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Teen Shopping & Cool Stuff

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I buy stuff online all the time -- it's a great way to get really cool gifts for anyone on your Gift List, but it's particularly great when you're looking for Teen & 'Young Adult' (ugh, hate that term...) products.

< Shop by Brand at!>< - Get Your Concert Shirts Here!>>

<Exclusive Napoleon Dynamite Clothing at!><Hot Topic Clearance Sale>

< UrbanMall Ice Store>< - Hip Hop & Urban Apparel><FREE SHIPPING from>

<Hot G Unit T-Shirt for Back to School>

<Blazin Hip Hop and Ice Jewelry at UrbanMall> < Religious Jewelry at Urbanmall>

< Hip Hop Ringtones at Jamster><Pimp out your Cell Phone with Hip Hop and Rap Ring tones at>

< Find your favorite DVDs and Movies on eBay>< Sell your item at eBay!>(Just in case you've accumulated a large Record Collection, and want to make a tidy little profit off your memories!)

I looove Ali G - Sacha Baron Cohen's hilarious character... I laughed so hard, tears were rolling down mah cheeks, youse.... Ali G Inda House. Soooo funny! <Da Ali G Show - The Complete First Season . Peace. Respek.

More British Stuff... and a whole lot more!

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< Looking for jobs in hotels, bars & restaurants? Search online database of over 14,000 hospitality jobs .> is the leading online source of hotel, restaurant and bar jobs. They have over 15,000 jobs with top employers, with new jobs being posted daily. You can access their user-friendly search boxes to find hospitality jobs across the UK and abroad and you can apply to the roles immediately online. With functions like jobs by e-mail, salary checker and career advice, they provide opportunities for you to plan and manage your next career move. has over 200,000 jobseekers visiting the site each month to look for their next job. If you are an Employer, you can now advertise your job vacancy to this large group of active jobseekers through their pay-online service. If you are a Potential Employee, pop in and have a wee look at what has to offer. A great Opportunity if you want to work while you Travel.<14,000 hospitality jobs across the UK with top employers>


<View your photo or a model with thousands of hairstyles and color combinations that suit your face, including short, bridal, men's, celebrity and everyday hairstyles.>

< > You can get pretty much any TV, Movie or Music thing at This is one of my favorite online Shops!

< Trade DVDs at Peerflix><Start trading your DVDs today. No subscription is necessary. Click here for a FREE DVD today!><Buy and sell your DVD's today. Click here.>

< Yahoo! Music Unlimited> <Yahoo! Music Unlimited - Free Trial. Music To Play, Share & Go.>

< Pop in to get your Sports or Concert Tickets, today! >

Screensavers *Free Screensavers *<Click here for Free Movie Screensavers and Wallpapers! No Spyware and Virus-Free><Click here for your Free Celebrity Screensavers and Wallpaper! Download now!>

< Web Only: Save 10% - 30% on all PC games Web Only: Save up to $25 on select MP3 Players >

< > <Click Here to Claim Your Free American Flag! >

< The Apprentice "You're Fired" T-Shirt--$22>

Hey, Here's Ellen's Book in Paperback -- and it's hilarious!<Funny Thing Is...
Funny Thing Is...

And here's another hilarious book that makes a great gift! If you love The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and his 'gang'/'posse', you'll love this!

<The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America the Book: A Citizen's Guide to Democracy InactionThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America the Book: A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction >

And this is really funny, too!<Naked Pictures of Famous PeopleNaked Pictures of Famous People >

You know I love The Simpsons (and have Three Spec. Scripts for that Show!)...

<Monopoly: The SimpsonsMonopoly: The Simpsons > I got this for Cara for her 17th Birthday, and we all played it together. Lots of good laughs!

Have a Star Wars Fan on your List? Check out their waaaay cool Guitars!

< - More Product. More Exclusives.>


< >Get Free Gifts with Free Shipping and No Obligation! Get Free DVDs, CDs, Books, Digital Cameras, CD Players and more! It's all FREE!!!<>

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< >


Get a Wristband -- -- This is a new Company I'm doing business with, and they have all sorts of cool wristbands -- I know fer sures they have Tour de France (Lance Armstrong) and Napolean Dynamite Wristbands... and you can customize them with your favorite Player or your School... or your own name -- you get the picture!

