s retrograde cycle. Spinning in such manner won't do you any good, it never does. Simplification is key. If you don’t have to do it/buy it, then don’t. Of course, keep responsible and don’t let things slide that you know you should address. Now through August 8, Mercury in Virgo can keep you on the go. Once Mercury dips back into Leo, you could lose some of your focus or find that you fritter away or waste more than is preferable. True relaxation can be work for your sign, but it’s vital to do. Aim to get the right balance of activity and downtime/rest. You know about healthy choices and good-for-you routines, but while Mercury retrograde tours Leo, aim to indulge yourself more. Pleasure and play is important soul work too.

The opposition of Mercury and Neptune (through mid September) can bring question marks/keep you guessing about work or health related matters. Try not to project so much. Instead, take it a day at a time. Are you waiting for answers or results? Extra patience is necessary. (We are dealing with the same transits.)

Put yourself on a semi- hiatus from unnecessary pressure as best you can and look to the end of the month, when Venus and the sun advance into Virgo and Mercury retrograde completes for things to get rolling, and for you to get yourself cooking again.

LIBRA (Sept 22-Oct 22)
Leo is the month to put pleasure and socializing to the top of your to-do list. Get the work, the organizing and finishing off out of the way as best you can in this first week. Once Mercury retrogrades into Leo (Aug 8 to Sept 8), you won’t be in the mood for nose to the grind-stone.
You can find that people start to repopulate your life in synchronistic ways, through casual contact and more significantly too. Watch the full moon Aug 13, and Aug 16 – 18 for someone or something special to appear. When Venus, the sun, and Mercury retrograde align, a sudden flash of inspiration could hit, or an unexpected opportunity could come, seemingly out of the blue. In reality, it has most likely been coming down the pike for awhile.

Mars in Cancer (Aug 2 - Sept 18) can turn the spotlight onto a particular responsibility or family member in transition or need. A financial matter can be of added concern too. Take it one step at a time. By the third week of the month when Venus and the sun advance into Virgo and Mercury retrograde ends, you will have more information under your belt, have more productive tools to work with and can see your way a little clearer. You’ll be able to ease up on the worry a little more too.

Even though we’ll have another month before the change of season begins, by the third week of the month, you’ll already be heeding the back-to-work/school call. It seems you are quite ready to get with a new program. Take time to explore new options and avenues, allow yourself a couple of weeks to get acclimatized and plan to rev it up/forge ahead by mid to late September.

SCORPIO (Oct 23~Nov 22)
Start of the month, watch for the unexpected to get you going, perhaps faster than you planned. Too, there are probably a few things you have put off that you’d like to get around to doing now. Perhaps there is special someone to cater to, or even a few people who have had less attention from you lately. These are the priorities that are likely to consume you through Mercury’s retrograde cycle. Someone of prominence or influence, or of special importance to you, can be instrumental in taking you where you need to/want to go. You can be in good graces and/or gain favoured attention. Seize your opportunity when it appears before you.

A renewed ambition regarding your own health and welfare is a positive catalyst. Of course, attention to bettering your best is always good ambition. Even if you are happy where you are, there is always higher to aspire. Success is but a plateau to build from. Of While Mercury opposes Neptune (through mid September), you simply can’t get all your bases covered, nor see or plan too far ahead. Take it step at a time; invent it as you go along.

Neptune’s dip back into Aquarius, now through the beginning of February can keep you inspired and busy. Do you have something new on the go? It is likely to claim most of your attention. It can also keep you restless, unsettled or unsure.

Mars in Cancer, Aug 3 to Sept 18 can put you into a travel cycle. If you don’t go anywhere physically, you will emotionally and spiritually. This is placement could see you break new ground in romance, scholastic, vocational, or professional realms. It’s a great time to delve into writing, photography, creative exploration, or to undertake counselling if you need it. This Mars position is also favoured for publishing, marketing ventures, scouting, and legal matters, but do your research first and wait until Mercury retrograde is out of the way before you launch or approach decision makers.

