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Computers & Internet Connections

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<> Here's what I want to find out, and you know I'm a bit of a Newbie at this computer stuff, because I only learn what I really have to know to make the Site Functional -- you can imagine how much stuff I still need to learn! ha,ha! Ah, well... anyway, I need to know whether I can have more than one Server at the same time? Is that like bigomy, 'cause I hear that totally works, except for the bitter in-fighting... must find out more about this...Bigomy, I mean... I like my current Server, but I'm concerned about the amount of Bandwidth that I would need if, on the off-chance, I suddenly get a massive amount of Traffic (it could happen!), so I'm thinking a Back-Up Server seems like a good idea. Like an Affair, but with a Server... Seems like a small amount of money for me to feel more secure, so I'll let you know what I find out about having an extra Server. I found out! I love GoDaddy, and I chose them for my extra Server -- and you can Register your Domain Names for only $1.99 each -- that's fantastic! < Hosting from $3.95/mo.><World's Largest Registrar ->

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I regularly use is at , then click on 'My Computer' and then 'Scan'.

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I also use Panda Softwear for a quick Scan any time I have any bother with my computer -- it's completely Free, and it works really well!

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Phone Services

You know when you first move into a new home, especially if you've just built your new home (and if you used my site to help you through that process, all the better...! Anyway, one of the most annoying things is having to wait for your Local Telephone Service to come and install your Land Phone Lines. In Calgary, the wait can be up to two years, which is insane... that's why I'm think it's such a miralcle to have reasonably priced Mobile Phones, and Phone Service through your computer, so you won't go crazy in your lovely new home while you're waiting for the Phone Company to finally come over.

You know what a lot more people are doing, these day? Skipping the Land Phone completely, in favor of a Mobile Service. They're tired of paying the insane rates that shouldn't even be charged anymore, because many of these Land Phone Companies still have a monopoly on the Market, but I think times are-a-changin', and they might have to actually become competitive, which I greatly look forward to...

I've mentioned before that when we were still building this house, the Phone Company would not come out at all -- what a major hassle. When the old guy finally did come out (and he was as old as the hills... and persnickety, too...), he was really horrible to deal with,and refused to put in Two Land Lines, because he said he needed to have ny Husband's permission. I told him that I was in charge of the Build, too, and to go ahead and put in the two lines, and that old bashtard (is that the right spelling??) wouldn't do it. I love that the mobile phone industry provides competition for these old jerks -- it's the only way to stop them and force them into providing good phone service. (I'm sure there are lovely people working for the phone company, too, it's just that we didn't get to see them...)

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Over the last year I've had the WORST Worms in my computer system -- eek! Couldn't get any work done on my Site, which was annoyink (!), to say the least. I was advised by the wonderful staff at Staples to try, and run their Virus Removal and Scanning Program, so with fingers crossed (which is a technical term for "I hope to God this works!"), I ran their program, and wouldn't you know it, IT WORKED! And so now I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone suffering from a stoooopid bug, worm, trojan horse or virus! Thanks, Panda Software! You saved the day! Ailsa

Ugh, I'm dealing with some incredibly annoying problem in my computer, again. Man, this is one of the big frustrations of not knowing enough about the computer for me -- I think my goal for 2005 will be to learn more about 'the 'puter' so I can be more self-sufficient. All I need is someone to teach me! I wonder if there was a bug that started at The New Year, since I haven't been able to open any Sites (except for the Main Page of my own site --- -- weird, eh?). I can get into the Home Page, but that's it -- it locks me out of anything else. Now I have to put the Panda Active Scan on my Home Page so I can access the thing, myself.

Now here's the crazy thing -- I can still work on my Site, and 'Put it' to the Internet. What an odd little virus this is. If you have some surefire way of dealing with these problems, drop me a line and I'll put your ideas on this page, too. We're all dependent on our computers for communication, now, so if we can put our collective heads together to make life easier, it's all good, right??

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The other Scan that I regularly use is at , then click on 'My Computer' and then 'Scan'.

One thing that is a bit tricky about living out in the Country is that you often have to use Dial Up for your computer Internet Connnection. Now, I did try to get two phone lines out here, but the day the creepy old guy from the Telephone Company came over, Dwight wasn't available. To make a long story short, this old yuck absolutely refused to put in two phone lines "without my husband's permission". Yep. Three years ago. I think those are referred to as 'The Dark Ages'... so we ended up not getting the extra phone line. And in the next House Build, I'm going to tell any old jerk who tries that, again, to get outta my house and send over someone with a brain. (The reason I didn't send that old yuck a-packin' was because we were desperate for any phone line by the time the Phone Company sent anyone, so I figured I'd better take whatever we could get... must remember not to be so desperate next time!Hey, that's good 'Dating Advice', too! ha,ha,ha!)

So here's a great Service from AOL that might solve any similar problems at your house!<Sign up now for AOL® Call Alert and stay online without missing calls! AOL membership not required. >

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This is a great way to Save Money (to buy a bigger House! ha,ha!) on your Long Distance Calls.


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(I know, this is for your TV, but I can't live without my favorite Satellite Connection, and my guess is that you would love it, too! ha,ha!)

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<Orange120x90anim. 7.6.04 >

<120x60 roommate ani >This one is great if you're on Dial Up... we're still on Dial-Up because we can't access High Speed Internet in the 'Country' -- we're 15 minutes from the City!

Oh, and that reminds me of an 'oldie but a goodie' -- "Be ALERT. The world needs more Lerts!" ha,ha,ha! I know, I'm easily amused!

I use Panda Softwear for a quick Scan every time I have any bother with my computer -- it's completely Free, and it works really well!

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Panda Software has an excellent Free Service to remove any viruses from your Computer. Just go to their site, scroll down 'til you see the Blue Box, Click on 'Scan My Computer', and let it do it's own work. It's great!

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Over the last year I've had the WORST Worms in my computer system -- eek! Couldn't get any work done on my Site, which was annoyink (!), to say the least. I was advised by the wonderful staff at Staples to try, and run their Virus Removal and Scanning Program, so with fingers crossed (which is a technical term for "I hope to God this works!"), I ran their program, and wouldn't you know it, IT WORKED! And so now I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone suffering from a stoooopid bug, worm, trojan horse or virus! Thanks, Panda Software! You saved the day! Ailsa

House Plans

<$50,000 Dream Home Makeover >

It's a Great Big Site, chock full of all sorts of Fun Stuff and Useful Information... take your time and have a wee look around -- I think you might be surprised by some of the stuff you find!<


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