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Build Your Own House Basics, Buy a New Home , Renovate Your House , or Sell Your Own Home. -- Photo Gallery , Quick House Overview . Ailsa's Update - Ask Ailsa. Site Menu for is going to be your favorite free source for Building and Renovation Information on the Internet, 'cause mines is funny! haha! You'll be amazed at how much money you can save by Building Your Own House. You can save hundreds of thousands of dollars, just by Building Your Own House!

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If you want to know the Basics of Building Your Own House, Having a New House Built for You, or are Renovating your current home, you've come to the right place. You'll find everything you need to know to Build Your Own House or do a Complete Renovation of Your Home. If you are thinking about Buying a New Home or Selling Your Home, you'll find lots of useful information to help you Buy your own house or Sell your own house, too, and have a few laughs along the way!

Find out How to Buy Your First Home, How to Sell Your Home , Learn about Mortgages the Easy Way, Investing in Real Estate for Your Retirement (or just to Get Rich! ha,ha,ha!)... All Sorts of Great Financial Information! And now I have direct links to the MLS Real Estate Listings, so you can Find a House or a Building Lot. Home Search -- MLS . Get your Lowest Rate with an Online Mortgage. Get Pre-Qualified or Pre-Approved so you'll know what you can comfortably afford. (Living within your means is one of the keys to your overall happiness!)

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Ailsa's Update -- NEW Ask Ailsa - Photo Gallery , Quick House Overview , April Horoscopes - Happy Birthday, Aries!, Ailsa's Biography , Foreclosures , Building Index , How to read Blueprints , Home Safety Tips , Landscaping, <Home & Garden Books> , eBay , Business Cards (because everybody needs Business Cards!) , Medical Information, Home Remedies , Recipes, Lose Weight on Ailsa's Scottish Diet, Fitness Tips, Ailsa's Favorite Books , Travel Deals , Fewer Bills, More Thrills: Fly From $44+ Each Way < > ... a little Sex Tip and some Fantastic (okay, fanciful...) Dating Advice ,< Win a $250 Shopping Spree Fragrance! > , Full Site Menu

Building: Photo Gallery , Land * House Plans * Excavation * Foundation * Framing * Windows & Doors * Circular Driveway * Mechanical & Electrical * Interior Walls & Stairs * Garage *Exterior Finish (Scratch Coat) * Lighting * Kitchen Cabinetry* Flooring *Appliances * Exterior Finish (Stucco) * Decks , Parks & Patios * Kitchen Island * Moving Day * Decorating * Landscaping * Window Coverings/ Linens 'N Things * Dealing with Contractors without Going Mad! * Annoying Power Bills * Checklists for Building * Chart for Building -- Keep Track of Your Spending * Material Checklist * Building Timeline * Home Improvement Ideas

Real Estate : House Plans - Building - Renovations - Mortgages - Find a Home -Foreclosures , Building Index , Home Safety Tips ,<Home & Garden Books> - Money - Get a Quote (All Free) - Find a Builder - Insurance <Homes for Half Price> Foreclosure Information <Foreclosures><Foreclosures in Los Angeles> - Free Real Estate Tools Homepage.<HomeGain Tool and Resource Center> - eBay -- they have an incredible Real Estate Section - Buy Your Own Home * Sell Your Own Home (not your Neighbors -- they hate that! ha,ha!) *Ask Ailsa * Renovations * Money & Mortgages * Home Safety * Business & Classified * How to Tile


>It's a Great Big Site, chock full of all sorts of Fun Stuff and Useful Information... take your time and have a wee look around -- I think you might be surprised by some of the stuff you find!

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Give your home a complete makeover with these tried and true Do It Yourself ideas that will give your home a completely new look. Renovations add more appeal to your home for your own enjoyment, and Renovations add value to any home, and you all know how much we love value?! (And by value, of course I mean money! haha!) Home Improvement -- it's a great way to love your home even more and add to it's re-sale value! Sometimes some nice new Decorating is all you really need to spruce your place up... You can start with some OxiClean! -- I use it to clean everything. Put two scoops of Oxi-Clean into your Carpet Shampooer with really hot water, and the carpets will come up beautifully. (Yes, I'm addicted to OxiClean!)