Mars will make several important alignments throughout the month: square Uranus on Aug 8/9, opposition Pluto on Aug 10/11, and square Saturn on Aug 24, 25. Each of these stage setting dates take you past a significant threshold or hurdle and sets yet another critical paving stone into position.

The full moon Aug 13 can bring surprise attention your way, or it can deliver something sudden or unexpected, perhaps to do with family, professional, banking, or legal matters and contracts. Important people or loved ones can figure prominently. Noting Mercury retrograde, anything could happen (accidents, sudden bursts, etc.) Then again it may simply bring a special occasion to celebrate (an award, wedding, anniversary, or some other milestone.)

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22~Dec21)
Mercury’s temporary dip into Virgo delivers an important reminder, perhaps several. Yes, time is slipping away. It’s truly amazing, isn’t it? While the everyday mundane will always lay claim on life’s priorities, Mercury opposing Neptune calls your attention/your quest to finding higher purpose and meaning. The truth of the matter is that each moment is a universe unto itself and we only experience it but once. You know it, you feel it and you want to make the most of it. Love, live, laugh - it’s the best you can do.

Mercury retrograde will spend the majority of it’s time revisiting Leo. While you can experience the usual Mercury retrograde snafus, for the most part, you should Aug 8 to Sept 8 to deliver stellar grace. Stay ambitious, seek life’s best offerings, and express the best of yourself. When you shine your light to the world around you, it gifts you back. August 16 can be an outstanding day for connecting, creating, celebrating and spreading/sharing good news. Something or someone special can make your day. Aug 18 is also fortuitous. Leo is a favoured month for pleasure pursuits, travel, entertainment, publishing or performing arts, and for businesses that cater to the season. Romance, travel and reconnections make for good sunshine too.

Mars in Cancer, Aug 3 to Sept 18, puts added attention on issues to do with family, home matters, health, finances, emotional comfort zones, safety, and security. Along with exposing your tender, vulnerable, nurturer, or needy side, Mars also fires-up your self-preservation instincts. This can mean cozying up, hunkering down, holding on tighter, or liberating yourself, it all depends on your particular circumstance.

There are radical turns along your transformation highway, and this month positions you at several critical intersections. Endings, beginnings, or transitions - an important relationship, project, health or financial thresholds can be crossed/surpassed Aug 8 to 11 as Mars squares Uranus and then opposes Pluto. Mars can inflame health, even call for surgery, but sun, Venus and Mercury retrograde in revitalizing Leo suggest you are on your way to better things ahead. Aug 24 – 26 can see you past yet another hurdle.

Get a move-on/breakthrough time! Mars in Cancer, Aug 2 through Sept 18, positions you at the start of a new chapter. You’ll now find the momentum is sufficient to put life into action. This Mars placement switches the emphasis from striving, fixing, and working toward getting there, to engaging, unleashing, and actually being there. It also fires up your social life; it animates both your personal ambition and brings relationship dynamics out into the open too.

If you pause for a moment’s reflection, you’ll see that over the month of July you have had an ample dose of Mercury in Leo insights. Now the sun in Leo will make you even more consciousness of that inner spark so that you can breathe it to life. Venus assists to enhance a sense of your own worth so that you can better command it from others too.

Mercury’s temporary dip into Virgo (July 28 to Aug 2) qualifies it more/provides more clues. It can be hard to see the full extent of what could be coming your way, but suffice to say that Mercury’s opposition to Neptune, now through mid Sept, keeps the potentials on the ready-to-pop dial.
As Mercury retrograde backs into Leo (Aug 2 to Sept 8) and Mars moves forward, you are likely to be showing more of your feisty side. When/if push comes to shove you aren’t likely to back down too quickly. Don’t second guess your sense of deserving, but know when a sense of entitlement is in the way of good decision making. Aug 3, 8 – 11 can see strain or conflict occur, most likely with a business or primary partner, or perhaps a family member. You could feel unfairly attacked, or you could feel excited, motivated and game for anything goes. Whether it’s a spontaneous urge or something unexpected, be ready to act on a moment’s notice. Too, these are dates when a health flare-up or an accident can occur, so please stay alert.

