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Hallowe'en Costumes (And Some Great Costume Ideas to Make your own costume at home!)

HAPPY HALLOWE'EN TO ALL MY SCAAAARY FIENDS OUT THERE!! Easy to make, Last Minute Hallowe'en Costumes! Let's see, I've been a Hot Nurse, a Freudian Slip (my personal favorite, because I thought it was really, really funny... and you know I love to amuse myself, and then hope other will laugh with me, rather than just at me... although, truth be told, I'll take that, too! hahaha!) I love the idea of forcing your kid or 'smaller' friend to be the 'Jung'en'... oh, I'm full o' Bad Jokes like that! Anyway, those Costume Ideas are on my Hallowe'en page, for fun... and this year I am a Fortune Teller! I tell everyone what a great, highly successful life they gonna have! haha! And I'm sure they will, right?? The Power of Thought, Baby, the Power of Thought! < Save 40% or more at Costumes4less.com>

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I love a great Hallowe'en Costume -- my all-time favorite Costume was when I dressed up as a 'Freudian Slip'... I wore a Black Slip (you know, like the things you wear under a dress, but now you can get fabulous 'slips' at Frederick's that would be even nicer!) with a sign that said 'Freud' written on the front. Comfy and funny (and it looked good, too! ha,ha,ha!). Oooh, and don't forget the high heels and stockings -- and I'm just thinking this would be even funnier on a man! (That just makes me laugh, and I'm sitting here all by myself! ha,ha,ha!)

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Hey, just came up with a great idea if you are going out for Hallowe'en with your kid, or a smaller &/or younger friend... have the smaller person dress like a child (if they already are a kid, all the faster!), and put a sign on them that says, "Jung' ian" or just "Jung' en", depending on how far down in the Deep South you is... ha,ha! Oh, your Psychology Majors will laugh and laugh, then continue to drink, no doubt!

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You know what else I thought might be a fun costume to put together? I thought about going to School (it has to be a 'Work-Friendly' Costume, unlike my Wonder Woman Costume for later...! ha,ha!) as an Emotional Wreck. Heart on my Sleeve (she wears her heart on her sleeve...), tears cut out of blue paper or material and placed generally all over... a heart, broken in two, taped on your back... maybe some electrodes for your head, just for fun (shock therapy). You get the drift. Might still do this one at work... must try on the Wonder Woman Costume to see how short it is... maybe I could modify it for 'daytime use'?? ha,ha,ha!

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Halloween: Sept. 26th, 2007. Okay, so this year, I'm gonna be a "Bee-Otch". I know, I can hear you through the computer, you know, and that is a slight change for me, in that this time I'll be wearing real wings, and not just acting the part! hahaha! (I'm just makng myself laugh, now -- all giddy at being up really late, still working on my site!) My lovely Daughter, Cara, went out and bought some Bee Wings and the matching Antennae, so as soon as I saw it, I squealed, like I am want to do, (and not like a pig, as some would expect...), "Ooooh, I wanta be a Bee-Otch!" So that's how that was born. I'm gonna wear the Bee wings and the Antennae, then make myself a big medallion that says 'Otch'. Only the sharpest peoples in da crowd will get it, after lots of drunken (I can only hope!) explaining on my part, when I show off my costume!

Amazon has a great selections of costumes and costume ideas, if you're looking to mix and match, or get ideas for what you can put together at home...

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(An oldie but a goodie, this is an easy, inexpensive and super-sexy Costume Idea... ) Sunday, October 7th, 2006. Oh, hey. I bought a new Hallowe'en Costume, this year (last year..). I was gonna go as a Freudian Slip, since I think that's really funny (Black sexy slip with Freud written across it... fun and funny, much like meself! ha,ha,ha!). I happened upon a Wonder Woman Costume, and really, that's perfect for me, what wit' da Thigh High Boots, 'n all... maybe I can get a picture of that to put on the site... wish me luck finding the right wires, which you know I struggle with!

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Sexy Halloween Costumes and a Giant Shoe Sale! WooHoo!! ElectriqueBoutique.com has an enormous selection of very sexy costumes, and stuff you can put together to make your own extra-unique costume... and they are having the largest Shoe Sale sale of the season on select brands of shoes, such as Soda and Classified. Their warehouse is full and they are slashing prices to make room. That's right, they are letting these cuties go for only $9.99 a pair! And you know I'm a bit of a shoe freak! Oooh, I just went in to see what I want to buy, and they have a pair of White GoGo Boots for $9.99! WooHoo! Now there's a cheap way to find out how your life would change if you just owned a pair of GoGo Boots, right?? hahaha! And Strappy Sandals like you wouldn't believe, and all for $9.99 or less... yippee! I've bought a lot of fabulous stuff from ElectriqueBoutique.com over the years, and they are exceptionally easy to work with online.(Check out their Sexy Outfits, too!) And their shoes and boots fit like a dream! I think I've bought three pairs of their Thigh High Boots, and they all fit perfectly! Now's the time to give that a try, if you haven't got some sitting in your closet, right now! haha! Electrique Boutique

