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The Money Frog

Okay, I have been playing around with the idea of The Money Frog for over a year, now, my biggest struggle is trying to remember how on earth I used to get new pictures onto my website -- really, how did I forget that?? I have a fantastic picture of The Money Frog in my email, and on my phone, so surely there is a way to get it on here for you to rub. Yep. Rub it. Rubbit, rubbit. Lol! No kidding! I tell you the little story, then you, too, will want to give the old 'Money Frog' a rub, too! haha!

Rub it, rub it, Rub The Money Frog for Good Luck, and see how much money comes into your life!! Good Luck!! :) Come on back in and Rub the Money Frog every day, see what happens! Let the money roll into your life! (Right Click, Create Shortcut)

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So, I'm at my Escrow Lady's office, overlooking the ocean (Clue # 1 that the Money Frog works!), and we're signing page after page after page for my new Mortgage on this lovely Condo that I had just purchased, and I couldn't help but notice this giant Frog she (Lori) had on her desk. So I said to Lori, Hey, what up wit' da Frog?? haha! Really, it's not the most handsome frog, ever, but he was huuge, and happily sitting on her desk.

Lori tells me this great long story about how she used to go in to her favorite Chinese Restaurant in Manhattan Beach, and every time she went in there for dinner, she would rub the Money Frog on her way out. And each time she would rub the Money Frog, checks would come to her within three days. Money would just pour in, in three magical days. (Clue # 2 that the Money Frog works!) She told the Owners of the Restaurant, who were very, very nice, how lucky she had been with the Money Frog, and how she had received money right after rubbing it. So the Owner of the Chinese Restaurant brought back a giant Money Frog from China, the next time she went, and gave it to Lori. How nice was that??

Of course, I rubbed the Frog, immediately... then, shockingly, I made a teensy little joke about how much money you might get if you did something else to the Money Frog, and we all laughed, and rubbed that damn Frog some more! hahaha! And wouldn't you know it, money started pouring in to me, too. I received an unexpected cash advance within the three days. >(Clue # 3 that the Money Frog works! lol!)

So the next time I was down in Lori's office, signing even more papers and paying even more money for Escrow, I took a picture of the Money Frog, so I could put it in my phone, to show everyone I knew, and have them rub the Money Frog, see if the same thing happened to them... and it did! Yippee! I'm all about everyone gettin' rich, right?? Money is fun, so why not get as much as you can?? Yeah, let's all get wealthy, buy more property!! hahaha! (Clearly, I'm all excited about this!)

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This is a Series of Pictures of The Money Frog -- WooHoo, I finally got The Money Frog pictures up on my Site!!

Okay, now, rub it, rub it, Rub The Money Frog for Good Luck, and see how much money comes into your life!! Good Luck!! :)

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So today I was looking online for different ways I can market The Money Frog, and I think I have some pretty good options... right now I'm just looking at the cheapest manufacturing for my new Money Frog products, then I have to figure out if I should try to sell them online, or strictly on Venice Beach! hahaha! (Yes, if you're new to my site, www.buildyourownhouse.ca, welcome, and I do live really close to the beach... but not ON da Beach, and that is the Goal!! Come on, Little Money Frog, get mama to da Beach!! lol!)

I've got a lot of work to do to get my new Money Frog business off the ground, but I'm really excited about it, and I hope it will do well. I think what I will do, initially, is try to find you some Money Frog links, so you can easily check things out, see him for yourself.

Now I have little Money Frogs all over my house -- he likes to sit inside the Front Door, to the South of the door, not too high up. The legend is that The Money Frog leaps down in the middle of the night to go and bring money into the house, that's why he sits close to the Front Door. The Position of the Money Frog is important -- facing toward the interior of the room -- I like The Money Frog to sit at an angle, looking into the center of the living room. The Placement of the Money Frog is really up to you -- some people like to place the Money Frog in the corner of their rooms, looking toward the center of the room, or surrounding the Front doorway. Placing Two Money Frogs together, on either side of the Front Door is said to be very lucky (!)... You can put a little Money Frog on either side of your front door, too, and anywhere money flows into your life, like by a cash register, a computer (if you make money using your computer, and I hope you do! lol!). He does not like to be in your bedroom or in your bathroom (let's hope you're not making big money in yo' bathroom!! lol! Yick!!)... a little tricky, though, since often your computer is in your bedroom...

<Affiliater, Earn Money Here!> or, <Affiliate, Earn Money Here!> :) (I changed it slightly...lol!)

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Feng Shui Tips: Oh, and while we're doing a little Feng Shui (The Money Frog is all a part of Feng Shui, called Chan Chu, and he wants to bring Good Luck and Good Fortune into your Life), here are a couple of other wee Feng Shui tips -- put anything Yellow by or on the West Walls of your home, to bring in more money, and put Green things on or near the South walls to bring more Luck into your Home and Life ... let me know if it works! :)

Feng Shui Love Tip: Aaand, if you want to bring more Love into your life (really, I need to do a whole lot more of this!!), group things in 'couples' (pairs)... so two candles together, instead of across the room from each other, two bowls, two of whatever (phallic symbols??? hahaha! No, I being silly!)... and add Pink to your bedroom... I have lovely pink blossom silk Japanese Cherry Blossom Branches and Pink Silk Roses... guess I should add waaay more pink, right?? haha!

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Hey, did this just work??? Did I just get a picture on here of ME?? Haha! No, this not The Money Frog, it's ME! Go ahead and rub it for luck, if you likes! hahaha! No, that's silly! But this is huuuge for me -- if I can just figure out how to access my Money Frog picture, then I can put that on here, too!! And finally update the pictures on me site!! WooHoo!! (Okay, this is really annoying -- I can see my picture onmy site when I'm working on it, but then when I pop into my site online, only a box with an 'x' pops up, and the link won't work, either... ugh! Dammit, I'm gonna have to take a stoopid course in how to put the pictures on me site! Or maybe me just call my old webmaster, Steve... he be brilliant!!) Otay, one way or another, I will get you the Money Frog picture, so you can rub it, too!! Make you some money!! lol! :)

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