Venus in harmony to Jupiter on the new moon in Virgo on Aug 28 suggests that you’ll look back on the month feeling satisfied with your actions and decisions, and that life is moving in the right direction.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20~Feb 18)
Thought you were done/complete with it/them? Start of the month could alert you to something or someone that escaped your notice first time around. Don’t ignore the signals. What appears small and seemingly insignificant to begin with could prove much more important, or even pivotal as time moves forward.

True to Mercury retrograde, you are sure to find the month populated with more than the usual frequency of serendipitous meets, greets, and repeats. It can be an eventful month full of memory-making special occasions. The alignment of sun, Venus and Mercury retrograde on Aug 16 – 18 is the highpoint of the Mercury retrograde cycle. Leo month puts the spotlight on the important people of your life, not only your own relationship to them, but their own milestones too.

The tour of Mars through Cancer signals a break in the routine. Ideally this can indicate a vacation from the work or worry. Mars surpasses critical aspects to Uranus, Ceres, Chiron and Pluto in the first 12 days of the month. This influence could help you to make significant personal or creative breakthroughs. Along with Mercury retrograde, these Mars aspects can catapult you into action, perhaps surprisingly and suddenly so. There can be issues to do with health, work, finances, security issues, transportation, equipment, siblings, friends, new business ventures, legal matters, etc.

Neptune’s return to your sign, Aug 4 through Feb 4, 2012 keeps the potentials very much alive. Take it moment to moment, and put your best shine forward at all times.

PISCES (Feb 19~March 20)
Some moments can be fun to relive, others produce a poignant, even bitter-sweet reflection. The start of Mercury retrograde can open the memory banks and the flood gates too. It can put added concentration on what you’ve been missing or what’s come unravelled. You can strive for the perfect case scenario, but you can’t push what isn’t ready or coming along naturally and you can’t do it all/be everywhere at once. Appreciate that some things or some people have to take a back seat while you have your hands full with the current happenings. There are always loose ends, unfinished business, and interruptions in the schedule to deal with when Mercury is retrograde. Remember the adage “time heals all” if relationship strain gets the better of you. Sometimes resolution can be more readily gained when you leave it alone to repair on its own.

Mercury’s return to Leo can be like hitting the refresh button on your back-to-it programs. Whether you’ve taken a temporary time out or not, you should find new zeal for your personal improvement programs, and you should find you can approach your job with a fresh attitude too. New challenges can arise, especially around the time of the full moon on August 13.

Aug 3 through Sept 18, Mars in Cancer can boost your vitality, creativity, and confidence for risk taking. You can find yourself bolder, perhaps even brazen, when it comes to your ambitions. And when it comes to the rights and welfare of loved ones, you can be a fighter to reckon with.
August 9 to 11 can fire you up, perhaps unexpectedly so. Positively, something or someone could create added excitement. You may find yourself in a position to seize exceptional opportunity. The alignment of Venus, sun and Mercury retrograde on August 16 can deliver good news or lucrative results. Then again it could simply deliver a feel-good day. On the other hand, Aug 9 to 11 it can be a time when conflict with your lover, child, or authority figure reaches a peak. These dates can signal a cut-off, break-off, or departure point of significance, financial, personal, relationship-wise. Potentials increase for physical inflammations, skin burns, speeding tickets, accidents, etc. Stay alert and watch your hot buttons – and their hot buttons too. Added vigilance is always warranted during the retrograde cycle. Should conflict or added strain occur, Aug 16 to 20 delivers a positive stellar backdrop for working-it-out.

See you next month!!