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< > Oh, let me update you on the Wonder Woman Costume... it was hideous on a whole new level that you might not have known existed... hilarious, though. Cara and I laughed and laughed and laughed, it was just that bad, and of course Cara took a million pictures of me looking all terrible, 'n all. The 'Thigh High Wonder Woman Boots' were like giant socks that fall down to your ankles the second you take a step, and before you know it, you've got yerself some 'Grade One Socks'... I used to teach Grade One, and the kids invariably would have their little socks hanging down around the middle of their feet, completely unnoticed... funny! Anyhooo, this Wonder Woman Outfit was just hilariousl. They have some great ones out there... if you're going in the Wonder Woman direction for your costume, this year, just get the sexiest one you can find, and wear your own thigh high boots! (I'm assuming you have yer own, or are actively looking for a pair, right now! haha!) Here's the deal: You can't go wrong with insanely sexy, 'cause, really, no one will care if it's perfect or not, if you're lookin' all Hot 'n all, right?? You gonna wear it, you gotta own it!

< > Hallowe'en is all about the Sexy Costumes with the Adult Crowd, to be sure. It's either Sexy Costumes, or Creepy Costumes... and sometimes (come on, now.. we've all seen it!), there's a terrible cross-over and someone who is trying their very, very bestest to be sexy is just down right creepy. You know what I'm talkin' about! hahaha! That's when you know they are waiting, desperately, for you to say how incredibly sexy they look, and you say, "Hey, there, You. You, you, you. Wow. That is quite a costume! Hmmmm. Yep." Then you gotta turn and run, and hope to God they're not faster than you (and that you don't spill your drink while you is runnin'! hahaha!).

<Freeshipping 1pc baby rompers winter cotton padded long sleeve panda clothes for spring autumn boys girls hooded animal costumes> Aidan used to love wearing animal costumes at Hallowe'en... now it's all about the Power Rangers and Ninjas, so if you have children small enough that they can still be 'manipulated' into these cute little costumes, go for it and take lots of pictures! I think you can scroll down this Halloween page to see some pictures of Aidan in a white bear suit ... I think he was about 3 or 4 for that outfit! Very cute!

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Amazon has an incredible selection of Costumes, so type in what you're after and see what comes up!

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I woke up this morning (okay, this was a morning God-Knows when, but good story, so I'm leavin' it in!) with a great new idea for another funny costume -- you could go as a Weasel, wearing a Suit and carrying a Briefcase (for your candies, or full of candies you could give out, depending on how old you are and your level of access to bags and bags of candies!). Guess who you'd be? That's right, a Hollywood Agent! Maybe you could have a Contract you could whip out... and a vial of Red Ink -- that's be the 'Sign Here in Blood part of the Contract -- that's the really legally binding part! ha,ha,ha! (Okay, now this is for my own amusement!)

Anyway, you'd need to paint your nose Black, and try to make your face look 'furry' with makeup or backwards brown wig..., put something furry at your neck and wrists. Kids could wear a parent's Suit Jacket (remember, I'm pretty sure there are plenty of female Hollywood Agents, too...), or pick up a cheap suit at a Second Hand Store. They're great places to find unique Costumes. You might have to let people in on what you are, but they'll laugh and laugh, and then your Hallowe'en will be even more fun!

Now you've got your sexy costume, so what's next on yer list?? Sexy Lips! This looks like fun... and it appears to be very safe... it comes from a reliable source, so definitely worth checking out for a bit of fun! Maybe this'll turn out to be a brand new look for you -- who knows??

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Giftbaskets.com have a great selection of cool Hallowe'en Presents and Goodies. I've ordered a lot of stuff through GiftBaskets.com -- they're really easy to go through, they have a fantastic selection and their prices are great!

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Here are a couple of my favorite Hallowe'en Costumes over the years... Aidan loves to buy the costumes, but when it comes time to actually put the costume on, it's a whole other story. I always have to have a 'back-up' costume I can throw over his coat, since, invariably, it starts to snow just on your way out to go Trick-or-Treating! Oh, Canada. How cold and harsh you are... I think those are the first few words of the Canadian National Anthem...

- See Tia, our sweet little dog? She loves to check out Aidan -- a little smell here, a wee sniff there... Aidan's 8, now, and just as cute as ever! His Costume Plan for this year is to be the White Power Ranger, on account 'a it comes with a fancy Gold and White Sword! hahaha!

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