You can get the Wristbands with your School Logo, your own name, or anything you like! Perfect for Sororities, Fraternities, High Schools & Colleges!

< Score your Official NHL headwear now at! >

< Show your NBA team support - hats at! >

< NASCAR Racing is at today! >

< College Hats - All Your Favorite Teams - >

< Join the Ultimate Yearbook!><"It's free, it's easy, and it's as addicting as crack cocaine." Join the Ultimate Yearbook!>

<Vote for "Best Butt" in Your High School! Visit!>

< badgeitunes105x31dark Shop at the iTunes Music Store. >

You know how much I looove TV! I'm thinking you might love TV, too, and would perhaps like to to Win a Car, too!

< Click Here To Win! >

<Join the Nielsen//NetRatings Research Panel and you could win a new car, a dream vacation, a dream home makeover or $50,000 Cash !>

And if you like the Survivor Buffs and think you'd like those with your own Group Logo on them, drop me a line and I'll hook you up with a great Wholesale Price!

Personalized Stuff -- anything you can put your name on!

Hallowe'en Costumes & Gifts

< ><Get Any Game FREE! Try GamePass FREE for a Month! RealArcade has over 180 games. Click here for a Free 30-day trial!><RealArcade GamePass>

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Download a Movie for 99¢ or Less! Only at Movielink!
-Hundreds of new and classic hit films
-Play on a PC, TV, or a laptop for traveling
-Always in stock, no late fees.

<Click here for the latest Movielink deals!>

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Here are some Great Links for All the Movie & TV Stuff you can think of, and then some!! I buy stuff from them all the time -- I just got the Wizard of Oz Handbag for Cara and The Sopranos Sweatshirt for Dwight!

<The Sopranos >< The Simpsons>< The Osbournes>< Sex and the City>< Pink Panther >

< Guinness T-shirts and Boxers >< New stuff here!>

< Ties>< Pens>< Stationery >< Money Clips>< Watches>

<Pink Panther>

Princesses <Sleeping Beauty> <Beauty and the Beast> <Snow White><Cinderella > <Princess Leia> <Xena >

Candy Caps <Tootsie Roll Caps > <Candy Caps>

Looney Tunes Trucker Caps <Looney Tunes >

Speed Racer Caps <Speed Racer >

Superhero Caps <Justice League > <Superman > <Wonder Woman ><Batman > <Green Lantern > < Supergirl >

TONS MORE! <New stuff here!>

Make your friends jealous with this! ha,ha!


<Sony z500a Star Wars Phone>

< - More Product. More Exclusives.><Click Here for Exclusive Star Wars Original Trilogy Items from the Lucasfilm Archives! - More Product. More Exclusives.>

< Limited-Edition Star Wars Replicas><Master Replicas: Star Wars Collection>< Disney Showcase Collection>

<Save on all Star Wars Merchandise. Only at!>


Buy at
Star Wars: Episode 2--Att...
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< Get Your Skateboard Gear At><Save on gifts during the holidays at>

< Submit Music.  Compete for Prizes.  Get Exposure.><American Idol Underground>

American Idol Underground (AIU) is an online community where emerging artists get their music heard and fans discover new music.

American Idol Underground leverages the power of the world’s most recognized entertainment brand to help emerging artists promote their music via the Internet.

Fluid Audio Networks (, an online music company, created American Idol Underground under a license from FremantleMedia ( who, in concert with 19 Entertainment Ltd. (, produce television's American Idol.

Here's how it works:

• Artists can set-up a free account and list bio information and photos.

• For a fee, artists submit a song to the American Idol Underground Web site.

• The songs are then guaranteed a minimum of 200 spins on AIU’s online radio network and artists get profile pages, unlimited on-demand plays of their music, the ability to sell their music online and other resources that help them gain exposure.

• Music fans join free to listen and rate the songs. The more a user listens and rates songs, the better their chances to win prizes.

• Higher rated songs get more airplay and the best songs from each genre win cash, equipment, artist promotion packages and other awards.<Are You An Unsigned Artist? Promote your music at American Idol Underground.>

Interested in Writing or Acting? Click Here.