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The best way to get the word out about a Website you enjoy is by 'Word of Mouth', or in our case, by e-mail! I'd love it if you dropped a line to your Friends & Family about -- you can tell them about me and tell them they can read their Monthly Horoscope in here, too! Many thanks! Ailsa



New! Please check out Rose's weekly forecasts published every Thursday by the Georgia Straight

Monthly Overview: August 2011

August Overview:
Victims of catastrophe, tragedy, and insanity will have more unanswered questions than answers as Mercury and Neptune oppose to August 8. For the masses and individual lives alike, this planetary alignment stirs the oceans of idealism and imagination, also escapism, confusion, uncertainty, misunderstanding, disillusionment and loss. It awakens the inspired, romantic, compassionate, humanitarian, and hopeful mind; it seduces the fearful, mistrustful, or agitated mind. It speaks of mysteries yet to be solved, of potentials yet to be realized, and it animates the search for truth, true calling, and the desire for ultimate redemption. It can illuminate the ever-present grace of the divine. This influence will permeate our collective experience through the beginning of September.

As of August 2, the USA default deadline, another Mercury retrograde cycle is officially underway. Its preliminary influence saw U.S. House Speaker John Boehner pull the plug on debt talks with Obama, a political right winger and Christian fundamentalist madman/murderer rupture the peace in Norway, Sudan’s famine catastrophe hit the headlines, and the tragically hip Amy Winehouse meet with untimely death (all occurred within days of each other.)

All these events and the many more ultimate moments to come are reflective of the stellar floodgates bursting open.

As most of you will know by now, When Mercury retrograde occurs we meet with added challenge, breakdown, and expenditure. Communication, transportation, equipment, work, and health issues plague our forward march. Accidents happen. Misunderstandings and incaution can cost the wallet, the head, or the heart. It is best to avoid the signing of contracts, or the purchase of big ticket items, and to allow plenty of extra time and latitude. Temporary or renegotiated agreements, trial runs, and revisits are okay. Of course you can’t stop life, so if you must, by all means proceed, but make sure you have covered all your bases. It is wise to have a back-out plan or exit strategy, just in case.

Expect this particular Mercury cycle to open up potentials that are far beyond the usual. Due to its retrograde turn, Mercury will hold an unusually long opposition aspect with Neptune through August 8 across the Virgo/Pisces axis. This planetary configuration does not bode well for US politicians to reach a financial agreement in a timely fashion.

Couldn’t it just be simple for change? Anyone for a little more peace and quiet? Perhaps we could call a collective vacation from pain, punishment, and suffering. At the very least, couldn’t we put tragedy and bad news on temporary hiatus? Okay, my idealism is getting the better of me. As Mercury/Neptune reaches its each of its peaks (July 28, Aug 8, Sept 8), we’ll become more aware of how much we didn’t know, don’t know, and won’t know in the foreseeable future, if ever. We can tell ourselves lies that sound like truth, and find truths that are so hard to accept, we have a hard time believing them. The distinctions between actual reality and the projection of reality can blur.

Mercury hooked up with Neptune stirs secrets, leaks, scandals, and hidden potentials. That which is as yet untapped, brewing, or lurking in the hidden recesses comes into the full light of day. From the highs to the lows, expect even more than the usual to be released and/or relinquished. Positively this planetary combination can produce a wonderfully inspired creative flow and humanitarian outpouring. It arouses the romantic visionary. It is an ideal transit to pause for self-reflection, to take vacation, to seek healing and sanctuary.

On the other hand, when Mercury and Neptune oppose, potential for theft, loss, confusion, deception, and violation is great. We can aim for peace, but it can be hard to find. The usual advice warrants repeating: lock-up, guard your pets, don’t take unnecessary risks, think safety first, check your hoses, pipes, communications, and emotions/aura for leaks, etc., and don’t abuse food, alcohol, or drugs. Try not to fall into victim/saviour dynamics. Look for saving graces and remember that the divine works in mysterious and even miraculous ways. For individuals and the masses alike, Virgo/Pisces ignites the rescue mission, the search for ultimate truth, answers, and the hope/need/desire/potential for healing and for redemption.