The best way to get the word out about a Website is by 'Word of Mouth', or in my case, by e-mail. I'd love it if you would tell your Friends & Family about -- you know I'll love you for it! (You know, from afar...! haha!) Thank you! Ailsa



Click Here for the COOLest house plans on the 
Internet!! A great place to start dreaming -- and planning!

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Ailsa & Tia At Home with Ailsa - My Update Page! - More Pictures of Tia, The Dog! . Come in and see me ,Ailsa Forshaw , for My Update on my life 'n stuff ,'At Home With Ailsa', with Home Improvement Tips, Great Building & Construction Ideas, Family & Relationship Chat, TV Talk -- All Sorts of Stuff to Make Your Whole Life Better -- and, of course, Lots of Laughs!

Check out Ask Ailsa for The Answers to All Your Building, Construction, Real Estate, Family or 'Other' Questions!

This started out as primarily a Building Website, then I just added in whatever else happened to appeal to me, so now it's an enormous Site with The Scottish Diet & Exercise Tips Complete Body Workout At Home and How to Get Rid of Cellulite , Delicious & Easy Recipes and all sorts of things, so check the Site Menu to see what's in here -- you might be surprised!

< Click here for eBay Motors!><Click here to sell your car online at eBay! > (Yes, you guessed it, I totally want to check this out on eBay... I'm just tryin' to make things easier for me to find!)

Ailsa's Favorites * At Home with Ailsa - My Update Page - Ask Ailsa - Ailsa's Biography - Photo Gallery - Landscaping - Ailsa's Favorite Recipes - College Search - Online Education -Find a career college today! We have over 100 schools to choose from. Apply Now! ><Leading directory of online schools and distance learning programs > Ailsa's Scottish Diet - Ailsa's Favorite Books - Tia, my sweet little Dog! - Dogs - Fitness - Get Rid of Annoying Cellulite - Weight Loss - <40% off New Chapter Products at House of Nutrition > Gym Tips - How I Got Started... - Webmasters <> I use for my Web Hosting and Domain Names- Internet Service & Free Computer Scans <Search Foreclosures in California>(Okay, that one's mostly for me!!) - Dating - Marry Rich -- Don't Worry, It's Tongue-in-Cheek - Wedding Advice & Wedding Shopping - - Wristbands (they're one of the best Fundraisers around!) - eBay - The Easiest Way to Stop Smoking - Medical Information - Diabetes - Free Monthly Horoscope - Hilarious Messages from Comedian Jim Gaffigan , Fan Mail (for fun!)

Shopping : Chocolate- Flowers -<Bouquets from $34.99 ><, A Proflowers Company ><Same-Day Nationwide Florist Delivery > - Jewelry - <Fine jewelry clearance sale! >. Quick & Easy Shopping - Personal Breathalizer, Insurance <Compare Insurance Quotes and Save!> <FREE Business Cards! WOW! > - U.K.Shopping - Teen Stuff - Drugstore -Personalized Products - Furniture - Decorating - Art - eBay - Amazon - Music - How to Stop Smoking - Travel Deals & Jobs - <Scotland Cottages >- eBay - - Open your own Web Store - Princess Stuff - Sports -Poker < >< >(You'll love the whole Speedo thing if you enjoy a little Craig Ferguson!! ha,ha!) - Tiling - <Ceramic Tile to 70% Off Official Tile Site - 110% Low Price Match - Direct Shipping> - Free Stuff - <Start a Napster CA 7-Day Free Trial with access to over 2.5 million tracks with zero commitment ><Cool Ringtones at Jamster! One Free! ><Free shipping on select patio sets at! >

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