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Hurricane Katrina Relief & Rebuilding

I got this link from my friend, Martin, who just got back from New Orleans, and this is in January '07. The area sounds like it is still devastated, which is an absolute outrage. This is the best rendition of the Flooding that took place during Katrina -- I have never seen anything like this, and maybe if we can get the word out to our friends and families, so they can watch this short piece and see what really happened, and the actual time-frame (shockingly short), we could get the right eyes back on this project. Doesn't it sometimes feel like once the sound-bite is over, the problem is magically cleared up? Not so. I know I have a lovely group of Readers, so go ahead and pass this along to anyone you think wants to know more and make a difference. Our Prayers are with you, New Orleans!

The situation in New Orleans and the Surrounding Area is so horrific, even now, and it's going to take a long, long time to rebuild everything. You can use this Link to pop in and make a Donation, if you can. Mostly, they just need money, but if you are skilled (and you very well might be, since you're on my Building Site!), you can always let them know that, too, if there's something else you could do to help. Click here for more info on how to deal with Flooding. Normal Flooding, though -- this makes our Flood in Alberta this past Spring seem tiny, but all floods cause massive amounts of damage, so maybe there's an idea you will find useful for you.

Check out the Charity Auctions on eBay to see if there's something you might like to bid on -- the money is to help the Victims of Hurricane Katrina. Jay Leno had the Yellow Motorbike with Celebrity Signatures on eBay, and Ellen had the Nascar 'Outfit' (that's probably not what you call a Nascar thing to wear!). <>

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I made a Donation to IFAW, the Organization that is helping all the wee dogs, cats and assorted other pets who have been left behind in Katrina's Wake. I've given to the Red Cross, but it was just heart-breaking to see the faces of the dogs who couldn't understand what was going on, or where their families were ... and the faces of the People who had to part with their beloved pets, who were not allowed or able to bring their wee pets along with them when they evacuated the area. You can get information on how the Animal Rescue Operation is coming along, or Register your own Missing Pet. IFAW

FIND YOUR LOVED ONES - register yourself, a missing loved one, or view the list. 1-877-568-3317. Step forth and make a difference. You can make a Donation through Team Rescue One, too. Rapper Master P was on Dr. Phil, today, to talk about this incredible Program to help rebuild peoples' lives, one family at a time. Helping someone is one phone call or click away.

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If you know of a good Group who is helping with the Disaster Relief, please drop me a line and we'll get it on here. I think the Internet is an incredible tool for helping all sorts of Causes, and this is one of the biggest ones in years.

Oh, you know what? Sometimes, when a realy major disaster happens, people stop giving to their Local Charities, and then they start to suffer, too, so keep supporting all you local folks, too! Try the 'Giving Party', like we like to do -- fun and practical!

This event announcement is authorized by the American Red Cross :

You're invited to Participate in Dine For America's national fundraiser on Wednesday, October 5, to raise funds for the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief Effort. Your generosity makes a meaningful difference to survivors, their families and other emerging needs from Hurricane Katrina and Rita disasters. Dine out and support Red Cross relief today...and hope for tomorrow.

For more information about Dine For America visit

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