Mercury will form three exact alignments with Neptune: July 28, August 8 and September 8. The first occurs across the Virgo/Pisces axis, the following two alignments occur across the Leo/Aquarius axis. The first alignment produced the passing of the ground breaking same sex marriage law in the state of New York. It also saw Canadian rising star politician, Jack Layton, new leader of the official opposition party, put his career on hiatus in order to fight yet another cancer battle.

Starting Aug 8, watch for Mercury/Neptune across the Leo/Aquarius to shake-it, shatter-it, and rev-it, especially regarding the political scene, the market roller coaster, controversy/controversial issues, emancipation, revolutionary, and cause-driven movements. While particular sectors of the population can be singled-out, what affects one, influences all. When Pisces and Aquarius are emphasized there is no immunity for the collective. It is an exposing time for whatever is already in the works. Positively, this Mercury/Neptune innovation aspect can also provide opportunity for something different and new to come in. Unique solutions can be the better way to go – perhaps they are the only way to go.

Mars enters Cancer on August 3 and forms a facilitating (trine) aspect to Neptune. As it does, it provides the instinct, opportunity, and courage to initiate inspired creative endeavour. There is always another way to be, to see, to live. When the motivation is pure, what you can create can amaze you. Plus or minus, the same is true when self-preservation is your driving force. Mars in Cancer puts the attention on economics, domestic and homeland concerns, on security and safeguards, at the personal and national levels.

Aug 9 – 11, 16, and to a lesser extent on Aug 24 – 25, Mars is hot-wired; expect to see plenty of action. If it hasn’t occurred yet, it is likely that the US debt situation will turn a significant corner around this time. Mars squares Uranus in Aries on Aug 9, and opposes Pluto on Aug 10. These aspects produce push come-to-shove, a sudden break or breakthrough, an ultimatum or cut-off point, power play initiatives, eruption of anger, aggression and volatility. On Aug 16, Mars reignites the July 1st Solar Eclipse. Along with the sun, Venus and Mercury retrograde alignment on the same day, this is sure to be a significant threshold crossing time for individuals, governments, corporations and financial sectors, domestic markets, politics, governments, corporations, etc.

What is so important about this particular Mercury retrograde is that it is critically staging for the down the road chapter. The next peaks occur mid September to mid October, and mid October through June of next year.

By the time Venus and the sun advance into Virgo, and Mercury retrograde completes , we are likely to be quite alert to the winds of change, seasonal and more.

Aug 13: Full Moon: 11:57 am (20:41 Aquarius)
Aug 28: New Moon: 8:04 pm (5:27 Virgo)

Aug 2: Mercury stations retrograde: 8:50 pm (1:09 Virgo)
Aug 3: Mars enters Cancer: 2:22 am
Aug 4: Neptune retrograde backs into Aquarius: 8:11 pm
Aug 8: Mercury retrograde backs into Leo: 2:46 am
Aug 10: Ceres retrogrades back into Pisces: 4:29 pm (to
Aug 21: Venus enters Virgo: 3:11 pm
Aug 23: Sun enters Virgo: 4:21 am
Aug 24: Pallas Athene retrogrades back to Capricorn: 6:29 am
Aug 26: Mercury stations direct: 3:03 pm (18:41 Leo)
Aug 30: Jupiter stations retrograde: 2:18 am (10:21 Taurus)

Dates to Watch: Aug 2 – 4, 9 -11, 13, 16 -18, 21 - 26, 30

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School of Evolutionary Astrology, Canada

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Ancestral Spirits Workshop:
The Spirit(s) of Vancouver –Working with Ancestors & Spirits of Place Healing your Family Tree & The Wounds of the World Soul with Patricia Walsh,
& Dr. Roger Woolger: “It is the responsibility of the living to heal their ancestors” – Malidoma Somè
The reasons why you have been born into a certain family or ethnic group and live in a certain place are not random choices. You are part of a deep web of inter-connectivity that expands from your core, thru your family and all your relations to your community and the collective world soul. In this highly self-experiential weekend you will explore different strands of this web starting with your ancestral ‘psychic inheritance’ and will work with troubled ancestors that may still be affecting you, your family line and present generations.
As a group we will also explore the ‘ancestors’ who have lived on the land before us. Vancouver has a rich diverse ethnic heritage and the spirits of those who went before us have much to teach us. We can also assist them in their continuing journey ‘on the other side’ to help them resolve their ‘unfinished business’ thus helping to clear the ‘psychic climate’ locally and globally.
Registration: Rose Marcus rose_marcus (604) 988-1299

