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How I Got Started...

Have I mentioned before that I only really learned how to use the Internet a Few Years ago?? That's right. Before that, I had to keep a sheet of paper with every single step I needed (back in the days when there were a million steps just to retrieve your e-mail!) -- and I was hugely dependent on someone else actually turning the Computer ON for me! For some reason, I couldn't seem to remember where the ON Button was... mental block from coming into Technology with a slightly bad attitude!

When we finally got a Home Computer, I had completely forgotten how to use the Computer, so I would have to wait for my Daughter, Cara (then 12 -- she's 17, now!), to come home from school to turn the computer on for me. My wonderful friend, Kim, carefully and slowly walked me through all the Basics until I got it. And then Steve (you may know him from the rest of the site as my old 'Webmaster Steve'!) came along and agreed to help me build my new Site to teach people about Building, Renovating, Buying and Selling Their Own House.

At first, I just gave Steve all my material for the site in 'Hardcopy', since I didn't learn how to 'Cut & Paste' until quite a bit later. I'll tell you -- 'Cut & Paste' changed my life! There was no stopping the amount of stuff I was sending to Steve! Well, Steve's Comedy Career was really starting to soar (he won First Place in Calgary and came in Second in Alberta, which he claims to be the much better role, given that there seems to be a long-standing tradition that many of the Comedy Greats -- namely Seinfeld -- ALSO came in Second!)

Anyway, I was soooo worried that someone would see him and scoop him right up for SNL (Saturday Night Live for the T.V. impaired!) or something equally great, then he would say "Ailsa who???" from his big new mansion when I phoned to find out how to add something new to the site, then I'd be totally screwed! So I got Steve to teach me how to manage the site all by myself -- I just needed to call him every now and then to figure out new stuff... that's why you might have noticed a huge amount of new material on the site, lately! I'm completely in love with the site, and can't stop working on it! ha,ha,ha!

Okay, so that's a long story to get to this point -- I think that after my little inspiration this morning, maybe I was lead down this path for a special reason ... the number of coincidences and chance meetings that happened to get me to this point are amazing (including how I met Dwight and everything that even brought us to this Build...), so perhaps this is all Meant to Be!

August, 2005 -- Quickie Update: Well, I think I wrote this a couple of years ago, and since then Steve (my former Webmaster and Current Comedian...!) did up and move away from "Cow Town" (Calgary) to seek Fame and Fortune in ... Toronto! ha,ha! I thought fer sures he was going to head to L.A. or New York ... maybe I'm thinking about myself! Anyway, he's due to come back for a wee visit some time in August, so I'll let you know how he's doing soon enough ... and I think he might still be a 'Single Specimen', which I'm sure all the Ladies (and only a few Gents...) will be very interested in! ha,ha!

I'm getting more and more competent with my website -- I work on it pretty much every day, which I enjoy very much. It's a great way for me to feel 'connected' with the outside world without actually missing any of my favorite TV Shows! ya'ha,ha! (My Home Office is all Glassed in with a fabulous view of the TV...). I should make a page for that, now that I think of it -- later, when I have a few more minutes...

In the meantime, I'm soooo glad you popped in to see How I Got Started. Maybe you'd like to try your own hand at a website? It's a lot of fun and can eventually be quite lucrative (I don't want to make you jealous, but I'm raking in almost Ten Dollars a Day... before Taxes! ha,ha,ha!)

Webmasters * Webmasters - - Build a Website - Internet Connections & Free Scans - < $3.99 Domain Sale> (I use -- they're a great Company.) -< Hosting from $3.95/mo.> -<PSP (Personal Sony Playstation)> - <Sony z500a Star Wars Phone>

< Easy CGI - Reliable and Affordable Web Hosting - $> Here's what I want to find out, and you know I'm a bit of a Newbie at this computer stuff, because I only learn what I really have to know to make the Site Functional -- you can imagine how much stuff I still need to learn! ha,ha! Ah, well... anyway, I need to know whether I can have more than one Server at the same time? Is that like bigomy, 'cause I hear that totally works, except for the bitter in-fighting... must find out more about this...Bigomy, I mean... I like my current Server, but I'm concerned about the amount of Bandwidth that I would need if, on the off-chance, I suddenly get a massive amount of Traffic (it could happen!), so I'm thinking a Back-Up Server seems like a good idea. Like an Affair, but with a Server... Seems like a small amount of money for me to feel more secure, so I'll let you know what I find out about having an extra Server. <Can't Stand Your Web Hosting Company?><We Make Web Hosting Easy!><Web Hosting - $7.96/month!>

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