<Entertainment Jobs In Film Production And Television Production is where people go for entertainment jobs. Thousands of producers use our searchable database to find their crew. Hundreds of paying jobs each week. Do you take your entertainment career seriously? We do. >

Holiday Shopping

Shopping with Ailsa


Get a Wristband --

Gifts for Grads

Ailsa's Amazon Page - Anything You Want!

Books & Magazines - Canadian Book Deals

Movies, Music & TV Shows -<Buy and sell your DVD's today. Click here.>


Business Cards- Business Cards are great for Teens because they're an easy way to hand out your email address and First Name. If you like someone, you can hand them a card, but if they turn out to be a jerk, you can just block them -- sooo easy!

Contests - Great Freebies

Custom Wholesale Buffwear

Personal Breathalizer - this thing is cool because some teenagers might just have a few drinks, from time to time, and this Personal Breathalizer will let 'the teen' know how much they've had. Safer for everyone.



<Sony z500a Star Wars Phone>

<PSP (Personal Sony Playstation)>

Unique Shoes & Clothes -

Steve Madden Shoes

Online Education -- Did you know that if you take a College or University Course Online, and do well, it can be much easier to get into a 'regular' College or University? Yep, 'cause now you're a 'Transfer Student', or 'Trash' -- the more commonly used name! ha,ha!

<Construction Jobs>

< >

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Astrology * Monthly Horoscope - Now you can pop in and check your Astrological Forecast (to see when you will get that Land or a New Love -- maybe both! ha,ha!) ROSE MARCUS - Monthly Astrological Forecast - Astrology - Aries , Taurus , Gemini , Cancer , Leo , Virgo , Libra , Scorpio , Sagittarius , Capricorn , Aquarius , Pisces - Gifts for Women -<What is your Birthstone?>

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TV Shows, Movies & Music * Writers & Actors * Big Brother 6 Update Page! - <Catch every second of Big Brother 6 live on SuperPass>- Movies, Music & TV Shows - Ellen Degeneres: One of my Favorite Shows -- hilarious! - Ellen Degeneres Egg, because I Love Ellen and Easter! - Get a Wristband - Special Deal on Napolean Dynamite - - Find Out about the Wholesale Custom Buffwear (Like on Survivor!) - (Craig Ferguson's Fan Site) - The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson - <Join the Nielsen//NetRatings Research Panel and you could win a new car, a dream vacation, a dream home makeover or $50,000 Cash !> - < Pop in to get your Sports or Concert Tickets, today! ><World's Smallest MP3 Player mobiBLU Cube, $129.72 at>

Are you brilliant? I know you are, but here's a way to prove it to your Friends! ha,ha! Find out by taking a free PhD-certifiedIQ Test at>

Forums *(Coming Soon!)

Computers * Internet Connections --<PeoplePC Online - nationwide access> - Online Education - - Webmasters - <Sony z500a Star Wars Phone> - <Affordable dial-up Internet access><Dell 6000 Intel Centrino Notebook PC from> -<Erase Your Internet History Files with PrivateSurf!> - Great Computer Deals on eBay

Webmasters * Webmasters - - Build a Website - Internet Connections & Free Scans - < $3.99 Domain Sale> -< Hosting from $3.95/mo.> -<PSP (Personal Sony Playstation)> - <Sony z500a Star Wars Phone> - <Submit to Google and 300+ others for only $2.50 at!>

Personalized Products: Find Out about the Wholesale Custom Buffwear (Like on Survivor!) - Customized Wristbands, Baseball Caps, T-Shirts, and More... - eBay

Tell a Friend * Tell a Friend (Or Anyone you think will enjoy My Site!)

Links * Links - More Links! - Real Estate Links - Reciprocal Links - Link to Cool Site with lots of fun stuff! - This is one of Cara's favorite New Sites -- very funny! Cool Site you'll want to check out, if you don't already pop in there every day! TV, Stars, Music... - Where the Hell Is Matt? I saw Matt on Ellen Degeneres, and this is just a fun site to check out! Matt dances his way around the World, so you'll see the world and have big laughs, too! (This is sooo funny -- if you've ever wondered what it's like to be in 'The Green Room' before a TV Show, check this out. Great stories about Matt's time on The Ellen Degeneres Show.)

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