Roger J. Woolger, PH.D
Patricia Walsh,

Dr. Roger Woolger is a Jungian analyst, regression therapist and professional lecturer with degrees in psychology, religion and philosophy from Oxford and London Universities. He trained as an analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich. .
Roger Woolger’s first book,Other Lives Other Selves, (Doubleday, 1987) is an innovative synthesis of Jungian depth psychology, bodywork, yoga psychology, psychodrama and eastern meditation principles. It has been translated into German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Widely regarded as the definitive work in the field of regression therapy, this and his later works such as Eternal Return (tape set) and Healing You Past Lives (2004) integrates aspects of Tibetan Buddhism and shamanism.
The work has evolved in the last decade into the highly original therapeutic tool which is called Deep Memory Process™. He runs training programs for therapists in North America and Britain, also teaching professionals in Holland and Germany . He has also run a series of training programs throughout Brazil . He has published numerous articles and reviews in the field of Jungian, Transpersonal and religious psychology.
Patricia L. Walsh, Evolutionary Astrologer, DMP Regression Therapist/Chief Trainer
Patricia Walsh is a graduate of the Jeffrey Wolf Green School of Evolutionary Astrology and is a certified Evolutionary Astrologer. She is also a certified Deep Memory Process (DMP) regression practitioner and is the Chief US Trainer for Dr. Roger Woolger’s school of Deep Memory Process.
She is the author of ‘Understanding Karmic Complexes : Evolutionary Astrology and Regression Therapy’ (The Wessex Astrologer, 2009). She is also a contributing author to ‘ Insights Into Evolutionary Astrology : A Diverse Collections of Essays by Prominent Astrologers” (Llewellyn, 2010)
Combined with astrology, she specializes in multi-dimensional healing work based in Shamanic principles including; Soul Retrieval/Fragmentation and Spirit Releasement (Ancestral and Earthbound Spirit work). Her focus is in healing present and past life trauma synthesizing both intuitive hands-on healing and therapeutic approaches.
What is Deep Memory Process (DMP)?
Recognized for over 30 years as a pioneer of regression in present and past life therapy, Dr. Woolger has developed a rapid and comprehensive method to heal unresolved Deep Memories that limit one’s potential and health. Deep Memory Process© or DMP© for short, is Roger Woolger’s creative synthesis of Freud, Reich, Psychodrama, Jung, Spiritual Psychology and Shamanic Healing. Where many therapies focus mainly on the mental level, DMP facilitates somatic release of deeply held traumas integrating body, mind, emotion and spirit simultaneously.
The results for clients are profound. Deep healing may occur in just a few sessions. DMP© can be a valuable adjunct to the work you do with your clients. It has been shown to be highly effective in treating post-traumatic and dissociative reactions to catastrophe, violence and all forms of abuse.
It is the perfect tool for treating states of anxiety, depression, phobias, stress, chronic pain, blocked feelings, and childhood trauma, because it works dramatically to release traumatic residues embedded in the physical and subtle bodies.


This popular course will help you to develop your intuitive skills (and it’s a lot of fun too.) The Ryder Waite deck is used. April date tba. Please contact Rose if you wish to join the next course.

Rose is the Director for the Canadian Jeffrey Wolf Green School of Evolutionary Astrology, a one year certificate course based on the works of Jeffrey Wolf Green. (Pluto, Evolutionary Journey of the Soul; Pluto 2, the Soul’s Evolution through Relationships.)

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~~Introduction to the Archetypes of Evolutionary Astrology~~

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